Band of the Day

01 - January

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2013.01.01 - Trails and Ways
Dreamy Californian pop with a Brazilian bossa nova flair
2013.01.02 - Man Without Country
Sweeping electro-rock anthems from South Wales
2013.01.03 - Caro Emerald
A powerhouse Dutch jazz vocalist shows off a knack for mixing brassy big band beats with modern pop
2013.01.04 - Young Guns
Crank up your speakers for the guitar-shredding hard rock sounds of a London five-piece
2013.01.05 - Piney Gir
Pure sunshine in indie pop form, with a mod 60s twist
2013.01.06 - The Last Bison
Earthy, harmonious chamber folk stemmed from the roots of colonial Virginia
2013.01.07 - Permanent Collection
Hazy, guitar-based psychedelia emerging from San Francisco's DIY music scene
2013.01.08 - Mr MFN eXquire
A rapper representing the new Brooklyn with his arresting vocals and lyrics
2013.01.09 - Nouela
A Seattle songsmith composes a beautifully enigmatic sonic terrain
2013.01.10 - Emancipator
Enter a state of Zen with transcendental, orchestral electronic beats
2013.01.11 - Little Hurricane
Dust-kicking, dirty blues rock from a San Diego duo
2013.01.12 - Bearhug
A Sydney, Australian five-piece riding a wave of mellow West Coast indie pop sounds
Playful, romantic duets in the classic style of '60s-era Serge Gainsbourg
2013.01.14 - Dubconscious
Enlightened dub/roots reggae from a community-minded musical collective
2013.01.15 - Villeneuf
Melodious Dutch indie pop that ranges from chilled-out to hip-wigglin'
2013.01.16 - State Radio
Thunderous freight train of rock n' roll realism in the Boston-based trio's latest album
2013.01.17 - Late Nite Howl
Esoteric narratives with haunting acoustic melodies from a Mexican singer-songwriter
2013.01.18 - Five Steez
Rapidly rising Jamaican MC with an aim to be a voice for the voiceless
2013.01.19 - Apollo Run
Mythical, mountain-conquering indie rock from a NYC-based trio
2013.01.20 - Agent Ribbons
Classic girl group harmonies balancing on a raucous garage pop foundation
Exquisite orchestral folk tales of love, heartache, and fantasy
2013.01.22 - DRGN KING
A breath of fiery synths igniting dance floors from the Kingdom of Philadelphia and beyond
2013.01.23 - Elenowen
Honest, vulnerable Americana created by a husband-wife duo from Nashville, TN
2013.01.24 - Daley
Powerful, yet graceful vocals from a striking young British R&B singer
2013.01.25 - Sonambulo
Lively "psycho tropical" music from Costa Rica's emerging circus/performance art scene
2013.01.26 - Junkie XL
Sonic adventures through a world of experimental dance beats from a renowned Dutch producer
Majestic instrumental post-rock inspired by the dramatic landscapes of Patagonia, Argentina
2013.01.28 - Wanting
Expressive pop compositions penned in English and Mandarin
Propulsive, anthemic indie rock with a literary edge
2013.01.30 - Shigeto
Vividly beautiful electronic beats painted with cool shades of ambient, IDM, dubstep, and jazz
2013.01.31 - Snowblink
Crystalline indie pop suited for snuggling up in frost-covered cottages

02 - February

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2013.02.01 - Mr Day
Fiery, magnetic soul music from Lyon, France recorded in a timeless analog fashion
2013.02.02 - Thee Oops
A blitzkrieg of searing, furious Italian hardcore punk rock
2013.02.03 - Carina Round
Sultry, lustrous compositions from a raven-haired British songstress
2013.02.04 - The New Beans
Effervescent, bouncy indie pop from Buenos Aires, Argentina
2013.02.05 - The Bronx
Punk provocateurs from L.A. are back in attack mode with the release of their fierce fourth album
2013.02.06 - Julien Jacob
An imaginary language served up by the deep, beguiling voice of a West African/French singer
2013.02.07 - The Mastersons
A married duo bounded by a love of country music and heart-wrenching melodies
2013.02.08 - The Grouch
Down to earth, truthfully poignant raps and production
2013.02.09 - Harouki Zombi
Soundtrack the zombie apocalypse with surrealist performance art/electro-pop
2013.02.10 - Menomena
An experimental rock duo cycling through winding melodic roads dotted with rhythmic speed bumps
2013.02.11 - Zaki Ibrahim
A South African (by way of Canada) R&B/electro-soul artist who bangs out eclectic rhythms
2013.02.12 - The Rambling Wheels
Flailing, feline-lovin' Swiss electro-rock that's wildly danceable
2013.02.13 - Passenger
Acoustic folk punctuated with orchestral strings and horns from a wandering UK troubadour
2013.02.14 - Dream Carousel
Sweet, swooning Filipino twee/indie pop that makes the heart grow fonder
2013.02.15 - Moros Eros
Intelligent lyrics and dark, guitar-driven melodies that are equally bright and raucous
2013.02.16 - Morgan Page
Kinetic progressive house tracks with an insatiable pop energy
2013.02.17 - Cecile Hortensia
A French folk singer inspired by starting a new life in Phoenix, Arizona
2013.02.18 - Big Harp
Dusty folk-rock laced with subtle irony and dark humor
2013.02.19 - Elle Macho
An international trio makes Nashville their homebase for their swaggering, extroverted rock'n'roll
2013.02.20 - Scarub
Underground Californian hip hop with a quick-spittin' offbeat style
2013.02.21 - Matt Pond
An established career musician steps forward with his first official solo release
2013.02.22 - Social Studies
Dreamy vocals whirled with layers of spiraling guitars and pulsating organs
2013.02.23 - Delerium
Intriguing, intricate fusion of trance, world, and ambient electronic sounds
2013.02.24 - Current Swell
Easy-going Canadian roots rock supported by a dedicated online community
2013.02.25 - The Stone Foxes
San Franciscan foursome with a frenzy of dirty, foot-stompin' blues rock
2013.02.26 - Freedom Fry
A French-American indie pop duo inspired by the Wild Wild West (and fried potatoes)
2013.02.27 - Erica Glyn
Unconventional, captivating vocals with elements of trip-hop and rocktronica
2013.02.28 - Gold Fields
Australian quintet armed with plenty of synth-pop hooks, tribal beats, and danceable rhythms

