Band of the Day

01 - January

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Earnest and energetic rock & roll that captures the spirit of the 60s
2012.01.02 - Still Corners
An enveloping bed of gauzy dream pop
A whimsical collage of chopped-up indie pop songs
2012.01.04 - Scott H Biram
Ballsy blues rock from a self-proclaimed “dirty old one-man band”
2012.01.05 - Papercuts
Lush indie with the psych sheen of 1960s bands like the Velvet Underground
2012.01.06 - Born Gold
Hyperactive explosions of glittering electro from Edmonton, Canada
2012.01.07 - Manu Chao
A mash of rock, reggae and traditional music styles by a true global citizen
2012.01.08 - Blind Pilot
Classic-sounding folk rock set apart by phenomenal songwriting
2012.01.09 - Ntjam Rosie
Soulful slow jams from a Cameroonian-Dutch jazz songstress
2012.01.10 - The Love Language
Heartfelt, bittersweet love songs built on classic pop arrangements
2012.01.11 - Ritmo Machine
A cross-cultural, genre-spanning fusion of sizzling beats
2012.01.12 - Korallreven
Swedish duo's tropical dance party dreams
2012.01.13 - Male Bonding
London trio shows that simple punk songs can still amaze
2012.01.14 - Nneka
Politically-conscious soul music straight from the heart of Africa
2012.01.15 - Caveman
Spacious orchestral indie rock layered with harmonies
2012.01.16 - Here We Go Magic
Shimmering, surreal soundscapes that are like soundtracks to a dream
2012.01.17 - Ghostpoet
Like dark clouds rolling through his native England, Ghostpoet creates mysterious, experimental hip hop
2012.01.18 - Giant Cloud
Flowing melodies and sweet rhythms that float along serenely
2012.01.19 - Little Tybee
Jazzy orchestral pop with breezy textural perfection
2012.01.20 - La Vida Boheme
An explosive frenzy of Venezuelan dance punk (complete with cowbells!)
2012.01.21 - The Botticellis
Nostalgic surf pop inspired by 1960s Californian beach culture
2012.01.22 - If By Yes
A dreamy array of experimental pop with ultra-cool touches of jazz
2012.01.23 - Ivan and Alyosha
A soulful, intimate folk-pop quartet with a literary edge
2012.01.24 - Rubblebucket
A quirky indie rock mini-orchestra flirting with danceable chaos
2012.01.25 - The Pinker Tones
Make your world rosier with uplifting electro-tinged music from Barcelona
2012.01.26 - Destry
Sweet and sunny retro harmonies from an indie pop duo
2012.01.27 - Crazy P
Funky, soulful deep house whose slinky grooves stay ever-cool
2012.01.28 - The City and Horses
Eclectic indie pop tied together by witty, heartfelt lyrics
2012.01.29 - Little Jackie
Motown revival with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are distinctly 21st century
2012.01.30 - Evan Voytas
Falsetto space funk meets electro-pop gloss
2012.01.31 - Heavy Cream
Fast and furious female-fronted garage punk from Nashville, TN

