Band of the Day

01 - January

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2014.01.01 - The OK Social Club
Ring in 2014 with massively addictive indie rock from Edinburgh, Scotland
2014.01.02 - Lea Lea
Uncompromisingly fierce songstress of dark electronic soul
2014.01.03 - The Sounds
Kick off the weekend with a frenzy of punky Swedish dance rock
2014.01.04 - Beachwood Sparks
Keeping the embers of West Coast country rock burning with sparks of psychedelia
2014.01.05 - Megan Bonnell
A smoky, sophisticated voice floating down a surreal, dream-like space
2014.01.06 - Filastine
Dense transnational bass music that collides dubstep with acoustic strings and hypnotic voices
2014.01.07 - The Fratellis
One of our favorite Scottish bands is back with a third album of brilliantly energetic, jump-around anthems
2014.01.08 - Lorine Chia
Expressive, futuristic R&B deftly fused with alternative and acid jazz by a rising Cameroon-born singer
2014.01.09 - The Belle Game
Graceful, gorgeous melodies interrupted by the occasional chant, hymn and instrumental rumbling
2014.01.10 - Chicks Who Love Guns
Wildly unhinged pistons of punk rock from Sydney, Australia
2014.01.11 - Quiet Company
Deeply personal lyrics set to complex orchestral indie rock arrangements
2014.01.12 - Anthony Green
Circa Survive's lead singer steps away from his punk roots on an album of sprawling, lavishly textured pop
2014.01.13 - Big Eyes
A Northwestern trio strips down rock and roll to its plug-in-and-play essence
2014.01.14 - Vanessa Falabella
Charismatic jazz/bossa nova that will transport you to the balmy beaches of Brazil
2014.01.15 - JPNSGRLS
Frantic, eccentric, yet utterly charming bursts of rock and roll straight out of Vancouver, Canada
2014.01.16 - Boldy James
Blue-collar Detroit rap from a deft storyteller who bold(l)y spits over barren beats
2014.01.17 - Cherri Fosphate
Effervescent, danceable indie rock from four Glaswegian lads
2014.01.18 - Tremor
Blurring lines between traditional, mystical South American folkloric music and futuristic electronic
2014.01.19 - Kayleigh Goldsworthy
A founding member of The Scarlet Ending tests the waters on a solo album of gorgeous folk melodies
2014.01.20 - The Wave Pictures
Ramshackle, lively indie rock inspired by a British trio's tour across America
2014.01.21 - XXANAXX
Slip into a higher level of relaxation with calming chillwave from a Polish electronic duo
2014.01.22 - Jordan Klassen
Poetic, imaginative songwriting steeped in sonic whimsy and alluring multi-textured melodies
2014.01.23 - GIN GA
Viennese synth pop made to soundtrack epic nights of reckless abandon
A fiery, high-octane tour de force of contemporary blues
2014.01.25 - DJ Yoda
Cutting edge hip hop wit masterfully cut and paste with found sounds across multiple eras
2014.01.26 - The Railsplitters
Earnest bluegrass from Colorado that has the kind of raw power that can raise mountains
2014.01.27 - Deaf Havana
Fearless alt-rock modern anthems from a UK sextet primed for big stages
2014.01.28 - Native Sun
Socially-conscious bilingual hip hop lyrics fused with bouncing African rhythms
2014.01.29 - Drowners
Up-all-night rock and roll made for gallivanting around town
2014.01.30 - MiWi La Lupa
Heartfelt, delicate songwriting that paints a portrait of a New Yorker's travels and life stories
2014.01.31 - Crushed Stars
Celestial indie pop that shimmers with dreamy drops of psychedelia