03 - March

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2013.03.01 - Gin Wigmore
Gritty, bluesy pop vocals with a touch of rock 'n' roll and pure New Zealand swagger
2013.03.02 - Surrender
Funky, feel-good disco nouveau from two fresh-faced producers
2013.03.03 - Fort Atlantic
Analog and digital alt-folk sounds expertly blended together by a DIY singer/songwriter
2013.03.04 - Allah Las
Californian surf rock for bumming around in a 60s-style beach bungalow
2013.03.05 - Nadina
Hypnotic strings and airy vocals telling multilingual tales of war-torn Lebanon
Feral forest folk with upbeat echoes of punk and pop
2013.03.07 - Kura
Chill, dreamy Icelandic-Danish electro for subterranean nightclubs
2013.03.08 - Eagulls
Intensely visceral, ramshackle-yet-melodic punk from Leeds, England
2013.03.09 - iAm1
An unlikely pairing of Hip Hop and Acoustic Folk with roots in spoken-word
2013.03.10 - Bishop Morocco
Hazy guitars and glacial synths made for soundtracking melancholy daydreams
2013.03.11 - Sin Cos Tan
A Finnish duo harkens back to the glory days of 80's synth-pop
2013.03.12 - Black Pistol Fire
Wildly energetic classic Southern rock with a garage punk attitude
2013.03.13 - South Of France
Simulate summer with radiant indie pop for leisurely beach holidays
2013.03.14 - Beats Antique
Gypsy brass band grooves crashing into glitch, dubstep, and hip hop beats
2013.03.15 - Jesse Dee
Warm, toe-tapping melodies from a modern-day soul crooner
2013.03.16 - Jacob Faurholt
Quirky, sparse and experimental singer-songwriter from Denmark
You honk, they'll tonk. They croon, you'll swoon.
2013.03.18 - Reptile Youth
Surf a wave of endorphins released by a Danish duo's high-energy Post Punk/Dance sounds
2013.03.19 - Reason
South African hip hop that emerged from Johannesburg's battle rap scene
2013.03.20 - The Gaslight Anthem
Supercharged classic American rock 'n' roll in its most feral and pure form
Two generations of crooners join forces at the dawn of a new soul renaissance
2013.03.22 - The Mowgli's
Uplifting, communal Californian rock/folk held together by heartfelt harmonies
2013.03.23 - How To Dress Well
Poignant, modernist R&B evoking powerful emotions through experimental recording techniques
2013.03.24 - Dana Falconberry
Fairy-like vocals meandering through a forest of exquisite orchestration
2013.03.25 - Voodoo Swing
Slappin' the bass, rip-it-up rockabilly from Phoenix, AZ
2013.03.26 - The Deer Tracks
Otherworldly electronic experimentation colliding with propulsive danceability
2013.03.27 - C2C
Hip hop electrifyingly blended with a soulful palette of sounds of the 70's
2013.03.28 - The Last Royals
Gritty urban tales of Brooklyn life juxtaposed with optimistic electro-pop melodies
2013.03.29 - Heavy Glow
Psychedelic hard rock philandering with garage, metal, and bone-deep blues
Positively uplifting, soulful croons from a Canadian singer-songwriter
2013.03.31 - Lescop
Artful, deliciously cruel French electro-pop for dancing and dark deeds