02 - February

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2012.02.01 - Dan Mangan
A Canadian troubadour adds ambitious instrumentation to his compelling folk sound
2012.02.02 - Lyrics Born
Fun and funky hip hop teeming with Northern Californian pride
2012.02.03 - Yellow Ostrich
Special guest editor Daniel Radcliffe picks a band with playful and inventive vocal arrangements
2012.02.04 - Sneaky Sound System
Effervescent house music from Sydney, Australia that heats up the night
2012.02.05 - My Brightest Diamond
An elegantly theatrical and dark mix of opera, cabaret, rock and pop
2012.02.06 - Dolorean
Quietly focused alt-country with a timeless beauty
2012.02.07 - Fort Lean
Gorgeous, soaring indie rock songs that will transport you to an imaginary paradise
2012.02.08 - Hooray For Earth
Dreamy experimental rock held together by airy synth hooks
2012.02.09 - Sea Of Bees
Beautifully simple folk gems that evoke love and innocence
2012.02.10 - Ana Tijoux
A French-Chilean MC who gives a hip hop twist to protest music
2012.02.11 - Flash Fiktion
Technicolor explosions of musical escapism from a South London trio
Breezy confections of sweet vocals and melodic hooks from a male/female duo
2012.02.13 - The Helio Sequence
An earnest combination of rock, folk and electronic textures from a Portland duo
2012.02.14 - Heartless Bastards
Austin, Texas based roots-rock band with a fiery soul
2012.02.15 - Bombino
An enchanting guitar wizard from the Sahara desert
2012.02.16 - Gold Leaves
Timeless folk-pop that's instantly warm and comforting
2012.02.17 - Dirty Vegas
Sleek, elegant house from London, UK infused with pop and rock sensibilities
2012.02.18 - Cuckoo Chaos
Sunny bursts of Afrobeat, math rock, polyrhythms and exuberant hooks
2012.02.19 - Sharon Van Etten
A singer-songwriter renders heartbreak with raggedly gorgeous vocals and skillfully crafted songs
2012.02.20 - The Hooks
Lively, carefree Irish punk made for boisterous nights
2012.02.21 - Flashguns
An English band that weaves their indie rock influences into an arena-sized sound
2012.02.22 - Nikki Lane
A Nashville country firecracker who combines rebellious country with excellent songwriting
Indonesian indie pop darlings with infectiously happy and nostalgic songs
2012.02.24 - Raashan Ahmad
Intimate, innovative and versatile flows from a Californian MC
2012.02.25 - Dominant Legs
Joyous dream pop with shimmering 80s jangle
2012.02.26 - Matt Costa
Wonderfully chilled-out acoustic gems from a Californian singer-songwriter
2012.02.27 - Sarah Shannon
An acclaimed 90s rocker reinvents herself, making classic piano pop
2012.02.28 - Mean Jeans
Brash, beer-swillin' party punk from a Portland trio
2012.02.29 - The Bandana Splits
Sweet and cheery harmonies from a retro-loving girl group

03 - March

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2012.03.01 - Bonaparte
Brazenly bizarre and hedonistic dance punk from Berlin
2012.03.02 - Rakaa
An underground hip hop luminary creates an eclectic solo record
2012.03.03 - Sparkadia
Grandiose pop music from an Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist
2012.03.04 - The Honorable South
Rock, soul, electro, and hip hop form a tasty musical concoction for the adventurous palate
2012.03.05 - The Silver Seas
One of Nashville's best kept secrets will woo you with their charming pop
2012.03.06 - Good Old War
An acoustic folk rock trio with sprightly three-part harmonies
2012.03.07 - Andreya Triana
A warm, organic soul/R&B singer with a dumbfounding voice
2012.03.08 - Said The Whale
A Vancouver indie rock group with a mission to spread their feel-good tunes beyond North America
2012.03.09 - Pepe Deluxe
Wildly eclectic Finnish electro-pop that mines everything from 60s psychedelia to hip hop
2012.03.10 - Wiley
The Godfather of Grime proves he still has one of the genre’s most distinct voices
2012.03.11 - David Vertesi
A Vancouver, BC songwriter with poignant lyrics and a deep, stirring voice
2012.03.12 - Sennen
Dramatic soundscapes of dreamy pop and edgy post-rock
2012.03.13 - Zee Avi
Jazzy Malaysian indie pop from a former YouTube star
2012.03.14 - Field Music
Intricate British indie rock with propulsive drums and interestingly off-kilter vocal hooks
2012.03.15 - Jonathan Wilson
Gentle folk rock that resurrects Laurel Canyon's 60s era spiritual soul
2012.03.16 - MEN
Breaking gender stereotypes and pushing boundaries through floor-shaking beats
2012.03.17 - Summer Camp
Effervescent indie pop that manages 80s nostalgia without the melancholy
2012.03.18 - Laura Gibson
A folk songwriter spins multifaceted, emotionally rich songs from her voice, guitar and vintage orchestration
2012.03.19 - Blackfoot Gypsies
A Nashville duo makes foot-stompin' blues rock seeping with Southern soul
2012.03.20 - Josh Baze
A young Brooklyn rapper ignites infectious party starters
2012.03.21 - Grace Woodroofe
Astoundingly intimate songs by a young singer with a voice of pure jazz and smoke
2012.03.22 - The Thermals
High energy punk rock that riffs on love and politics in equal measure
2012.03.23 - The Decemberists
Portland, Oregon's 800 pound gorilla of literary folk rock
2012.03.24 - Aceyalone
Legendary West Coast emcee recreates and updates a bygone era of music
2012.03.25 - Bahamas
A touring band member for Feist steps out to center stage
2012.03.26 - The Goldberg Sisters
A multi-talented actor sets his sights on lush 70s-era avant pop
2012.03.27 - Sharks
Distinctly British punk rock with just a hint of predatory danger
2012.03.28 - Nite Jewel
An L.A. artist molds R&B, pop and electronics into a contemporary echo of mainstream 80s divas
2012.03.29 - Satellite Stories
Irresistibly danceable indie rock from Oulu, Finland
2012.03.30 - Allen Stone
Rafter shaking soul from a real-life son of a preacher
2012.03.31 - Rustie
Rich and exuberant genre-bending electronic dance