02 - February

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A sassy Motor City songstress belts out soulful vocals, backed by a vintage-inspired ensemble
2014.02.02 - The Growlers
Take a dip into a groovy whirlpool of fuzzed-out surfy garage rock
2014.02.03 - Starlight Girls
A swirling fun house of buzzing, honeyed retro noir pop from Brooklyn, NY
2014.02.04 - Basecamp
A Nashville-based trio creating beautiful tension with seducing vocals and irresistible R&B textures
2014.02.05 - Belle Adair
Wander through the cinematic poetry of pedal steel swells and love lamented lyrics
2014.02.06 - Sumie
A single voice and acoustic guitar casts a hypnotic and disarmingly simple spell
2014.02.07 - Foxygen
A precocious joyride across California psychedelia with a burning, bursting punk rock engine
2014.02.08 - Hands
A rip tide of mesmerizing synthrock swirling in overlapping loops and riffs
2014.02.09 - De Temps Antan
Rousing, joie de vivre traditional folk music steeped in French Canadian history
2014.02.10 - The Glockenwise
Rowdy Portuguese garage punk with a goal to make you have as much fun as possible
2014.02.11 - Mogwai
A lustrous collection of slow-burning ecstasy on the Scottish quintet's eighth studio album
2014.02.12 - Blondfire
Irresistible synth-pop that captures the exhilarating innocence of youth
2014.02.13 - Folly and the Hunter
Inspired by personal tragedies, bittersweet beauty is conveyed through the power of music
2014.02.14 - LoveLoveLove
Break out the box of chocolates and have a date with dreamy Norwegian indie pop/shoegaze
2014.02.15 - JMSN
Impassioned R&B vocals throbbing over futuristic grooves
2014.02.16 - Mr Miyagi
Live fast, die strong with ferocious karate chops of Portuguese hardcore punk
2014.02.17 - Sweet Baboo
Sparkling seafaring melodies and deliciously self-deprecating lyrics crafted by a Welsh solo artist
2014.02.18 - Big Baby Driver
Tender acoustic guitar picking led by the honeyed croon of a South Korean folk singer-songwriter
2014.02.19 - Strange Talk
Indie and electro find common ground on a dazzling, pulsating dance floor
2014.02.20 - The Lowest Pair
Double banjo all the way, across the sky
2014.02.21 - Tijuana Panthers
Californian beach punk surging through decades of surfy influences
2014.02.22 - Monogrenade
A retro-futuristic exploration of cosmic Franco-indie pop
2014.02.23 - Jess Williamson
Take a moment to slow down with introspective folk music connected deep in the heart of Texas
2014.02.24 - Fletcher C Johnson
Pack a cooler of beer, grab your closest buddies, and head out on a sonic road trip through the decades
2014.02.25 - Yellerkin
Soaring harmonies and tribal drum rhythms embodying a sense of childhood zeal
2014.02.26 - Happy Fangs
Angst-driven improvised punk anthems from a warpainted San Franciscan duo
2014.02.27 - Kids and Chemicals
Midwestern siblings join forces with a beat-driven flurry of dark, turbulent electronics
2014.02.28 - The Devil Makes Three
Raw and raucous trio inspired by both old n’ new timey barn-burners

03 - March

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2014.03.01 - Nasimiyu
Boogie on down with soulful sonic spells conjured by an eclectic, self-taught artist
2014.03.02 - Wintersleep
Elegantly-layered textures of sonic weirdness with a delicate frosting of charm
2014.03.03 - Dude York
Pop music set at maximum volume, straight from the Pacific Northwest
2014.03.04 - La Femme
Grim meets glam through the chic hands of French surf-pop connoisseurs
2014.03.05 - The Abramson Singers
Rich folk melodies inspired by Canadian history and local stories of heartbreak and longing
2014.03.06 - The Tontons
Soulful, high-energy indie rock from Houston, TX led by a powerful vocal vixen
2014.03.07 - Tan Vampires
Contemplative lyrics delivered with golden-hued vocals and rich plumes of orchestration
2014.03.08 - Memoria de Peixe
Experimental Portuguese rock made with short guitar loops and sunny coastal grooves
2014.03.09 - Sanders Bohlke
Tender, billowy vocals brooding with an undertow of dark romance
2014.03.10 - Young Summer
Blissful synths veiled in a mist of earnest, melancholy musings
Two French gangsters mix hip hop and electro with the groove of early 20th century swing
2014.03.12 - The Family Crest
Communal creators of audacious Baroque/orchestral pop
2014.03.13 - SOLDOUT
A collision between the cold, abrupt universe of electro and the softness of pop melodies
2014.03.14 - Western Lows
Whorls of beautiful noise that burn, flicker, and fade in their own light
2014.03.15 - Throes and The Shine
Ferocity of rock mixed up with party oriented Portuguese/kuduro rhythms
2014.03.16 - Cumulus
An atmospheric convection of delicate twee from Seattle, WA
2014.03.17 - GHOSTS
Leading a new wave of Irish electronica with spectral, bass heavy productions
2014.03.18 - Jacob Jeffries Band
Instantly likable vocals bursting with hook filled melodies
2014.03.19 - Soviet Soviet
Sharp propellers of to-the-point post punk from an Italian trio
2014.03.20 - Lily and Madeleine
Two teenage sisters seamlessly balance earthy folk vocals with a gentle rock edge
2014.03.21 - Tough Age
A sugar rush of groovy bubblegum pop served up with a cold glass of garage rock
2014.03.22 - PEP
Modern doo wop inspired by 1960s girl groups like The Shangri-La’s, Ronettes, and The Angels
2014.03.23 - Orphan Boy
Unapologetically pissed-off British rock powered by a fighting spirit
2014.03.24 - Noah Gundersen
An impressive personal work that co-mingles the sensual with the spiritual, and cuts to the heart
2014.03.25 - Vadoinmessico
Like sunlight hitting water, a London group submerges shiny, complex rhythms in distorted melodies
2014.03.26 - Linnea Olsson
A Scandinavian songwriter constructs an entire album from a single voice and her cello
2014.03.27 - IOU
A young duo from New Jersey invites you to step inside their universe of fresh, expressive hip hop
2014.03.28 - Mother Mother
Conceptual Canadian art pop with eclectic tri-harmony vocal arrangements
2014.03.29 - Renny Wilson
Come aboard a funky cruise ship of feel-good pop that'll set a course for romance
2014.03.30 - French Horn Rebellion
Randy electropop that will bring the cops a-knockin' at your next basement dance party
2014.03.31 - Norwegian Arms
Wanderlust and curiosity, distilled and neatly packaged into sonic bursts of intense energy

