Band of the Day

01 - January

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2015.01.01 - Concord America
There's no "let's gently ease into the new year" with these guys: it's a full-on assault of rock and roll
2015.01.02 - Sara Lowes
Groovy swirls of keyboards laced with airy, psychedelic vocals
2015.01.03 - Hero For Today
Four teens from the O.C. deliver high-energy pop punk that epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle
2015.01.04 - Max Jury
An Iowa native who sings about timeless themes of being young and struggling in a small town
2015.01.05 - The Das
Straddling the line between forward-thinking ambient techno and folkish songwriting
2015.01.06 - Turrentine Jones
A sleazy, sexy, and scorching blend of blues and southern rock from a Mancunian trio
2015.01.07 - HUGH
A delicate synthesis of r&b, deep house, and electro-pop from South London
2015.01.08 - Act As If
Soaring alt-rock for blazing down L.A's sunset-drenched highways
2015.01.09 - Son Little
Slinky future soul/r&b grooves cut with razor-sharp blues guitar licks
2015.01.10 - Jack and The Ripper
Identical twin brothers create a perplexingly beautiful and vicious electro-rock atmosphere
2015.01.11 - Scars on 45
Impassioned, cathartic, and lovely rock songs from a hard-working English band
2015.01.12 - Silent Strike
A Romanian electronic/film music composer creates strikingly cinematic scores
Road warriors from Toronto who manage to capture their kinetic live energy on their latest album
2015.01.14 - Fiance
Gauzy dream pop with a glimmer of melancholy from a Newark, Delaware four-piece
2015.01.15 - Tesla Rossa
Scuzzy rock jams delivered with an equal measure of power and finesse
2015.01.16 - Mont Oliver
Danish trip hop that will make your head nod and your heart beat
2015.01.17 - Charity Children
Street grown ukulele driven indie folk that will melt even the most cynical hearts
2015.01.18 - Charlie Belle
A welcomed update of the 90's English alternapop sound from a trio of Texan teens
2015.01.19 - Treasureseason
Sparkling 80's-inspired synth lines that cascade below honeyed vocals
2015.01.20 - September Girls
Irish noise pop filled with driving drums, doom-filled fuzz guitars and monochrome harmonies
2015.01.21 - Chrome Pony
Unleashing searing volleys of hip-shaking psych/garage punk
2015.01.22 - Jez Dior
A 21 year old emcee infuses overt grunge with smooth hip hop
2015.01.23 - ME
A foursome from down under proves that 2015 is the year guitar rock takes the throne again
2015.01.24 - Dear Boy
Bittersweet alternative rock from L.A. with an Anglophilic post-punk edge
2015.01.25 - Ugly Kids Club
Sunny and whimsical electro-pop from a Nashville-based duo
2015.01.26 - Philip Selway
Radiohead's drummer shines on his own with the brooding, expansive sound of his second album
2015.01.27 - The Smith Street Band
A virtual passport of earnest punk-style storytelling from a pack of Australian road warriors
2015.01.28 - Roosh Williams
An Iranian-American MC with an effortlessly poetic freestyle rap flow
2015.01.29 - The Vespers
Banding together to bring some rock & roll muscle to Americana and pop roots
2015.01.30 - Unwed Teenage Mothers
Fast and loud punk rippers with relatable lyrics about being bored, frustrated, and anxious
2015.01.31 - Githead
Pure creative synergy in the form of hypnotic in-studio improvisation