04 - April

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2012.04.01 - Hunx
A part-time hairdresser mixes garage rock and bubblegum pop, instead of hair dye
2012.04.02 - Damien Jurado
Pacific Northwest indie-folk that just might break your heart
Psych-soul astronauts with a flair for funky grooves
2012.04.04 - Lydia Loveless
A young Ohio rocker merges country and playful power pop
2012.04.05 - Tall Ships
Captivating experimental rock straight from the British seaside
2012.04.06 - Balkan Beat Box
Multicultural global beats with a socially conscious message
2012.04.07 - Speech Debelle
Quick-witted, introspective and jazzy hip hop from the U.K.
2012.04.08 - Carter Tanton
Sprawling yet focused experimental pop with striking songwriting front and center
2012.04.09 - Painted Palms
A dreamy bath of tranquil synths and beautiful, chant-like vocals
2012.04.10 - Shearwater
Atmospheric rock from Austin, Texas with incredible emotional range and intensity
Revolution-inspired Afrobeat supergroup sings about keeping the faith in times of tragedy
2012.04.12 - Justin Townes Earle
Mellow country-folk grounded in the best of American traditions
2012.04.13 - Sugar and Gold
Disco, funk, and soul elements combined with a modern dance-pop twist
2012.04.14 - Little Deadman
San Diego surf rock with crosscurrents of 60's psychedelia
2012.04.15 - Young Hines
A Southern singer-songwriter is discovered from a fortuitous paint job
2012.04.16 - Tiny Victories
Traditional song-craft infused with quirky electronic accents, and a healthy dose of cynicism
2012.04.17 - Bleeding Knees Club
Wild and reckless garage punk from Australia's Golden Coast
2012.04.18 - Y La Bamba
A passionate synthesis of orchestral indie and traditional Mexican folk music
2012.04.19 - Ski Lodge
Tropical indie pop that's more fitting for the beach than the slopes
2012.04.20 - Lushlife
An emcee/producer effortlessly combines lush, progressive production and hard-hitting flow
2012.04.21 - Black Prairie
Atmospheric Americana peppered with jazz and European folk traditions
2012.04.22 - Yukon Blonde
A former Band of the Day pick tips us off to a harmony-laden folk/rock foursome
2012.04.23 - Luisa Maita
Sensual, chilled bossa nova from a Sao Paulo songstress
2012.04.24 - Tycho
Ambient soundscapes of gorgeously mesmerizing electronic music
2012.04.25 - Brendan Benson
Sixteen years after his debut album, the power pop troubadour still makes great melodies
2012.04.26 - Kathryn Calder
Charming, synthesizer-drenched indie pop from a member of the New Pornographers
2012.04.27 - Ninjasonik
Frenetic, Adderall-fueled party rap with a healthy BK edge
2012.04.28 - White Denim
Psychedelic rockers combine fiery swagger, retro leanings and gorgeously atmospheric melodies
2012.04.29 - Yuna
A Malaysian-born singer-songwriter writes jazzy confections that reach for the pop stratosphere
2012.04.30 - Capsula
Lethal sonic weapons of full-throttle Argentinian garage rock