04 - April

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2014.04.01 - A Yawn Worth Yelling
Soaring, jangly epic caveman rock that will make your heart ache with fear and ecstasy
2014.04.02 - Lindi Ortega
A Canadian country music songstress with songs as fiery as her red lips and boots
2014.04.03 - La Luz
Dusky dreamy music that vibrates in the moonlight
2014.04.04 - Joe Louis Walker
Equal parts rock ‘n’ roll fire and blistering, passionate blues
2014.04.05 - Farewell Flight
Impassioned anthems of personal failure and redeeming triumph
2014.04.06 - Beastmilk
Bouts of doomsday tension and bitter melancholy born of a nuclear winter in Helsinki, Finland
2014.04.07 - Jay Arner
A Vancouver singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist creates songs that sizzle with DIY energy
2014.04.08 - PawnShop kings
Encapsulating the music of the American South with equal parts rock, gospel, country and pop
2014.04.09 - Teen Runnings
Japanese surf rockers who also hang ten with pop and punk rock influences
2014.04.10 - FM Laeti
Sexy, crystalline soul music from an elegant Parisian songstress
2014.04.11 - Michael A Grammar
The alien lovechild of too many sunny weekends spent indoors listening to Joy Division and Radiohead
2014.04.12 - Stone Jack Jones
Folk-laced explorations on the harshness of coal mines and narratives of the American rambler
2014.04.13 - Dexters
A ramshackle troop of East Londoners hammering away for visceral, guitar rock gold
2014.04.14 - Senbei
A Parisian beat-maker creates a musical world of subtle delicateness, scratches and bass
2014.04.15 - Reverend Horton Heat
Injecting pure musical nitrous into the hot-rod engine of your heart
2014.04.16 - Nicky Egan
Tender, captivating soul music painted with shades of raw rock energy by a spirited songstress
2014.04.17 - Mystic Braves
Vapor trails of trippy psychedelic rock that sounds like it's straight out of 60s-era California
2014.04.18 - Sam Roberts Band
Dynamic dance floor grooves ramped up with flashes of glitzy rock, funk, and house
2014.04.19 - Fanfarlo
Eccentric Londoners explore a curious universe of experimental sounds on their conceptual third album
2014.04.20 - TAUK
Kick back with a blaze of instrumental prog rock jams
2014.04.21 - Sol Cat
Music for soundtracking a midnight ride on a balmy Tennessee night
2014.04.22 - The Record Company
A frenzy of feel-good roots rock/blues from a Los Angeles trio
2014.04.23 - Leif Vollebekk
Like sipping the smoothest whiskey in front of a crackling fire on a snowy evening
2014.04.24 - Kiven
Heavy, hypnotic rock with an enigmatic intensity from a Californian quartet
2014.04.25 - The Excitements
Scorching sonic whirlwind of old school soul served up by a sensational Spanish ensemble
2014.04.26 - Miami Horror
Australian psychedelic-dance adventurers who found inspiration in the glowing year-round Californian sun
2014.04.27 - Run River North
Uplifting anthems that march to the beat of drums, jangling guitars and a rapturous string section
2014.04.28 - Grand Analog
A beautiful mess of rap, rock, dub, and soul from a Canadian collective of beat junkies
2014.04.29 - Morain
Expansive, guitar-heavy pop rock with a distinct British cadence
2014.04.30 - Rich Girls
Dark, reverb-heavy garage rock/pop inspired by early sounds of The Cure

05 - May

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2014.05.01 - Retro Stefson
Sizzling Icelandic disco licks that are hot enough to melt frozen dance floors
2014.05.02 - Fever The Ghost
Mind-altering doses of interstellar psych rock laced with blots of glam
2014.05.03 - Vikesh Kapoor
Brutal but hopeful chronicles of a working class man who slowly loses everything
2014.05.04 - Mode Moderne
Striking a balance between black nail polish gloom and indie pop accessibility
A multicultural collective of musicians fuse together their flamenco, folk, and rockabilly backgrounds
2014.05.06 - Philippe B
Sample the Francophone musical landscape with timeless pop from a Quebecois singer-songwriter
2014.05.07 - Ocellot
Enveloping dose of psychedelia that glides hypnotically between English and Catalan
2014.05.08 - Sae Lis'
Funky French-Lebanese soulful pop nourished by warm West African grooves
2014.05.09 - Trust
Somber goth-tinged synthpop for dancing until dawn at underground warehouse parties
2014.05.10 - Kim Logan
Blood, sweat, and booze-fueled roots rock rising from the swamps of Florida to the honky tonks of Nashville
2014.05.11 - Jukebox Champions
Topflight turntable masters from Paris who seamlessly fuse a mishmash of sounds
2014.05.12 - Talisco
Musical short films that dig deep into electro-folk experiments
Twenty years after their debut album, the Philly trio is back with their signature hip hop/blues sound
2014.05.14 - Julias Moon
Crafting soulful, heart-filled pop songs with a nouveau R&B twist
2014.05.15 - crash
Southern swagger and wit born in the sodden Voodoo alleys of New Orleans
2014.05.16 - Shanee Pink
Artful, dreamy rock emanating cool Laurel Canyon vibes and a collaborative spirit
2014.05.17 - Hunterchild
Electronic R&B explorations from a similar orbit as James Blake and The Weeknd
2014.05.18 - The So So Glos
Brooklyn band of brothers bred on a steady diet of upbeat punk rock
2014.05.19 - Tom Brosseau
Barebones folk musings plugged into every day observations of humanity
2014.05.20 - DENA
Bulgarian-born pop sensation who mixes R&B, 90s-inspired dance and hip-hop, with native Balkan beats
2014.05.21 - Alpine
Vibrant, twinkling, sophisticated pop that never takes itself too seriously
2014.05.22 - The Shilohs
Four Vancouverites with an enduring love of timeless harmony-laced pop
2014.05.23 - Intended Immigration
Charmingly cheeky electro-swing that'll put a smile on your face and a spring in your step
2014.05.24 - Lushes
Meditative, experimental rock born between art and math, order and chaos
2014.05.25 - Curtis Harding
Stirring electrified soul with a foot-stomping backbeat
2014.05.26 - Labyrinth Ear
Entangle yourself in an otherworldly mesh of dazzling electronic/dream-pop
2014.05.27 - Streets of Laredo
Unruly sing-along folk tunes for joyfully rambling through the backwoods
2014.05.28 - PINS
A British girl gang defending their turf as purveyors of brooding guitar pop
2014.05.29 - The Faint
Boisterous, static-laced dance punk that captures moments of passion and invigorated glee
2014.05.30 - I Break Horses
Sublime synth-pop odysseys whose pulses guide you to new horizons
2014.05.31 - Johnossi
Colossal Swedish rock that examines themes of existential anxiety