02 - February

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2015.02.01 - Garden City Movement
An Israeli electronic music project with elegant hypnotic beats
2015.02.02 - We Are Twin
Identically creative minds that have landed upon a style that dips into punk rock, soul & pop
2015.02.03 - The Suffers
A ten-piece band from Houston, TX who are redefining the sound of Gulf Coast Soul
2015.02.04 - The Delta Riggs
Boisterous, off the cuff and tripped out psych rock from Melbourne, Australia
2015.02.05 - Cate Ferris
A transfixing musical voyage delivered with haunting, goose bump-inducing vocals
2015.02.06 - PUP
Full-throttled punk energy fused with catchy earworms and scream-along choruses
2015.02.07 - Great Caesar
Aiming straight for the heart with a blend of brass, voice, and indie rock
2015.02.08 - Melanie De Biasio
An elegant Belgian chanteuse whose smoldering vocals will leave you entranced
2015.02.09 - of Verona
Futuristic wall-of-sound indie rock with an electro pop heartbeat
2015.02.10 - Bo and the Locomotive
Balancing on the edge of traditional and experimental with familiar yet off-kilter melodies
2015.02.11 - Sidewalk Chalk
Leading the contemporary evolution of hip-hop, soul, and jazz
2015.02.12 - JAWS
A barely legal bunch from Birmingham, England inspired by 80s post-punk
2015.02.13 - Priory
Filtering the neon-lit gloss of new wave into modern rock aesthetics
2015.02.14 - Graveyard Love
A bleak, blurry distortion between gospel, alternative and dance
2015.02.15 - William Ryan Fritch
A DIY craftsman of an ornate world of experiential sounds
2015.02.16 - Un Planeta
An Argentinian group creates danceable and tripped-out, introspective moments
2015.02.17 - Darlings
A splash of endearing garage pop from a troupe of quarter-lifers from Brooklyn, NY
2015.02.18 - Cafeine
Kicking down doors and setting them ablaze with the spirit of early punk and new wave
2015.02.19 - Twin Peaks
Nods to godfathers of guitar-guided pop, but fueled by gallons of garage rock
2015.02.20 - Eric Bellinger
An R&B sensation who balances writing hits for others and focusing on his own artistry
2015.02.21 - Purple
Messy, dirty, raucous ⎯ this is a party you want to be at
2015.02.22 - Astronauts
Soft melancholy, psych-folky dynamics and bubbling electronic textures
2015.02.23 - Amason
Lilting, energetic Swedish indie pop with powerful vocals
2015.02.24 - Menace Beach
This Leeds group dishes out melody heavy, supercharged pop that always surprises
2015.02.25 - La Plage
A Belgian trio creates the perfect soundtrack to that end of summer nostalgia
2015.02.26 - The Dodos
A San Franciscan duo craft a stunningly rich, expansive sound
2015.02.27 - The fin
Energetic, groovable Japanese dance-pop with chillwave influences
2015.02.28 - Hollow and Akimbo
Intricate electronic arrangements artfully blended with wiry guitars and dreamy vocals

03 - March

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2015.03.01 - Tetherball
Smart, alternative rock ranging from high-stepping riffs to swimmy introversion
2015.03.02 - ARCHIS
Personal sentiments combined with stunning, wide-screen production
2015.03.03 - Tuxedo
Two Grammy-nominated artists join forces for an album of feel-good, soulful fun
2015.03.04 - Yelle
Gleefully mad, neon-streaked French electronic pop
2015.03.05 - Wasted Wine
A surreal aural collage that's both elegant and off-kilter
2015.03.06 - Celebrine
Crystalline, 80s-inspired synth-pop from a Russian duo
2015.03.07 - Julian Lage
One man, with one acoustic guitar, who recorded a full album in just two days
2015.03.08 - Restorations
Massive pedaled-out blasts of sound tied to delicate riffs
2015.03.09 - Dutch Uncles
A Manchester five-piece alchemizes their idiosyncrasies into art-pop perfection
2015.03.10 - Ivory Deville
Uncommon swagger that hits its stride at the intersection of honky tonk and rock & roll
2015.03.11 - Wolf Colony
An enigmatic masked electropop artist who doesn't indulge in over-production
2015.03.12 - Soko
A rebellious French enchantress who sings her heart out with total abandon
2015.03.13 - The DuPont Brothers
Two reunited brothers who have honed in on their kindred songwriting synergy
2015.03.14 - Via Tania
Smoky pop slow-burners brought to life with a chamber orchestra
2015.03.15 - Vallis Alps
Beautiful, haunting vocals masterfully blended with trap beats and 80s pop synths
2015.03.16 - Jamestown Revival
Childhood friends from Austin, TX band together to create soulful, timeless folk music
2015.03.17 - Koloto
Unique electronica that shuns sample libraries in favour of homemade, hand-crafted sounds
2015.03.18 - Kingsley Flood
Strong, story-telling, punk-influenced Americana
2015.03.19 - Mew
Danish pop music as layered and expansive as it is charismatic and melodic
2015.03.20 - Royal
Soulful, hard-hitting electronic music about the cycles one faces in life
2015.03.21 - Hailey Tuck
A Texan singer raised on a diet of 1930's jazz, vintage dresses and black & white movies
An enthralling multi-instrumentalist and activist gifted with the ability to connect people
2015.03.23 - Jeff Rosenstock
Densely-layered punk anthems serving as the soundtrack of last night’s euphoria
2015.03.24 - Marc Cary
Electro-acoustic keyboard wizard who fuses drum n’ bass, jazz and funk
2015.03.25 - Bad Veins
An opulent hodgepodge of kitchen sink-symphonic pop
2015.03.26 - Teen Commandments
Four wild Brooklynites who worship at the altar of synth-pop
2015.03.27 - Secret Broadcast
Melodic, guitar-driven rock & roll that'll make you move
2015.03.28 - MEISHI SMILE
Exploring the cycle of human heartbreak through Japanese-influenced electronica
2015.03.29 - Cold Mailman
Sonic mountaineers from Oslo, Norway who are scaling impressive heights of orchestral folk
2015.03.30 - Artisan Loyalist
An expansive and beautiful tour of grooves, synth waves and dreamy pop melodies
2015.03.31 - Misty Boyce
Heartbreakingly gorgeous vocals soulfully lilting alongside piano arrangements