05 - May

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2012.05.01 - Reptar
An electrifying, neon psychedelic wonderland of upbeat tunes
2012.05.02 - Ha Ha Tonka
Foot stompin' indie-folk steeped in the Ozarks and the Old 97's
2012.05.03 - Wise Blood
A former undertaker reincarnates old samples into futuristic pop songs
2012.05.04 - Mighty Tiger
Sunny, widescreen '60s-inspired pop with the rustic scent of the Pacific Northwest
2012.05.05 - Brian Lopez
Sweeping, lushly orchestrated arrangements sung in English and Spanish
2012.05.06 - Pet Conspiracy
Auditory acid trips straight from China's underground electro scene
2012.05.07 - Madi Diaz
Sweetly heartfelt acoustic indie pop from a Nashville songwriter
2012.05.08 - Xiu Xiu
A gripping mix of dark sentiments and energetic post-punk instrumentation
2012.05.09 - Milagres
A Brooklyn band creates epic soundscapes through dense, beautiful vocal harmonies and starry-eyed synths
2012.05.10 - Elliott Brood
A down home Canadian roots three-piece plugs in for electric domination
Danish electro-funk collective with a futuristic approach to retro sounds
2012.05.12 - THEESatisfaction
A female hip hop duo making psychedelic hip hop infused with funk and playful fun
2012.05.13 - Jono McCleery
Intimate and introspective sounds that are meant to be slowly absorbed
2012.05.14 - Apex Manor
Frontman Ross Flournoy opens up about The Year Of Sober Living
2012.05.15 - Frankie Rose
A rock vet mixes surf, new wave, and classic vocal pop on a journey to outerspace
Vibrant mix of Latin and West African heritages from the most famed musician of the Garifuna people
2012.05.17 - Pond
Swaggerific psych-rock paving expressways to the skull
2012.05.18 - Miguel Migs
Warm, sultry, bass-driven deep house
2012.05.19 - Ryan Shaw
Soulful dissertations on the heartbreak, the despair, and occasionally the joy of love
2012.05.20 - Zara McFarlane
Silky smooth vocals from the next generation of British jazz artists
2012.05.21 - Black and Brown
Rapid-fire, dirty rhymes paired with smooth soulful beats
2012.05.22 - Robert Francis
A Californian crooner explains how he's inspired by his home state's striking landscapes
2012.05.23 - Maps and Atlases
A Chicago band forges tight pop songs out of complex instrumentation
2012.05.24 - Nous Non Plus
A faux-French band with an authentically infectious rock sound
2012.05.25 - Civil Twilight
Dramatic U2 inspired rock with an excitingly gritty edge
2012.05.26 - Beach House
A duo continues their streak crafting languidly transcendent dream pop
2012.05.27 - Belleruche
A UK trio makes groove-minded electronic music with a vintage hip hop and jazz flair
2012.05.28 - Mean Sea Level
Laid-back folk for the perfect lazy afternoon
2012.05.29 - Kaiser Chiefs
One of the biggest British bands of the last decade is back with their fourth album
2012.05.30 - Ola Podrida
Stargazing indie-folk from the heart of Texas
2012.05.31 - Prototypes
Sassy and precocious synth-pop from Paris, France