06 - June

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2014.06.01 - MisterWives
Join a trio of New Yorkers on a vivacious excursion through turnpikes of soul, dance, and pop
2014.06.02 - Ed Harcourt
Opulent, gothic piano requiems from an illustrious English singer-songwriter
2014.06.03 - The Cold and Lovely
Audacious, brooding rock and roll made to be played ear-bleedingly loud
2014.06.04 - Y LUV
Spirited indie pop for summer road trips through long stretches of desert landscapes
2014.06.05 - Jarekus Singleton
Untamed guitar licks and ferocious vocals from an electrifying bluesman
2014.06.06 - The Strokes
Band #1000: taking it back to one of the bands that first got us obsessed with music discovery
2014.06.07 - Bestfriends
Two comrades whose aim is to get your body moving and to transport you to your happy place
2014.06.08 - James Apollo
Roots rock swagger led by a voice that's like well-oiled leather
A traveling troubadour whose music transforms any setting into an old-time roadside juke joint
2014.06.10 - Jessy Lanza
Salacious electronic pop with a voice that gracefully flutters through the synths
2014.06.11 - The Lottery Winners
Fun-loving British indie pop that blends momentous melodies with wistful lyrics
2014.06.12 - Mimicking Birds
Ethereal psych-folk for long nights spent stargazing and contemplating the infinite universe
2014.06.13 - Kithkin
Witchy rhythms and chaotic sorcery for rapturously thrashing through the apocalypse
2014.06.14 - Ghost Beach
Balmy '80s-inspired tropical grit pop from a New York duo
2014.06.15 - Melaena Cadiz
Small portraits plucked from the American landscape, told in the language of folk, pop, and country
2014.06.16 - I Am The Avalanche
Staggering bursts of ferocious rock songs that are full of heart and youthful hope
2014.06.17 - David Wax Museum
Heartfelt poetry in the form of traditional Mexican folk woven with American roots and indie rock
2014.06.18 - Trampolene
Squealing, scuzzy British rock with just the right amount of dangerous swagger
2014.06.19 - Conway
Spunky, uninhibited and supercharged by in-the-moment energy
2014.06.20 - The Holmes Brothers
Joyous three-part harmony blues enhanced by the spine-tingling spirit of gospel music
2014.06.21 - Such Hounds
Enjoy the first day of summer with a smoky blend of punk rock recklessness and glistening nostalgia
2014.06.22 - Heymoonshaker
An unlikely pairing of grit-your-teeth blues guitar and heart-pounding beatboxing
2014.06.23 - Band of Skulls
Formidable sonic rock 'n' roll weaponry with a core that packs an inimitable punch
2014.06.24 - Chris Hurn
Cheery whistle-a-long ditties inspired by the sunny sounds of the 60s
2014.06.25 - The Wild Wild
Sparkling Californian synthpop with flashes of mystical percussive elements
2014.06.26 - Hundred Waters
Contradicting organic and electronic sounds beautifully pooled together
2014.06.27 - Nightbox
Radiant, sunlit sounds for rooftop pool parties and summertime antics
Brooklyn’s new balladeers create timeless melodies with southern charm and a sweet country touch
2014.06.29 - Sola Rosa
Funky, beat-driven jams spearheaded by one of New Zealand's most restless and creative producers
2014.06.30 - The Black Cadillacs
Full-bodied brew of blues, rock and roll revival, and soul, served up Tennessee-style