04 - April

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2015.04.01 - Arkells
Heart on your sleeve lyrics combined with adventurous production stylings
2015.04.02 - Tropics
Intricate, avant-garde production that shifts from filling dance floors to filling up headspace
2015.04.03 - Love Buzzard
Lusty predators with bluesy riffs and rock & roll glam debauchery
2015.04.04 - Jack Ladder
A granite baritone slashing at love and darkness like a heavy blade
A celebration of old-timey American roots music, played with fiery abandon
2015.04.06 - We Are The City
Three young Canadians with boundless energy explore wild and exciting soundscapes
2015.04.07 - HEO
A magical concoction of post-rock, dream pop and electronica from South Korea
2015.04.08 - 11 Acorn Lane
Tongue-in-cheek quirkiness from a pair of electro-swingin' hepcats
2015.04.09 - RA
Sheets of noise propelled along by dark pounding bass, tribal drumming and guitars
2015.04.10 - Zoya
Entrancing North Indian-influenced vocals coupled with stirring instrumentation
2015.04.11 - Ed Ghost Tucker
Intricate three-part harmonies, with influences ranging from doo-wop to new wave
2015.04.12 - Faith Healer
Raised on a cosmic diet of head-swimming psychedelic rock
2015.04.13 - Anna and Elizabeth
Chilling messages of struggle and redemption in true Appalachian folk fashion
2015.04.14 - CRUISR
Sunny feel-good hooks that will have you dreaming of summertime adventures
2015.04.15 - Au Ra
Transporting you to a serene, meditative realm of droning guitars and looped drum beats
2015.04.16 - Lost Dog Found
Retro meets modern on a hip-shakin' dance floor of swing, jazz, soul, and roots music
2015.04.17 - Submotion Orchestra
A dazzling kaleidoscope of electronic bass, dub, jazz and ambient
2015.04.18 - Panic Is Perfect
Undeniably infectious indie pop that reflects influences from around the world
2015.04.19 - Brunch
A group of Londoners serving up a platter of DIY indie rock
2015.04.20 - Umphrey's McGee
Progressive improvisation recorded live at Abbey Road Studios in just 12 hours
2015.04.21 - Native Lights
Hollowed somberness painted by sounds of shimmery beats and a medley of lost voices
Creating handmade acoustic roots music by exploring the lost landscapes of America
2015.04.23 - Mikaela Kahn
Sultrily gliding between 90s R&B, trip hop, and pop grooves
2015.04.24 - False Heads
Pure energy psych-rock/garage with hypnotic, distorted vocals and huge riffs
2015.04.25 - Mugwump
A space odyssey into a galaxy of trans-genre electronic dance music
A nostalgic trip through the early days of stripped-down American rock ‘n roll
2015.04.27 - Mercies
Sun-kissed harmonies that will guide your way from the ocean to the forest
2015.04.28 - Inventions
Beguilingly beautiful array of instruments, found sounds, beats, and raw bursts of noise
2015.04.29 - Ghastly Menace
Ripples of orchestral indie pop with a crunchy bite of lo-fi
2015.04.30 - Annie Stela
A prolific piano pop songstress who writes songs that'll tug at your heartstrings