06 - June

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2012.06.01 - DJ Alibi
From Moscow to Toronto, this MC makes feel-good hip hop that's as eclectic as his background
2012.06.02 - of Montreal
Exhilarating, multifaceted psych-pop from one of indie music's most prolific bands
2012.06.03 - Quilt
Blankets of psychedelic folk music stitched together by three-part harmonies
2012.06.04 - Ben Kweller
A rock veteran returns to endearing indie pop gold
2012.06.05 - Guadalupe Plata
Swampy Spanish blues rock full of devilish mayhem
Woozy, wobbly, heart-swelling chamber pop from Denmark
2012.06.07 - Dream Diary
Brooklyn band resurrects late 80s/early 90s English twee with dreamy melodies
2012.06.08 - King Tuff
Fuzzed out, hook-filled rock with a sense of fun and adventure
2012.06.09 - Jhameel
A young multi-instrumentalist's primal take on Michael Jackson and Prince style pop
2012.06.10 - The Bamboos
Flashback to the golden era of funk with this 8-piece band from Australia
2012.06.11 - Evidence
A Los Angeles-based underground rapper/producer with a downpour of sick beats
2012.06.12 - Jaill
A Milwaukee-based garage pop trio embraces low-budget production
2012.06.13 - Luke Temple
Mesmerizing folk-pop recorded quickly on a shoestring budget
2012.06.14 - Ghost Society
A Danish group wandering through a dreamscape of edgy guitars and introspective vocals
2012.06.15 - Escort
New York City disco revivalists inject hedonistic late 70s/early 80s club music with contemporary flair
2012.06.16 - The Daydream Club
Temporarily detach yourself from reality with an English folk duo
2012.06.17 - Father John Misty
Expertly crafted, utterly witty country-rock with a spotlight on Hollywood
2012.06.18 - La Sera
Californian dream pop fit for breezy summer nights
2012.06.19 - Elite Gymnastics
An endearingly sincere mash of dreampop, house and jungle among other subgenres
2012.06.20 - Sebastien Schuller
Twinkling, melancholy soundtrack to an imaginary experimental French film
2012.06.21 - Reks
The underground rapper proves why he's the Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme
2012.06.22 - Japandroids
Explosive fuzz rock from a reckless Canadian guitar and drums duo
2012.06.23 - ANR
Anthemic electro/indie pop with cosmically explosive build ups
2012.06.24 - Nat Baldwin
Dirty Projectors' bassist steps into the spotlight with experimental chamber pop
2012.06.25 - Fonda
Technicolor dream-pop from Southern California
Gently meandering acoustic guitar-driven folk-pop
2012.06.27 - Mates of State
A husband-wife duo make exuberant, endearing indie rock
2012.06.28 - Bassnectar
Powerful bass rumblings from an electronic dance pioneer
2012.06.29 - Grooms
Dark, enchanting noise pop from a Brooklyn trio obsessed with The Smiths
2012.06.30 - Chromatics
Sleek Italo-disco that sounds crafted from a dream

07 - July

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2012.07.01 - Emily Jane White
A gifted songwriter creates delicate, gorgeous gothic folk
2012.07.02 - Jon Allen
Honeyed folk-rock steeped in Americana and Rod Stewart
2012.07.03 - Parlovr
Montreal trio melding chaos with excellent pop melodies
2012.07.04 - Kings Go Forth
An intergenerational 10-piece soul revival band from America's Heartland
2012.07.05 - Chali 2na
Buttery-smooth baritone flows from a founding member of Jurassic 5
2012.07.06 - No Age
Genre-bending noise rock infused with pop melodies
2012.07.07 - Capital Cities
Quirky, playful electro-pop defined by tight songwriting
Good ol' fashioned vaudevillian swing music from a charismatic duo
2012.07.09 - Best Coast
Sun-soaked indie pop created as an homage to the Golden State
2012.07.10 - Husky
An Australian quartet makes whimsical folk rock that's simple yet stirring
2012.07.11 - Mokhov
Warm, thoughtful electronic anthems friendly for dance clubs and boutiques
2012.07.12 - Jack Beauregard
An electronic Berlin duo proves why you shouldn't judge music by a name
2012.07.13 - Hot Chip
The U.K.'s brainiest dance group injects some joyful house into their quirky electro-pop sound
2012.07.14 - Jonquil
Intimate pop anthems perfect for dance floor epiphanies
2012.07.15 - Cheyenne Marie Mize
A singer-songwriter explores bluesy passion, soul and dark country on an eclectic new EP
2012.07.16 - Debo Band
The swinging sounds of ‘60s and ‘70s Ethiopian pop, released from a time capsule in present-day Boston
2012.07.17 - Goodnight Loving
Exuberant, hook-heavy power-pop with punk spirit and an Americana heart
2012.07.18 - Roos Jonker
A Dutch Jazz singer/multi-instrumentalist makes stunningly easy-going and sweet jazz gold
2012.07.19 - Sol
Rising hip hop star Sol mixes serious intensity with easy-going jams
2012.07.20 - A Classic Education
Timeless British jangle-pop, with a Canadian-Italian accent
2012.07.21 - Dinosaur Feathers
Jazzy, jagged pop sprinkled with sugary vocal harmonies
2012.07.22 - Sydney Wayser
Sultry folk-pop from a French-American, New York-based chanteuse
2012.07.23 - The Royalty
Feverish indie rock infected with a healthy dose of soul/R&B
2012.07.24 - Langhorne Slim
Rollicking folk-rock gems from a true American troubadour
2012.07.25 - Eight and a Half
Dark, minimal electronic sounds from a Toronto trio
2012.07.26 - The Do
A Finnish/French duo hops genres in their quest for whimsical pop perfection
2012.07.27 - Twin Atlantic
Scottish band makes raw, rousing rock anthems
2012.07.28 - Miniature Tigers
Unabashedly catchy indie pop, mixing psychedelia and 80s kitsch with equal enthusiasm
2012.07.29 - Teen Daze
Gauzy, dreamy chillwave with bleary eyes and an open heart
2012.07.30 - Julia Price
A singer/songwriter zeroes in on the blueprint for catchy piano pop
2012.07.31 - PS I Love You
Canadian indie rock bursting with uninhibited fervor and towering guitar riffs