04 - April

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2013.04.01 - The Spinto Band
Carefree, buoyant pop melodies crafted by one of Delaware's finest indie bands
2013.04.02 - Fax
Minimal, melodic ambient electronic beats from an established Mexican producer
2013.04.03 - Classified
One of Canada's most prominent independent hip hop artists makes chart-topping hits
2013.04.04 - Maud Lubeck
Modest, delicately luminous compositions from a French singer-songwriter
2013.04.05 - Young Dreams
Pure wanderlust in the form of symphonic tropical psychedelic pop
2013.04.06 - John Hiatt
A Southern singer-songwriter with over 30 years of whiskey-soaked blues/country under his belt
2013.04.07 - The Endangered
A Los Angeles group proves that the blending of vintage soul and modern R&B isn't going extinct
2013.04.08 - Umatic
Sleek urban lounge beats illuminated by sparkling electro-pop vocals
2013.04.09 - SuperTempo
Punchy explosions of frantic Venetian garage punk
2013.04.10 - PYYRAMIDS
An unlikely duo with members of OK Go and He Say/She Say, bonded by dark 80's British post-punk
2013.04.11 - Broadheds
Jittery restlessness of youth evoked by ska-infused bursts of punk energy
2013.04.12 - Boys Noize
Staggering electro beats from one of the world's preeminent DJs
2013.04.13 - Dengue Fever
Ring in the Cambodian New Year with a psychedelic take on 60s Asian pop
2013.04.14 - Francois Peglau
Clever and playful melodic folk-pop from the quirky mind of a Peruvian troubadour
2013.04.15 - My Gold Mask
Enter a dimly-lit warehouse of artful experimental rock
2013.04.16 - JJ Grey and Mofro
Down-home storytelling with a grimy blend of blues and front porch soul
2013.04.17 - The Virginmarys
Small-town Brits make thrilling hard rock with colossal aspirations
2013.04.18 - Concrete Knives
Euphoric collective vocals shimmering in a cerulean sea of tropical pop
2013.04.19 - Wheeler Brothers
A family affair of finger-pickin' Americana with a Texan twang
2013.04.20 - Natural Child
Let the good times roll with the Nashville trio's fun-loving garage rock
2013.04.21 - Boat Beam
Delicate impressionist landscapes of folk, indie pop, and classical music from a Spanish trio
2013.04.22 - Bloodgroup
Crystalline Icelandic electro-pop/dance with sharp songwriting and moody melodies
2013.04.23 - The Jar Family
Distinctly British folk music with a loyalty to the roots of North East England
2013.04.24 - BOY
Swiss/German indie pop darlings with a penchant for folky flourishes
2013.04.25 - Sally Shapiro
Lustrous disco beats led by the alluring vocals of a shy Swedish songstress
Making the world a funkier place with veterans of high-octane soul
2013.04.27 - Darkness Falls
Dramatic pop allure contrasted with gritty drums and distorted guitars
2013.04.28 - RDGLDGRN
Stylized hip hop-infused rock by a DC-area trio with collaborations from Dave Grohl and Pharrell
2013.04.29 - Simon Dalmais
Refined pop from a velvet-voiced, classically-trained Parisian pianist
Euphoric orchestral arrangements bludgeoned by colossal rhythms

05 - May

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2013.05.01 - Hey Ocean
Enchanting, pristine pop by a Vancouver-based trio
2013.05.02 - Grandfather Child
Rejoice in a band that speaks the thundering, jubilant dialect of soulful roots rock
2013.05.03 - Local Natives
Opulent, orchestrated indie rock that soars from spare and fragile to tense and powerful
2013.05.04 - Kerli
Cosmic dance pop filled with infectious buzzing energy
Celebratory Mexican indie pop that's a dose of pure sonic joy
2013.05.06 - Golden State
Rampant, bombastic alternative rock with an apocalyptic edge
2013.05.07 - Liesa Van Der Aa
Theatrical avant-garde experiments in rock and classical music
2013.05.08 - Buxton
Heartfelt, introspective folk fusing lovely harmonies and jarring explosions of instrumentation
2013.05.09 - Steve Bug
Slow-burning tech house with steely oscillations of expert bass beats
2013.05.10 - The Black Angels
Post-millennial psychedelic rock transcended by prismatic organ grooves
2013.05.11 - Sorie Kondi
A blind kondi (thumb piano) virtuoso uses music to rise from the struggles of a war-torn country
2013.05.12 - Regina
Charming, sparkling Scandinavian synth-pop
2013.05.13 - Hunter Hunted
Californian indie pop with intricate vocal harmonies and heart beat rhythms
2013.05.14 - Deptford Goth
Yearning, intense synths and forlorn vocals seamlessly fused to create an ominous atmosphere
2013.05.15 - Sami The Great
Playful, sweet indie pop with a quirky twist from an Iranian-American singer/songwriter
2013.05.16 - Mona
Arm-pumping, vein-throbbing, knee-jittering singalong rock'n'roll
2013.05.17 - David Starfire
Adventurous electronic beats dancing under the stars with an Asian palette of sounds
2013.05.18 - The Moondoggies
Rolling waves of impassioned, full-throated Americana harmonies
2013.05.19 - Jillette Johnson
Sultry vocals soaring on sparse, haunting piano lines and powerful lyrics
2013.05.20 - Guster
A Boston alt-rock band captures over 20 years of hits in a live acoustic setting
2013.05.21 - Freddie Joachim
Mellow out with a smooth, sultry fusion of jazz, hip hop and soul
2013.05.22 - The Fleeting Ends
Catchy nuggets of indie pop/rock inspired by everything from new wave to punk
2013.05.23 - Kasper Bjorke
A Danish producer, DJ, and remixer makes a name for himself in the international electronic scene
2013.05.24 - The Killers
Rediscover old favorites and listen to new tunes from one of this generation's preeminent rock bands
2013.05.25 - Canto
A trio of young brothers with energetic indie rock songwriting skills well beyond their years
2013.05.26 - Linkoban
Wild, dirty grime bangers with an assault of hard-hitting lyrics
2013.05.27 - I Can Chase Dragons
Sample and loop-based experimental dream pop with Latin American flavor
Poetic Canadian chamber folk for reflective days in a forest
2013.05.29 - The Dig
Woozy synth backdrops anchored by sharp guitars and alluring vocals
2013.05.30 - Division Of Laura Lee
Hyperactive, aggressive Swedish rock/punk with killer melodies amidst the chaos
Gypsy jazz, cabaret, rock, and classic Bollywood motifs deftly soldered by a four-piece Indian band