05 - May

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2015.05.01 - KALEIDA
A London duo embodying all that it means to be DIY, minimal and feminine
2015.05.02 - Great Lake Swimmers
Melodies covering extensive natural territory while remaining true to a refined sound
2015.05.03 - Natalie Walker
A self-proclaimed 'strange bird' who creates beautifully moving music
2015.05.04 - The Apache Relay
Nashville-based Americana indie rock group committed to always evolving their sound
2015.05.05 - Nina Dioz
A "Nueva Escuela" MC straight from the underground of Monterrey, Mexico
2015.05.06 - Color Therapy
Melodic splashes of light and darkness bleed together to form a lush genre-bending density
2015.05.07 - Willodean
Americana melded with clever '60s pop, and Tom Waits-esque mad-scientist rock
2015.05.08 - O Conqueror
Elements of delta blues and psychedelic western folded into ambient folk
2015.05.09 - LUKA
Murky collages of hazy R&B and industrial pop, with bliss-streaked beats
2015.05.10 - Greek Fire
Unleashing an inferno of emotions over buzzing guitars and pummeling percussion
2015.05.11 - Nosaj Thing
Stripped-down beats with haunted synth tones evoking themes of isolation and escapism
2015.05.12 - Abram Shook
Slow-jam soul, rock, and psychedelia that reflects time spent communing with nature
2015.05.13 - Strange Names
New Wave-influenced indie pop that's defiantly youthful
2015.05.14 - Mittenfields
Paying a tasteful homage to some of the greatest 90s indie rock bands
2015.05.15 - Gavin Turek
Become infatuated with LA's newest disco-pop princess
2015.05.16 - Slug
Inventive, idiosyncratic experimentations in rock, funk, and abstract music
2015.05.17 - Robin Pahlman
A Finnish singer-songwriter inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful Pacific Northwest
2015.05.18 - Superheaven
Careening and crashing with a fragile yet monolithic force
2015.05.19 - Saun and Starr
Two longtime friends with a rare chemistry to create a sound stronger together than apart
2015.05.20 - The Speedbumps
Warm orchestral folk recorded in a remote cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania
2015.05.21 - Turbo Fruits
Notoriously wild Nashvillian rockers who write about the chaos created by life on the road
2015.05.22 - GROUNDERS
A weird and wonderful world of woozy synths and space-age guitar melodies
Can't-stop-your-feet rhythms created by London's mad scientists of funk
2015.05.24 - Cody Crump
Charming and strange, his soft voice will have you hanging off every word
Carnivalesque world folk created with exotic instruments
2015.05.26 - Victorian Halls
Brighten up up your summer playlist with vibrant synths and contagious anthems
2015.05.27 - ANAMAI
Quiet confessions released in a vast, amorphous lake of noise
2015.05.28 - Pell
Seamlessly flipping from affectionate wordsmith to hook-smashing crooner
2015.05.29 - The Cribs
Breaking away from punk rock guilt to prove that "pop" isn't a dirty word
2015.05.30 - Johanna Warren
A Portland-based songwriter who approaches music as a healing form of expression
2015.05.31 - Two Sheds
An experiment written over two days, that digs down to the genuine heart of rock & roll

06 - June

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2015.06.01 - The Dunwells
Bold, inspiring anthems from a spirited band of Brits
2015.06.02 - Kevin Garrett
Sexy bedroom beats from a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter
2015.06.03 - Guantanamo Baywatch
Don your sleaziest swimsuit and hang ten with a ribald mishmash of surf and garage rock
2015.06.04 - Rosemary Fiki
Staying true to the soulful musical tradition of the "City of Brotherly Love"
2015.06.05 - Pinata Protest
An intoxicating border mash up of accordion-laden Tex-Mex and fiery punk
2015.06.06 - Holly Miranda
Stunning melodies evoking the otherworldly desert landscape of Joshua Tree
2015.06.07 - Manju Pocket
A Korean indie pop band influenced by the early 1900s "Ppongjjak" style of music
Escape the bustle of everyday life with breezy, meandering melodies
2015.06.09 - Kagoule
Exploring the darker side of the human psyche through a visceral wall of sound
2015.06.10 - Northern Faces
An impressive display of sonic prowess from an Albany, NY-based indie rock trio
2015.06.11 - Caitlin Mahoney
Spinning charming tales of adventure, passion, and mayhem
2015.06.12 - Microwave
Snarling blend of hardcore, emo, and indie rock that's powerful-yet-poetic
2015.06.13 - AstraLogik
Spreading intentions of peace, love, and compassion through ambient eclectic soul vibes
2015.06.14 - Survival Guide
A Californian indie rock/electronic songstress conjures a dark modern fairytale
2015.06.15 - Asleep At The Wheel
Over four decades of award-winning western swing
2015.06.16 - Pinact
Harnessing the spirit of Glasgow’s music scene with turn-it-up-to-11 guitar sounds
2015.06.17 - OWEL
Incorporating orchestral strings and glockenspiel over traditional instrumentation
2015.06.18 - Grayscale
Pure, raw emotion from a young Philly-based pop punk five-piece
2015.06.19 - Jacco Gardner
Casting a majestic psychedelic spell that'll hypnotize you to where dreams and reality meet
2015.06.20 - Megan Slankard
Exuberant alt-rock full of raw, sometimes sassy, often dark emotion
2015.06.21 - In Flight Safety
Soar to great heights with thoughtful, melodic indie rock from coastal Nova Scotia
2015.06.22 - Fantastic Negrito
Channeling his Blues forefathers to tell the story of a life rebuilt after destruction
2015.06.23 - The Golden Hippie
Weaving a gilded dream of free-spirited lyrics and cinematic alt-pop
2015.06.24 - Wartime Blues
Laid back Americana from a mountainous small town in the Great Plains
2015.06.25 - Howard
Self-produced folktronica crafted with homemade samples
2015.06.26 - KiND
An organic backbone of rhythms, voices, and horns beneath a skin of self-collected samples
2015.06.27 - Dida
Intoxicating, no frills jazz from a New York-based Israeli guitarist and vocalist
2015.06.28 - Cedar Teeth
Rustic folk rock inspired by living on the frontier dividing the wilderness and the city
2015.06.29 - Meet Me In Orbit
Formed of a mutual love for analog synthesizers and 80’s action movie soundtracks
2015.06.30 - RABYT
An animal from outer space trying to get out the sounds in her head