08 - August

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2012.08.01 - Memoryhouse
Unassuming Canadians craft lush, delicious dream pop
2012.08.02 - Emily Wells
Ornate, dramatic orchestral folk pop-meets-trip hop, infused with beautiful heartache
2012.08.03 - Zulu Winter
Otherworldly, atmospheric pop swimming in a sea of ambiguous lyrics
2012.08.04 - YACHT
An indie dance duo embraces exuberant fun and inspirational philosophizing on a quest for utopia
2012.08.05 - Gold Motel
A Midwestern indie pop group with sights set firmly on the Californian coast
2012.08.06 - Mesita
Layers of vibrant instrumentals and gorgeous vocals produced entirely in a bedroom
2012.08.07 - Caravan of Thieves
Gypsy Jazz revivalists breathe fun, playful theatrics and 21st century style into the music
2012.08.08 - AWOLNATION
Monolithic electronic rock to soundtrack the end of the world
2012.08.09 - Nouvellas
Raw, sassy and funky throwback soul
2012.08.10 - Fang Island
Enthusiastic Brooklynite rockers mix infectious guitar hooks with happy vibes
2012.08.11 - Amon Tobin
A legendary electronic music pioneer explores otherworldly sounds and melodies
2012.08.12 - Robert Ellis
Mesmerizing storytelling for the folk-fancying, country-loving soul
2012.08.13 - Secret Music
Boisterous synth-pop created with stolen pay phone receivers
2012.08.14 - Baloji
Colorful, European hip hop with an African heart
2012.08.15 - The Donkeys
Loose California rock fit for the open road
2012.08.16 - Birthmark
One-man indie rock band combining delicate orchestrals and careful programming
2012.08.17 - Modeselektor
Berlin electronic innovators resist labels, injecting life into everything from glitch to hip hop
A Chicago-based foursome shipping deliriously fun power pop
2012.08.19 - Yellowbirds
Warm musical collages of timeless folk and psychedelic pop
2012.08.20 - Betty Black
Alluring, gothic pop ballads from a sultry songstress
2012.08.21 - Hazmat Modine
An eclectic blues band draws influence from klezmer to bluegrass
2012.08.22 - Ganglians
Reverb-drenched rock that bridges '60s psychedelia with classic lo-fi trappings
2012.08.23 - Gangrene
Two legendary West Coast rappers/producers join forces to devastating effect
2012.08.24 - The Recusants
A London-based indie rock foursome proves that doing it yourself is the way to go
2012.08.25 - Van She
Australian electro-pop craftsmen return with an album infused with Caribbean sun and joy
2012.08.26 - Leftover Cuties
Retro indie pop with origins in an impromptu ukulele jam session
2012.08.27 - Conveyor
A multi-colored hailstorm of sunny, instrumentally rich indie pop
2012.08.28 - Kendra Morris
Tender Motown-inspired melodies from a modern soul songstress
2012.08.29 - Torche
A Miami metal band writes heavy tunes lightened by great melodies
2012.08.30 - The Gentle Isolation
Mellow, honeyed indie pop from the heart of the Philippines
2012.08.31 - The Darkness
Stratospheric, face-melting British glam rock that’s pure entertainment