06 - June

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2013.06.01 - Fiction
Polyrhythmic electro-pop with grooving bass lines and thought-provoking lyrics
2013.06.02 - Battleme
Psyched-out rock and folk grooves drifting effortlessly with falsetto vocals
2013.06.03 - Pigeon Hole
Machine gun drum programming thrashing with massive bass and chopped-up synths
2013.06.04 - Groenland
Resonant, melodious orchestral indie pop/folk collective from Montreal
2013.06.05 - Natalia Clavier
The live voice of Thievery Corporation sultrily mixes bilingual jazz vocals and electronic textures
2013.06.06 - Tera Melos
Sharp jolts of complex instrumentation in a massive haze of joyful noise
2013.06.07 - The Casket Girls
60s girl group pop sensibilities with a macabre twist
2013.06.08 - Los Amigos Invisibles
Heating up dance floors with a fiery fusion of funk, lounge, and Latin rhythms
2013.06.09 - Sulk Station
Artfully minimalist trip hop/downtempo electronic beats from a Bangalore, India duo
2013.06.10 - Little Brave
Brutally honest tales set amidst rich alt-folk instrumentation from a one-woman band
2013.06.11 - Blackbird Blackbird
Euphoric electronic textures blissfully sun-kissed by analogue instrumentation
2013.06.12 - White Lung
Rebellious, propulsive punk rock that shreds at breakneck speed
2013.06.13 - Fishlights
Bioluminescent dream pop to soundtrack subaquatic adventures
2013.06.14 - Joko
Crystalline, soulful vocals from a French (by way of Cameroon) chanteuse
2013.06.15 - Marc Carroll
Earnest narratives with roots in traditional Irish folk music
2013.06.16 - Boho Dancer
Three kindred spirits on a mission to touch others with their Nordic-inspired folk music
2013.06.17 - Grises
Spanish indie rock with an exquisitely-assembled wall of electronic textures and towering melodies
2013.06.18 - Pusha T
Raw lyricism and fierce delivery puts this Virginia-native as one of the top artists in the game today
2013.06.19 - The Blank Tapes
Timeless Californian surf pop for kicking off summer beach parties
2013.06.20 - Dan Croll
An electro singer/multi-instrumentalist from Liverpool with links to the indie folk scene
2013.06.21 - The Boxer Rebellion
Surging, emotional alt-rock and tender piano ballads from a London foursome
2013.06.22 - Lenox
On a quest for the ultimate groove, a Belgian artist mixes reggae, soul, and American hip hop
2013.06.23 - The Dirty Guv'nahs
Authentic American rock'n'roll ensemble with a heartfelt, grassroots approach
2013.06.24 - Savoir Adore
Whimsical dance-laden indie pop lullabies from a Brooklyn duo
2013.06.25 - Bass Science
Futuristic glitch hop that illuminates brainwaves and ignites dance floors
2013.06.26 - The Whigs
Celebratory rock and roll fueled by the rhythms of the road
2013.06.27 - Sarah Blacker
Emotionally-charged lyrics lifted by light jazz/folk vocals and a hint of ukulele
2013.06.28 - Human Woman
Sleek & sexy Scandinavian electro-pop with sparks of indie rock
2013.06.29 - Bored Nothing
Homespun Australian lo-fi/psych-pop that wistfully recalls sounds of the 80s and 90s
2013.06.30 - Big Black Delta
Twisted love songs luxuriating in a sea of bells, synths and bass