07 - July

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2014.07.01 - Andrew St James
A gifted 18 year-old folk artist whose lyrics are inspired by a colorful cast of characters
2014.07.02 - The Crookes
Four Sheffield lads with a knack for crafting sprightly, hook-laden Britrock
2014.07.03 - Coely
Punchy female rap vocals and club beats from a rising Belgian hip hop star
2014.07.04 - Rainbow Jackson
Let freedom ring to the tune of scuzzy Californian power pop made for BBQs and chugging beers
2014.07.05 - Salt
Savor the sounds of Afro-Caribbean music bursting with a jazzy soul flavor
2014.07.06 - Kognitif
Airy, abstract French trip hop that should soundtrack your next dinner party in space
2014.07.07 - T Sisters
Timeless sibling harmonies with a swift undercurrent of brazenly sassy fun
2014.07.08 - Milky Chance
Elegant electronic production with acoustic guitars and lilting, lush vocals
2014.07.09 - The Revivalists
Zealous roots rock spirited by the funky essence of New Orleans
2014.07.10 - Jim-E Stack
Murky and minimal synth grooves with body-moving experimental hip hop beats
2014.07.11 - Sabina
Sophisticated multilingual pop/rock solo project from the iconic Brazilian Girls' front woman
2014.07.12 - Whoa Dakota
A Nashville-based rock outfit fronted by yearning, sultry female vocals
2014.07.13 - Hugo Kant
A French multi-instrumentalist/producer of downtempo electronic music jazzed up with hip hop
2014.07.14 - Mt. Royal
Spellbinding, heart-driven indie rock from members of Future Islands, Celebration, and Lake Trout
2014.07.15 - The Felice Brothers
Kitchen sink folk that makes even the coldest day feel like a perfect summer's day lost in the backwoods
2014.07.16 - Sofie Winterson
Dive into a Dutch singer's dreamlike, mystical river of folk, pop, and electronic music
2014.07.17 - Empires
Reigning force of mammoth alt-rock from the kingdom of Chicago, IL
2014.07.18 - Selwyn Birchwood
Florida’s rising young blues fireball is a guitar and lap steel playing bundle of pure energy
2014.07.19 - Coasts
Bright, danceable Brit rock from Bristol, for falling in love by the seaside
2014.07.20 - Dylan Gardner
Innocent yet sophisticated pop songs from a young self-taught, internet-obsessed songwriter
2014.07.21 - Scavenger Hunt
A treasure trove of glittering electro-pop from the City of Angels
High-energy Seattle string band who pour a long tall pint of Cascadian brewgrass
2014.07.23 - Wild Moccasins
Visceral rhythms and a combustion of spark-throwing beats from a Houston, TX pop troupe
2014.07.24 - Robby Hunter Band
Miami-based indie funk band, dusted with a taste of hip hop, and baked in an oven of soul
2014.07.25 - Lowell
Ferocious feminist electropop from a commanding wolf pack leader
2014.07.26 - Be Calm Honcho
Tenderly prying open the soft spots of rock ‘n’ roll and inserting a dreamy and toothsome rawness
2014.07.27 - Doprah
Interstellar travels through whorls of ambient trip hop from New Zealand
2014.07.28 - No Sinner
Rock & roll tales about the clash between the sacred and profane, fronted by a red-hot blues belter
2014.07.29 - Tearjerker
Wistful, gauzy shoegaze/indie rock with sprawling, layered melodies
2014.07.30 - Valerie June
A blend of rural roots and country that bridges acoustic field recordings with biting blues
2014.07.31 - July Talk
A joyfully unhinged conversation of savage but seductive rock & roll

08 - August

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2014.08.01 - Above and Beyond
Real human connection is at the heart of all things that define this multitalented, world-renowned trio
2014.08.02 - Elizabeth Rose
Solar flares of gleaming electropop synths paired with stirring vocals from an Australian producer
2014.08.03 - Clear Plastic Masks
Bone deep, blue-collar rock & roll that also dips into the well of American soul and blues
2014.08.04 - Sante Les Amis
Move your body to the electrifying sound of Uruguayan dance rock
2014.08.05 - Matt Andersen
A formidable, powerhouse bluesman galvanized by the spirit of soul
2014.08.06 - Haunted Hearts
Phantasmal fuzz-rock collaboration formed by a couple from Crocodiles and Dum Dum Girls
2014.08.07 - Caleb Hawley
A charismatic crooner brought up on a steady diet of old school soul and rock influences
2014.08.08 - Worthy
Paying reverence to classic house while exploring territories of euphoric, booty-clapping bass
2014.08.09 - Twin Oaks
An intricate woodland of dreamy folk from a Los Angeles duo
2014.08.10 - Bryce Vine
Nostalgic hip hop anthems that will make you forget your inhibitions and join the party
Cozy acoustic folk handcrafted by a trio from Wicklow, Ireland
2014.08.12 - White Reaper
Head bobbin' psychedelia-tinged garage punk that doesn't sacrifice an ounce of sonic bite
2014.08.13 - Wunder Wunder
Offering a smooth dose of sun-bleached lo-fi pop inspired by idyllic West Coast summers
2014.08.14 - Polica
Slick electronic pop from a Twin Cities collective, fronted by gorgeously glacial vocals
The spirit of 60's love, peace and soul flowing along in rainbow colored hues
2014.08.16 - Kidnap Kid
Expressive, emotionally-charged house music from one of the UK's rising producers
2014.08.17 - Monomyth
Embark on a hero's journey through cosmic, starry-eyed harmonies from a Halifax four-piece
2014.08.18 - Sequin
A exotic sonic getaway to a place where party and nostalgia go hand in hand
2014.08.19 - Darlia
A bluster of crunching guitars and primal drumming that evokes early '90s grunge
2014.08.20 - Chris Staples
A former backing musician takes the spotlight with his soft raspy vocals and subtly elegant guitar melodies
2014.08.21 - Yip Deceiver
Guilty pleasure all-analog synth-pop for weird nights of random adventures
2014.08.22 - L-FRESH The LION
King of the Australian hip hop jungle who combines powerful lyrics with aspects of Sikh culture
2014.08.23 - Goodnight, Texas
Richly imagined folk tales that will transport you to 19th century small-town America
2014.08.24 - Lili Kendall
Memorable, cleverly dark pop tunes from a rising 17 year-old Australian artist
2014.08.25 - Arc and Stones
Hearken back to rock 'n' roll's heyday with blue-eyed soulful vocals and strutting guitar swagger
2014.08.26 - Thor Rixon
Eccentric-yet-delightful downtempo electronic soundscapes from a South African producer
2014.08.27 - Flashlights
Piercing, propulsive punk rock from Orlando, Florida that finds beauty in the bleak
2014.08.28 - The Griswolds
Chipper, sunlit indie pop full of sing-along choruses from a Sydney, Australia group
2014.08.29 - Death Has No Dominion
A Danish duo manifests soaring, quietly significant sounds from a pair of ukuleles
A Mediterranean musical melange that moves between swing, bossa nova, reggae and more
2014.08.31 - Hello Echo
Capturing the reckless spirit of 90s alt-rock, while often drifting into heartfelt, folkier territory