09 - September

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2012.09.01 - Luckyiam
An early student of the dope art of West Coast hip hop shines as a solo artist
2012.09.02 - Delay Trees
Glimmering sparkles of ethereal indie pop from a Finnish foursome
2012.09.03 - Fly Moon Royalty
Ultra smooth electro-soul with a retro flair from this Seattle duo
2012.09.04 - Eternal Summers
Psychedelic pop punk with a nostalgic twist
2012.09.05 - Diamond Rugs
An indie rock supergroup combines for some whiskey soaked country rock
2012.09.06 - Mirel Wagner
Sparse, gothic blues-folk from a Finnish-Ethiopian musician
2012.09.07 - Breton
Darkly glitchy mix of hip hop beats and indie from young UK experimentalists
2012.09.08 - Geographer
Electro-rockers who fuse dark atmospherics, danceable beats and beautifully earnest vocal melodies
2012.09.09 - Hiatus Kaiyote
Mystical, futuristic soul music from a Melbourne, Australia-based group
2012.09.10 - A House For Lions
Charming alt-country with splashes of 90s influence
2012.09.11 - Goldspot
Charming indie pop inspired by the sounds of '60s-era India
2012.09.12 - DJ Raff
A former hip hop DJ adds his beat-smithing-background to ambient electronic
2012.09.13 - Chantal Claret
A rocker lends her unique, fiery flair to classic soul
2012.09.14 - Tennis
A nautical indie pop couple adds a rock edge (and third member) to their latest album
2012.09.15 - Terry Malts
Ferociously fun chainsaw pop from a San Francisco trio
Ethereal Danish dream pop to transport you to a blissful world
2012.09.17 - Katie Herzig
Charming contemporary pop with orchestral flourishes
2012.09.18 - Young Liars
A Vancouver, CA band makes electro-rock of epic proportions
2012.09.19 - Eilen Jewell
The Queen of the Minor Key gives a theatrical twist to blues, folk and roots music
2012.09.20 - Kowalski
Glistening, charming indie pop from a Northern Irish four piece
2012.09.21 - Hopie
A Filipina-American rapper with a doctorate in law, but a soul for hip hop
2012.09.22 - Voodoo Glow Skulls
Pioneers of West Coast ska-core are just as rambunctious after nearly a quarter of a century
2012.09.23 - Eric and Magill
Gorgeously sweeping soundscapes created in two different continents, via e-mail
2012.09.24 - Princeton
SoCal summer pop with a pleasantly laid-back vibe
Raise the velvet curtains for a surreal, vintage cabaret-inspired Chicago troupe
2012.09.26 - Freddie Gibbs
Tongue-twisting, blue collar gangsta rap from the Heartland
2012.09.27 - Slugabed
A U.K. producer mixes hip hop, 8bit, and funky synths, sounding at once mysterious and familiar
2012.09.28 - Sarazino
A cosmopolitan songwriter makes globe trotting world music
2012.09.29 - Soft Swells
Gentle, effervescent indie pop that ebbs and flows
2012.09.30 - Robert Glasper
A seasoned pianist boldly blurs boundaries between jazz, hip hop, and R&B