07 - July

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2013.07.01 - TV Girl
A Californian duo re-appropriates pop history with their love of classic girl group sounds
Gussied-up country rock, with unique tap dancin' percussion, on romp with folk, blues, and psych-pop
Brooklyn neighborhoods and 90s college radio indie rock inspire the band's latest release
2013.07.04 - The Dustbowl Revival
High-spirited blend of bluegrass, roots music, 1930's hot swing, and gospel made for all-night street parties
2013.07.05 - Dessa
Unmistakable poeticism and hip hop beats delivered with a confident, hypnotic flow
2013.07.06 - Up Until Now
Pulsing electronic dance music with the sole purpose of making bodies move
2013.07.07 - Lenka
Motherhood inspires a quietly hushed collection of emotionally-charged lullabies
2013.07.08 - Bronze Radio Return
Journey into the heart of America with roots rock drenched in warm harmonies and a foot-stompin' soul
2013.07.09 - Pacific Air
Eternal sunshine in the form of timeless indie pop
2013.07.10 - Deluxe
Swinging, spontaneous explosions of electrified hip hop, jazz, and funk
2013.07.11 - Bentcousin
British twins who contrast charming indie pop with darker lyrics of romantic dysfunction
2013.07.12 - Classixx
Coastal summer anthems with impossibly sunny dance grooves
2013.07.13 - Streetlight Manifesto
Elite ska veterans are back with a flurry of jubilant horns and unrelenting tempo
2013.07.14 - Hooverphonic
Extravagantly cinematic pop with dramatic orchestral sweeps
2013.07.15 - Robbie Boyd
A singer-songwriter, discovered on the streets of London, charms with his uplifting urban folk sound
2013.07.16 - Shivering Timbers
A husband-wife duo, discovered by a member of The Black Keys, craft haunting folk/blues melodies
2013.07.17 - Spectrals
A once-shy singer sheds a cloak of lo-fi reverb in favor of crisp, sparkling indie pop sounds
Exciting explosions of funky uptempo blues led by a pedal steel guitar virtuoso
2013.07.19 - A Lion Named Roar
A Louisville, Kentucky quintet lights up the kingdom with anthemic alt-rock
2013.07.20 - Bear Mountain
Uplifting Canadian electro for a futuristic dance party
2013.07.21 - White Violet
Laid-back folk music from Georgia for breezing around on late-night bike rides
2013.07.22 - Monsieur Perine
Vintage jazz sounds dancing cheek-to-cheek with salsa, swing, and Colombian rhythms
2013.07.23 - Andre Obin
Lustrous dance grooves that evoke a blend of Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine, and Ultravox
2013.07.24 - The Front Bottoms
Youthful acoustic pop-punk with refreshingly honest and sardonic lyrics
2013.07.25 - Emily Bell
Sassy soul/R&B vocals strutting alongside classic rock n' roll
2013.07.26 - Flox
Nu-reggae/electronic music stemming from many cultures, but claiming no boundaries
Breeze through the weekend with a bittersweet collage of indie pop, folk, and lo-fi
2013.07.28 - Last Good Tooth
Fiddle-laden Americana that evokes imagery of pioneering through the Appalachian mountains
2013.07.29 - Elastic Bond
Escape to a tropical psychedelic paradise built on Latin, soul, electronic, and Afro grooves
2013.07.30 - The Hot Sprockets
Irish rock 'n' roll haunted by the ghost of classic American country and Delta blues
2013.07.31 - Nanna B
Sensual Danish neo-soul for heating up chilly Nordic nights

08 - August

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2013.08.01 - Isle Of Rhodes
A shimmering homage to the vintage electro-mechanical piano
2013.08.02 - Wildmen
Brawling Italian punk on a boozed-up bender with garage pop
2013.08.03 - Jarren Benton
Brazen hip hop that balances hardcore lyrics with comedic punch lines
2013.08.04 - Faunts
Complexly layered melodies, with an electronic pulse, from a Canadian group of musical perfectionists
2013.08.05 - A Genuine Freakshow
Orchestral pomp and grandeur artfully blended with pop, folk, and rock
2013.08.06 - Shannon and the Clams
Garage punk doo woppin' with haunted howls and beautiful growls
2013.08.07 - Daughters Of Davis
Soul sisters from Winchester, England with an impassioned new folk spirit
2013.08.08 - The Musgraves
Spring-loaded handclaps and irresistible sing-along choruses influenced by music of the 50s and 60s
2013.08.09 - Dafuniks
A genre-hopping funky soul/hip hop Danish group with a French connection
2013.08.10 - James Bay
Stark, elegant acoustic strumming powerfully delivered by a 22 year-old singer-songwriter
2013.08.11 - Phoria
Gorgeously elegant piano melodies billowing with touches of electronic and rock
2013.08.12 - Drop City Yacht Club
Clever Californian hip hop that dips a toe in sun-soaked '60s rock
2013.08.13 - Heidi Happy
Playful yet sophisticated symphonic pop from a young Swiss singer-songwriter
2013.08.14 - Infected Mushroom
One of Israel's most successful bands morphs hypnotic psytrance with dub and electro house
2013.08.15 - Empress Of
Electronic astral projections with fragments of traditional Honduran music
2013.08.16 - Baby Bee
Revved-up rock 'n' roll from a Louisianan brotherly duo
2013.08.17 - Seapony
Autumnal, idyllic dream pop from the Pacific Northwest
2013.08.18 - Brian Irving
Neo-psychedelic electro-rock that's both edgy and atmospheric
2013.08.19 - Golden Youth
Two singer-songwriters join creative forces to compose bittersweet, orchestral folk-pop
2013.08.20 - Nuela Charles
R&B, soul, jazz, pop, and hip hop are united by a Canadian/Swiss/Kenyan-born songstress
2013.08.21 - Middle Class Rut
Destroying drudgery with a blistering attack of heavy rock
2013.08.22 - Jake Bellows
Neva Dinova's former frontman returns to music with a mix tape of introspective love songs
2013.08.23 - Rusty Truck
A world-renowned fashion photographer crafts a rustic musical landscape of Country/Americana
2013.08.24 - Crooked I
Street-savvy West Coast hip hop from a Long Beach native
2013.08.25 - Lowland Hum
Multisensory folk tunes collaboratively crafted by a harmonious husband-wife duo
2013.08.26 - Sons Of Hippies
Trippy space rock from a trio of psychedelic revivalists from Tampa, FL
2013.08.27 - Little Radar
Point your beam to an Austin, TX group who combine fuzzed out rock guitars with psych and folk
2013.08.28 - Firewater
Punk spiked in a distinctive brew of cross-cultural worldly sounds
2013.08.29 - Caroline Rose
Poetic stories of modern American society set to a toe-tapping country/blues beat
2013.08.30 - The Limousines
San Francisco's beloved electropop duo turns to crowd-funding to create their latest release
2013.08.31 - Heaven
Float away on cloud nine with wisps of hazy dream pop/shoegaze