09 - September

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2014.09.01 - Kung Fu Academy
Funky, full-bodied vintage sound that rekindles the golden era of DIY guitar music
2014.09.02 - Horse Thief
Panoramic yet nuanced folk rock that evokes the wide-open spaces of America’s Midwest
2014.09.03 - Kabaka Pyramid
Messages of harmony and unity delivered through reggae melodies and powerful hip hop energy
2014.09.04 - Lovelife
Smooth, brooding R&B coated with a shimmering layer of synth-pop
2014.09.05 - The Wytches
Sinister swells of dark and heady surf doom conjured by an ominous British trio
2014.09.06 - Tattletale Saints
An Auckland, New Zealand duo with a shared fondness of the beautiful simplicity of Americana
2014.09.07 - Rob Cantor
A witty, whimsical, and wonderfully eclectic solo debut from an American singer-songwriter
2014.09.08 - Alvvays
Starlit indie pop that glitters like sea glass, from a Canadian group inspired by jangly Britpop
2014.09.09 - Elvin Bishop
Over 50 years of rollicking, electrified front porch blues from a legendary slide guitarist
Sprawling rap beats that valiantly explore the worlds of electronica, dub, jazz, and African rhythms
2014.09.11 - The Vines
It's our third birthday! Join the celebration by blasting brand-new tunes from one of our favorite bands
2014.09.12 - Scary Little Friends
Lilting vocals awash in waves of psychedelic guitars and undercurrents of southern soul roots
2014.09.13 - Orenda Fink
A deep dive into the subjects of death, spirituality, and the human condition on her latest solo album
2014.09.14 - Kasket Club
Gleaming, glacial chillwave/synthpop duo straight from the capital of Norway
2014.09.15 - Tango Alpha Tango
Lead-footed rock and roll that owes as much to Bob Dylan as it does Led Zeppelin
2014.09.16 - BADBADNOTGOOD
Challenging the rule book on improvised instrumental music and propelling jazz tradition into the future
2014.09.17 - Buddy
Buoyant, uptempo indie pop with strikingly evocative, introspective lyrics
2014.09.18 - French Films
Sixties influenced pop melodies coupled with pinches of new wave and punk from a Finnish five-piece
2014.09.19 - The Franklin Electric
A Montreal-based music collective crafts tender, moving folk-pop with orchestral flourishes
2014.09.20 - Mungo's Hi Fi
Soundsystem pioneers who are navigating their own course deep through reggae/dancehall heritage
2014.09.21 - Gossling
Airy, expansive pop starscapes for summer outings and evening adventures
Raw, gritty gospel powerhouse who commands attention with every heart-wrenching syllable
2014.09.23 - Dot Hacker
An experimental Los Angeles-based rock foursome on a captivating musical journey
2014.09.24 - Brian Olive
Down and dirty garage/soul rhythms with just enough insanity to make you want to shake it all out
2014.09.25 - Sleepy Wolf
Richly-textured indie folk primarily recorded in just one day by a New Zealand-based duo
2014.09.26 - BRONCHO
Fuzzy, glammy surf rock vibes best played loudly over a car stereo with the windows down
2014.09.27 - John Splithoff
Velvety, swoon-worthy soulful pop from Chicago, IL that'll warm you up on windy days
2014.09.28 - Beverly
Dulcet, dreamy girl group harmonies swelling with fuzzy lo-fi guitars
2014.09.29 - Islander
A lethal combination of rock, punk and nu-metal that recalls bands like Refused and Deftones
2014.09.30 - White Arrows
Surging psychedelic rock blended with razor sharp darts of electronic pop