07 - July

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2015.07.01 - Kid Wave
Blissful surges of musical serotonin with undercurrents of a wistful sense of melancholy
2015.07.02 - Harrison Storm
Delicate finger-picked acoustic guitar delivered with spine-tingling vocals
2015.07.03 - DOOMSQUAD
Constructing a contemplative space for deep listening of experimental dance music
2015.07.04 - Whiskey Shivers
Fun-loving bluegrass firecrackers illuminated with punk rock energy
2015.07.05 - Germein Sisters
Three sisters singing sunny songs with a little bit of country and a whole lot of love
2015.07.06 - Seoul
Equal parts gauzy dream-pop, reverberant R&B, and speculative ambient
2015.07.07 - Paul de Jong
Steering a course from joyously eccentric folk-pop to humorously inside-out jazz
2015.07.08 - In Letter Form
Darkwave that echoes the past, haunts the present and is constantly in the future
2015.07.09 - Nadine Shah
Strikingly contemporary topics told through darkly rich, muscular vocals
2015.07.10 - First Year On Earth
An Austin, TX-based based indie roots/pop group formed from a bucket list item
2015.07.11 - Tiny Deaths
Mesmerizing, siren-like electropop that will leave you awestruck
2015.07.12 - Julie Mintz
Gothic Americana that's gorgeously rendered and quietly powerful
2015.07.13 - Hollis Brown
Drawing from a bottomless well of classic rock influences, yet firmly rooted in the present
2015.07.14 - Aero Flynn
Cold as space club-bangs and psych-jams that are deeply personal
2015.07.15 - Corsica Arts Club
Wistful melodies evoking warm summer nights driving along the California coastline
2015.07.16 - Lauren Shera
Ranging from spare, meditative ballads to panoramic, elegantly produced folk-rockers
2015.07.17 - Marian Hill
Marrying bass-heavy, idiosyncratic beats and seductively soulful vocals
Warm homespun tales from the mind of one man and his imaginary back-up band
2015.07.19 - Little Boots
Caressing her crystalline electronic pop into bold new shapes
2015.07.20 - Jule Vera
A small town band channels their ambitious thirst into creating grandiose alt-pop
2015.07.21 - Ethan Tucker
Layering electric guitars, acoustic roots, and a trademark bluesy croon
2015.07.22 - Omega Swan
Causing chaos and melting faces with an arsenal of guitar wailin' party rock
2015.07.23 - Jeremy Bass
Balmy Bossa nova-inspired tracks that evoke the joyful parts of summer
Storming their way through a rock & roll battlefield to glorious victory
2015.07.25 - Ninsun Poli
A smashing Swedish pop siren for fans of Chvrches, Robyn, Lykke Li and The Gossip
Spitting sunny guitars and fuzzy garage pop by the hat-full
2015.07.27 - Cillie Barnes
Concocting a bewitching potion of self-described "gyp-hop"
2015.07.28 - Marion Walker
A head-on collision between doomy, bleak worlds and fuzzed-out, technicolor tones
2015.07.29 - Gallant
Bridging contemporary electronic productions with old school soul songwriting
2015.07.30 - Handsome Ghost
Ethereal synth soundscapes for swaying under sparkly disco balls
2015.07.31 - The Vaccines
A shot of high-octane British guitar rock is our Rx for the end of Band of the Day blues

08 - August

2015.08.01 - A Fond Farewell
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