09 - September

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2013.09.01 - Truth And Salvage Co
Hearty, Southern-tinged Americana discovered by a member of the Black Crowes
2013.09.02 - Roc Marciano
A former member of Busta Rhymes' crew holds his own as an MC/Producer with hard-knock flows
2013.09.03 - Eros and the Eschaton
Journey through a husband-wife duo's luminous dreamgaze galaxy
2013.09.04 - Lorde
Bow down to New Zealand's newest queen of pop
2013.09.05 - Black Marble
Melancholy darkwave with flickering synths and resonant baritone vocals
2013.09.06 - Dapuntobeat
High-potency Mexican electrofunk that'll keep the party going long after sunrise
2013.09.07 - Willy Mason
Tales of love and lost connections aged in a cask of full-bodied buttery vocals
2013.09.08 - Lemaitre
A Norwegian duo blends uplifting indie-electro/disco in the realm of Daft Punk and Phoenix
2013.09.09 - Sasha Dobson
A singer-songwriter makes a departure from her jazz roots on her second studio album
2013.09.10 - Little Comets
So a Cambridge graduate, particle physicist and a local sailor walk into a bar...and form a band
2013.09.11 - Fruition
Road warriors fueled by a whiskey-soaked inferno of fast and furious bluegrass string picking
2013.09.12 - Hockey
Neon waves of 80s-style synths and grooving bass lines
2013.09.13 - Kid Koala
Antiquated blues vocal samples skillfully revamped by a modern scratch DJ/visual artist
2013.09.14 - The Pack A.D.
A two-headed rock 'n' roll beast wielding weapons of garage punk
2013.09.15 - Little Lonely
A forgotten American landscape formed by steel string horizons and plaintive vocals
2013.09.16 - American Authors
Four Brooklynites penning sunny rays of pop-flavored alt rock
2013.09.17 - Eli Mardock
Existential musings set to dramatic orchestral compositions
Uplifting group vocals, including a school choir, are incorporated with sparkling electro-beats
2013.09.19 - JD McPherson
The glorious lovechild of classic American rock 'n' roll and R&B, raised on a diet of heartfelt songwriting
2013.09.20 - ON AN ON
Ambient ear candy sweetened with dreamy synths, guitars, and electro beats
2013.09.21 - Terrace Martin
Classic jazz is expertly weaved into collaborations with rappers like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa
2013.09.22 - Silent Rider
Haunting narratives wayfaring on a trail of downtempo, dubstep, trip-hop and indie electronic
2013.09.23 - Gipsy Kings
25 years after their debut, the legendary emperors of Flamenco are back with irresistibly passionate tunes
2013.09.24 - ARMS
Hazy home-recorded pop glowing with distortion and melancholic guitar figures
2013.09.25 - Free The Robots
Break away from monotony with an imaginative patchwork of music's past, present, and future
2013.09.26 - Air Review
Homespun folk gracefully billowing around a veil of indie pop
2013.09.27 - Claire
Escape to a neon wonderland of indie and electro-pop as imagined by a German five piece
2013.09.28 - Beware Of Darkness
Weaned on classic rock, an L.A. group sets squealing guitars to lyrical meditations on death
2013.09.29 - Lucy Schwartz
A whimsically prismatic fantasy world is conjured by a young, yet sophisticated, pianist
2013.09.30 - Woodlock
From thousands of user submissions, this Australian trio won us over with their gorgeous folk melodies