10 - October

Listen to this month on Spotify
2014.10.01 - Emilyn Brodsky
Humorous and confessional lyrics, with deft ukulele playing and incomparable storytelling
2014.10.02 - From The Airport
A Korean duo who are co-piloting vibrant synthesized beats with pulsating vocals and edgy guitar riffs
2014.10.03 - Lapland
An introspective myriad of percolating electronics, hazy acoustics, and layered harmonies
2014.10.04 - The Mojo Gurus
If rock 'n' roll is dead, this Floridian foursome are refusing to attend the funeral
2014.10.05 - Shayna Leigh
Rose-tinted pop singer-songwriter who delicately incorporates touches of country and jazz
2014.10.06 - Somebody's Darling
Unrefined yet tender vocals belting out blistering bluesy rock songs
2014.10.07 - Daniel Wilson
Minimalist compositions that allow a phenomenal hushed falsetto voice to take charge
2014.10.08 - Delta Spirit
Fearless, darkly-charged narratives about restlessness, growing older, and longing for escape
2014.10.09 - Coves
Glazes of classic psych rock vibes coating airy, blissed-out vocals and gritty guitar riffs
2014.10.10 - Andrea Balency
Ethereal, fairy-like vocals from a Mexican/French artist who combines deep soul, dubstep, and indie electronic
2014.10.11 - Like Swimming
Clear and vivid Swedish indie pop that ranges from playful to starkly intimate
2014.10.12 - Sleepy Kitty
Equal parts art school weird and erratic garage punk sweetened by 1960s girl group-style harmonies
2014.10.13 - Lo Fang
A classically trained musician whose set veers from minimal electronica to intimately symphonic
2014.10.14 - The Pigeon Detectives
On their latest album, a Leeds, England five-piece capture the spirit of their raucous live performances
2014.10.15 - Diggs Duke
Quietly compelling storytelling enveloped in jazz grooves and lovelorn hip hop/R&B rhythms
2014.10.16 - We Are Scientists
Brazen Brooklynite indie rock that packs a punch of lyrical snark
2014.10.17 - Kartell
Magnetic, funky beats from a rising and charismatic leader of the French House scene
2014.10.18 - The Bilinda Butchers
A San Francisco, CA dream pop group inspired by the atmospheric sounds of My Bloody Valentine
2014.10.19 - Charming Liars
A British/American band deliver memorable and anthemic pop/alt-rock melodies
2014.10.20 - Gemma Ray
Moody noir pop skirting along pavements of blues, gothic folk, and '60s girl group influences
2014.10.21 - GANGS
An ode to Dublin told through the vantage point of a teenage rock and roll quartet
2014.10.22 - Marcia Ball
A legendary pianist is the ringleader of a vivid carnival of rambunctious boogie/rhythm and blues
2014.10.23 - Rokkurro
Subtly sultry vocals sung in Icelandic and English, painted by a lustrous musical palette
2014.10.24 - OK Go
The fearlessly inventive quartet continue to build a new world of creative pop rock hits
2014.10.25 - Ryan Traster
A restless folk rock troubadour influenced by iconic late 60s/early 70s songwriters
2014.10.26 - Alex Napping
An Austin,TX-based quartet that couples unrestrained emotion with charming pop music
2014.10.27 - Le Roxy Pro
East Coast surf jams that sound like Queens of the Stone Age catching waves with The Beach Boys
2014.10.28 - WHOwho
A Korean dance rock trio with an arsenal of frenzied dance floor fillers
2014.10.29 - Coin Banks
One of Perth, Australia's most exciting new emcees who delivers socially conscious hip hop messages
2014.10.30 - NEULORE
Electric, tribal folk songs that are better suited for the arena than the campfire
2014.10.31 - White Hex
Spooky tropical goth/minimalist techno for slinking around long past the witching hour

11 - November

Listen to this month on Spotify
2014.11.01 - Farewell JR
Perfectly cultivating a balance of haunting darkness behind moments of serenity
2014.11.02 - Shakey Graves
Powerful and mesmerizing lo-fi folk/blues from a true Texas gentleman
2014.11.03 - High Highs
A dreamy electronic soundtrack for those tranquil post-party moments right before dawn
2014.11.04 - Juhi
Zesty vocals that effortlessly switch between soulful pop and powerhouse rock
2014.11.05 - Wild Smiles
A trio influenced by classic rock, but whose lyrics respond to modern day British youth issues
2014.11.06 - Treehaus
Crisp beats, with roots in jazz and funk, come together with lush vocals and synths
2014.11.07 - TEAM
Rise and shine to uplifting indie pop that'll brighten up even the worst mornings
2014.11.08 - SILVA
Breezy Brazilian dream pop for reveries of lounging on tropical islands
2014.11.09 - Hundreds
A German sibling duo take a minimalist approach to electronic melodies and pop textures
2014.11.10 - Mikey Wax
Genuine, happy-go-lucky piano pop that'll get you hooked
2014.11.11 - Dry The River
Stirring rhythms and chiming guitars brewed with a touch of honeyed vocals
2014.11.12 - Sinkane
Doses of funky slow-burners with a Pan-African influence
2014.11.13 - Mexican Slang
Musical catharsis that strikes a balance between saccharine and vicious
Slinky, bittersweet ballads from a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist
2014.11.15 - Magnolia Memoir
Sparks of cinematic alt-rock piercing through the darkness
2014.11.16 - Christian Gregory
Kick back and relax with the velvety tunes of a London-based soul crooner
2014.11.17 - Cathedrals
A San Franciscan duo join forces to create a sultry, soaring fusion of organic and electric influences
2014.11.18 - Fictionist
Glitchy electro-pop/art rock, with influences ranging from Peter Gabriel to Phoenix to CHVRCHES
2014.11.19 - She Keeps Bees
Sparse compositions reveling in the raw power of subtlety, silence and space
2014.11.20 - Will Dailey
A tenacious troubadour embodies the American Dream with his rootsy charm
2014.11.21 - Weaves
Bent-out-of-shape pop music that's eclectic, catchy, and unpredictable
2014.11.22 - Mirror Travel
Slow-burning shoegaze for starlit drives through seemingly endless desert roads
2014.11.23 - Grace Kelly
A 22 year-old saxophone prodigy leading the new breed of jazz royalty
A trio from Wroclaw, Poland blurs the boundaries between hip-hop, soul, and electronic
A cannonball of high-energy indie rock that's as introspective as it is light-hearted
2014.11.26 - The Bots
A band of brothers bringing together the veracity of garage punk with American blues
2014.11.27 - Time For T
A strange, yet beautiful, breed of worldly sounds and vividly photographic stories
2014.11.28 - The Frail
Electro­-tinged cuts that toe the line between reality and escapism
2014.11.29 - Roger Sellers
Painting aural landscapes where multi-layered instrumentation pierces through the terrain
2014.11.30 - Backwords
Modern psychedelics swirling in a flowery kaleidoscope of gentle pop melodies

12 - December

Listen to this month on Spotify
2014.12.01 - Vok
Glacial, dreamy electronic pop from an Icelandic trio
2014.12.02 - Wannabe Jalva
Leaving aside traditional tropical rhythms from their native Brazil for addictive space grooved rock
2014.12.03 - 24HR Records
Jungle of Love: a band that, literally, only existed for one day
2014.12.04 - Debbie Neigher
Luminous singing and expressive keyboard work from a San Franciscan songstress
2014.12.05 - The Lads
A Korean four-piece inspired in equal parts by gritty British rock and life in Seoul
2014.12.06 - Museum Of Love
Immerse yourself in a synth-pop sanctuary crafted by two renowned musicians
2014.12.07 - PARLOUR TRICKS
Angel-choir vintage harmonies with a futuristic synth-pop edge
2014.12.08 - The Color and Sound
A multisensory cacophony of uplifting indie pop/rock from Boston, MA
2014.12.09 - ODESZA
An electronic wonderland of glitched-out vocals and visceral pop hooks
2014.12.10 - Rose's Pawn Shop
The raw emotional power of America's folk, country and bluegrass traditions put through a modern filter
2014.12.11 - Ex Cops
A nomadic duo packs a punch of club-ready downtown pop, shoegaze, and '90s alt-rock
Dark, hard-hitting tracks caught in a maze of eccentricity
2014.12.13 - Sinclair
Stories of self discovery, struggle and redemption told through a bright and shiny pop lens
2014.12.14 - The Grits
Cooking up flavors of English psychedelia, quirky electronic, and Southern-fried funk
2014.12.15 - Close Talker
Blood harmonies set against tightly wound rhythms from a Saskatonian quartet
2014.12.16 - Tiny Stills
An indie pop confection of sweet vocals sugar-coating some truly biting lyrics
2014.12.17 - Dear Criminals
Sensual, seductive and darkly colored electro-folk that's both haunting and moving
2014.12.18 - Secret Sun
Spellbinding synth pop to soundtrack life's most introspective moments
2014.12.19 - Man Overboard
Carrying a flame of melodic, energetic, and hardcore-influenced emo pop
2014.12.20 - Flaamingos
Brooding post-punk that sounds like it could be from the north of England instead of sunny California
2014.12.21 - The Future Laureates
Unabashed, vibrant folk-rock from the heart of the Windy City
2014.12.22 - Tkay Maidza
Contagious club anthems electrified by a lightning-fast emcee flow
2014.12.23 - Beaty Heart
Cacophonous, off-kilter tropical-infused pop with a playful naivety
2014.12.24 - Gaspard Royant
A French crooner pays homage to a bygone era of instant classics
2014.12.25 - Front Porch Step
Unwrap sonic parcels of emotional acoustic punk from a Newark, OH soloist
2014.12.26 - Midnight Faces
Crystalline, danceable melancholy from a Los Angeles duo
2014.12.27 - Kind Cousin
A solo project of eerie but intimate indie pop from Lafayette, Louisiana
2014.12.28 - Front Country
This is bluegrass unleashed, with deep Americana roots and a wide-ranging vision
2014.12.29 - Bailiff
Sprawling rock ballads which radiate with a newfound brightness and playfulness
2014.12.30 - Chill Bump
Nimbly experimental hip hop enriched by a fusion of English and French backgrounds
2014.12.31 - High Ends
Ending 2014 on a high note with a feverishly creative burst of unfiltered solo experimentation