10 - October

Listen to this month on Spotify
2013.10.01 - Crash Kings
One of rock and roll's hardest-shredding bands...with zero guitars
2013.10.02 - Michael O
A rapidly rising R&B star born to bring his soulful, heart-stirring performances to the world
2013.10.03 - The Colourist
Peppy electro-tinged indie pop/rock straight from the sunny shores of the O.C.
2013.10.04 - Kate Nash
Visceral, female-empowering punk/pop from a British feminist icon
2013.10.05 - Typhoon
Eleven members strong, a Portland, OR ensemble bursts at the seams with poetic orchestrations
2013.10.06 - David Ford
A cavalry of bluesy, swaggering British roots rock
2013.10.07 - Savages Y Suefo
Eclectic Hungarian electro-swing that jumps and jives its way around the world
Peep in on the British scene with primitive, sexy, glamorous rock 'n' roll from London
2013.10.09 - Anders Osborne
Piercing guitar work and intensely emotional vocals from a grizzly bayou bluesman
2013.10.10 - INVSN
One of hardcore's renowned vocalists is back with a new band and assault of post-punk/new wave
2013.10.11 - Matt and Kim
Emphatic, dance-until-you-sweat kind of tunes from a spunky Brooklyn-based duo
2013.10.12 - Brushy One String
With a single string, and soul-baring lyrics, a rural Jamaican bluesman crafts a new island sound
2013.10.13 - Summer Cannibals
Satisfy your craving for new music with ragged, snarly rock 'n' roll from a Portland-based band
Old school passion cleverly weaved with weirdly wonderful melodies
2013.10.15 - Hey Marseilles
Panoramic, unreservedly opulent orchestral-pop from a Seattle ensemble
2013.10.16 - Night Riots
Vast, emotive alt-rock that will carry you on into the after hours
2013.10.17 - Morcheeba
Throbbing trip-hop grooves swimming under the stars in a pool of positive vibes
2013.10.18 - China Rats
Irresistibly energetic punk/British guitar rock that perfectly encapsulates the absurdity of youth
2013.10.19 - IO Echo
Far eastern textures levitating over dark 90's industrial influences, shoegaze, and pop melodies
2013.10.20 - The Paper Kites
Moody melodies and harmony-drenched dreams from an Australian five-piece
2013.10.21 - Lucy Love
A sonic force of cutting edge Danish grime/electro for raging until sunrise
2013.10.22 - Zachary Cale
Minimalist acoustic American folk for all the lone riders out there
2013.10.23 - Army Navy
Pristine power-pop colliding with melancholy melodies
2013.10.24 - MODOC
Punch-in-the-gut rock and roll with a ragged soul swagger
2013.10.25 - Lena Fayre
Crystalline pop vocals with a refined level of precision well beyond her teenage years
2013.10.26 - GRiZ
Zeal for the saxophone, over funky rhythms and jazzy beats, unchains this DJ from EDM norms
2013.10.27 - Thorcraft Cobra
Canadian cold meets California cool on the pop-rock duo's debut album
2013.10.28 - The White Mandingos
Shattering racial stereotypes with an onslaught of hardcore and hip hop
2013.10.29 - Golden Sun
Three young brothers from Salt Lake City, UT create glistening pop/alt-rock that'll soothe your soul
2013.10.30 - Lily Kershaw
A young singer-songwriter with an old soul, whose music saunters between somber and playful
2013.10.31 - Caught A Ghost
Possessed by the spirit of vintage soul, with modern touches of hip-hop and electronic

11 - November

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2013.11.01 - Br'er Rabbit
Folk-stomp Americana for fans of bands like The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons
2013.11.02 - Misteur Valaire
Imagine a funky party between 1930 and 2090, complete with playfully eclectic jams
2013.11.03 - Cayucas
Bringing back chill summer vibes with surfy beach pop that'll transport you to California's coastline
2013.11.04 - Direct Hit!
Get pumped up for the apocalypse with bombastic party punk from Wisconsin
2013.11.05 - Ellie Herring
Steady downtempo grooves that intertwine sadness, beauty, and light
2013.11.06 - Royal Canoe
Fearless hybrid of genres that ripples and cracks with maniacal energy
2013.11.07 - Chela
Get ready to worship Melbourne, Australia's newest disco heathen goddess
2013.11.08 - Black Hearted Brother
Indulgent, dizzying space rock drenched in a nebula of beautiful noises
2013.11.09 - The Ballroom Thieves
Tap your toes to acoustic folk rock with dazzling, emphatic three-part harmonies
2013.11.10 - Agnes Obel
Enchanting vocals swathed in a playful opus of classical string techniques
2013.11.11 - Wintergatan
Explore a Swedish band's galaxy of starry-eyed, whimsical instrumental music
2013.11.12 - Born Cages
A delicate alchemy of raw guitars and shimmering electronics powers
2013.11.13 - Kanaku Y El Tigre
Wandering neo-folk that's a heartfelt portrait of a modern Peruvian culture
2013.11.14 - The Ceremonies
Three brothers blend cutting-edge alternative rock aesthetics with '80s New Wave nostalgia
2013.11.15 - Tei Shi
Underwater escapism from a single voice that somehow sounds like an ethereal choir of mermaids
2013.11.16 - Wesley Jensen
Picturesque folk that pays homage to Northern California's majestic landscapes
2013.11.17 - Goldroom
A nostalgic romance of luscious tropical electronic textures and soulful rhythms
2013.11.18 - The Lonely Biscuits
A fresh-baked batch of funky soul/pop/rap from the musical oven of Nashville, TN
2013.11.19 - Dovetail
A family of free spirits drawing inspiration from 60s and 70s era rock and roll
2013.11.20 - Coastal Cities
An infectious slice of summery-tinged British indie rock/pop to permanently inhabit your ear canals
2013.11.21 - Elodie Rama
Sleek French/English neo-soul that incorporates jazz, trip hop, and Caribbean rhythms
2013.11.22 - His Clancyness
Bursts of dreamy pop with luminous guitars underpinned by a punchy rhythmic spine
2013.11.23 - Tree
An electronically-enhanced found sound audio collage buzzing with creative energy
2013.11.24 - Julia Weldon
Folk-pop storytelling that captures the feel of both harsh city edges and limitless open roads
2013.11.25 - TRAAMS
Jittery bolts of post-punk/Krautrock created from the restless energy of a Chichester, UK trio
2013.11.26 - Takenobu
Beautifully-composed classical cello music is given a modern spin with folk, blues, and Japanese influences
2013.11.27 - Ghost Wave
Plunge headfirst into a riptide of surfy psychedelic garage rock from New Zealand
2013.11.28 - Kopecky Family Band
Give thanks to this Nashville band's warm, welcoming folk melodies and synergistic vocal harmonies
2013.11.29 - Betty Who
Warning: spontaneous dance parties might erupt from this Sydney pop star's massive electro-synth beats
2013.11.30 - Sage The Gemini
Smooth, swaggering flows coasting alongside slick verses

12 - December

Listen to this month on Spotify
2013.12.01 - Future Monarchs
Polished hook-infused power pop with a sense of earnestly organic romanticism
2013.12.02 - Lullatone
Turning mundane into magic with whimsical soundtracks for everyday adventures
2013.12.03 - Vaadat Charigim
Dreamy underground Israeli shoegaze/post-punk that transcends language barriers
2013.12.04 - Boy And Bear
Cozy down-home pop/folk panache coasting along with vivid storytelling
2013.12.05 - Ivan Ives
Cleverly aggressive wordplay from an LA-based indie/alternative rapper
2013.12.06 - Max and the Moon
Starry guitar riffs echoing with energetic dance beats and sublime vocal harmonies
2013.12.07 - Mason Jennings
Radiant, rugged acoustic guitar-driven songs brimming with a joyful spirit
2013.12.08 - Electric Swing Circus
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, revel in spectacular hip wigglin', electro-swingin' sounds
2013.12.09 - Caloncho
Unwind and drift away to a peaceful tropical paradise with breezy Mexican folk-pop
2013.12.10 - Alec Benjamin
A 19 year-old singer-songwriter croons surprisingly mature, soulful melodies
2013.12.11 - LA Font
Careen down a Californian highway with windows-down garage rock grooves
2013.12.12 - American Babies
A raucous, roots rock affair that's deepened by existentialist musings
2013.12.13 - Forest Fire
Haunting blankets of retro-futuristic synth and drone
2013.12.14 - James Cotton
Gale-force explosions of blues from a Grammy Award-winning harmonica legend
2013.12.15 - Mikael Jorgensen
Wilco's keyboardist collaborates with Greg O'Keeffe on layered synth soundscapes with minimal beats
2013.12.16 - Iration
Spreading feel-good waves of reggae infused with sunny rays of pop and rock
2013.12.17 - Leagues
Jubilant bursts of irresistibly hummable earworms from a Nashville, TN trio
2013.12.18 - Bhi Bhiman
Whip-smart songwriting anchored by a strikingly rich, bellowing tenor
2013.12.19 - The Flavr Blue
A sophisticated, vibrant electronic trio boldly spans house, R&B, alt-rock, and pop spectrums
2013.12.20 - Exivious
An instrumental progressive metal band creates explosive epiphanies without relying on lyrics
2013.12.21 - Big Data
Paranoid electronic pop that explores the ever-increasing relationship between man and machine
2013.12.22 - Rickolus
An accomplished multi-instrumentalist crafts a journey of impressively poetic tunes
Endearing indie pop perfection influenced by multilayered melodies of the 60s, 70s, and 90s
2013.12.24 - Fromm
One of Seoul, South Korea's rising stars captivates with her honeyed vocals
2013.12.25 - Beta Radio
Gather 'round the yule log with cozy, stripped-down Americana from North Carolina
2013.12.26 - Curtis Salgado
An award-winning blues legend effortlessly mixes blues, funk and R&B with a raw, heartfelt delivery
2013.12.27 - We Are Loud Whispers
Airy whispers of vocals, with a sense of Zen simplicity, melded together by a Transpacific duo
2013.12.28 - The Swiss
Decadent Australian disco that's a pulsating ode to music's past, present, and future
2013.12.29 - Dillon Francis
Go one deeper into L.A's electronic music scene with a pioneer in the Moombahton genre
2013.12.30 - French Cassettes
Sunny rays of indie pop: the ultimate weapon against winter frost
2013.12.31 - Rich Aucoin
Surround yourself with everyone you love and dance the year away in a euphoric musical frenzy