10 - October

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2012.10.01 - Shovels and Rope
Gloriously rambling country blues from a South Carolina duo
2012.10.02 - Fierce Creatures
Densely layered psychedelic pop candy from an energetic septet
2012.10.03 - Tristan Prettyman
A surfer/model turned singer-songwriter uses humor and wit to make a breakup album moving and fun
2012.10.04 - CFCF
Meditative, hypnotic electronic soundscapes from a Montreal producer
2012.10.05 - Rah Rah
A Canadian band injects a dose of roots music into indie rock
2012.10.06 - STS9
A five-piece collective of socially-conscious electronic innovators
Quirky, captivating chamber pop from a Canadian musician/visual artist
2012.10.08 - Angel Snow
A Nashville songwriter creates beautifully melancholy Americana
2012.10.09 - ZZ Ward
Old-fashioned blues and soul spiked with a healthy dose of hip hop
2012.10.10 - Ice Choir
A Brooklyn band mines the sparkling sounds of Pet Shop Boys synth-pop
2012.10.11 - Young Prisms
Suitably dreamy shoegaze revivalists from San Francisco, CA
2012.10.12 - Emika
Glitchy, downtempo dubstep that's made for late nights
2012.10.13 - Sunbears
Sheer sonic joy created by a psychedelic pop duo from the Sunshine State
2012.10.14 - Billy Boy Arnold
A revered Chicago bluesman interprets the songs of a classic blues master
2012.10.15 - Ava Luna
A fresh take on soul with spastic rhythms and heavenly harmonies
2012.10.16 - Blisses B
Rollickin', banjo-laden roots rock from a San Francisco quartet
2012.10.17 - Radiation City
A dreamy haze of beautiful jazzy melodies and rock grit
2012.10.18 - Wake Up Lucid
Brash, primordial rock and roll oozing with classic blues influences
2012.10.19 - Colin Munroe
A musical chameleon from Canada who mixes electro, R&B, hip hop, and indie
A nine-piece powerhouse puts a thundering twist on classic soul
2012.10.21 - Fakuta
Retrofuturistic synth-pop from Santiago, Chile
2012.10.22 - Gregory Porter
Tender, soulful grooves from a Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist
2012.10.23 - Yes Cadets
High energy Northern Irish indie rock with sharp, glistening melodies
2012.10.24 - Lord Huron
Gorgeously mysterious and dreamlike orchestral folk from an LA songwriter
Spacious, atmospheric rock painted with rich orchestration
2012.10.26 - Chancellor Warhol
Pop art meets electrified hip hop, courtesy of this Nashville-based artist
2012.10.27 - Indian School
Former members of Audio Karate are back with a new band and a catchy EP
2012.10.28 - Saint Saviour
Hypnotic electronic textures floating alongside ethereal vocals
Melodic folk-pop worthy of sing-alongs around a campfire
2012.10.30 - Magnolia Sons
A Nashville, TN 12-piece supergroup reviving vintage rock and soul sounds
2012.10.31 - TOY
London psychedelic five-piece influenced by post-punk, krautrock, and 80s goth

11 - November

Listen to this month on Spotify
2012.11.01 - The Bins
A plundering vinyl enthusiast spins new, genre-spanning sounds from forgotten recordings
2012.11.02 - Evans The Death
Blistering, exuberant British pop with infectious guitar riffs
2012.11.03 - Eligh
Rapid-fire flows mixed with genre-bending beats from a Los Angeles native
2012.11.04 - Tumbleweed Wanderers
Young multi-instrumentalists from Oakland, CA who look back to the roots of American music
2012.11.05 - Minotaur Shock
Gorgeously warm and tranquil electronic music from a Bristol, UK producer
2012.11.06 - Saint Motel
A Los Angeles indie pop band sparkling with currents of classic English rock
2012.11.07 - Dark Dark Dark
Thoughtful, melancholic chamber folk that is, well, pretty dark
2012.11.08 - Sarah Jaffe
A young Texas songwriter with a knack for darkly atmospheric songs with a powerful emotional punch
2012.11.09 - Frank Ocean
One of the hardest hustlers of the DIY musical movement spins riveting, intimate R&B/hip hop songs
2012.11.10 - The Cast Of Cheers
Dublin dance rockers with addictive riffs and volatile choruses
A Michigan band plays traditional bluegrass with a bright-eyed, contemporary sensibility
2012.11.12 - Blood Red Shoes
Moody, intense rock boiling with raw guitar riffs
2012.11.13 - Family of the Year
Sunny, timeless folk-rock from an L.A. collective
2012.11.14 - Bat For Lashes
Alluring, spectral tunes from a British singer/multi-instrumentalist
2012.11.15 - Shawn Lee
A veteran multi-instrumentalist explores vintage tones and textures in a search for interstellar funk perfection
Mesmerizing synth-pop mixing 80s charm and contemporary glamor
2012.11.17 - El Perro Del Mar
Aural confections of charming Swedish pop
2012.11.18 - Technicolor Fabrics
Mellow indie pop with an electronic twist from Guadalajara, Mexico
2012.11.19 - Company of Thieves
Unbridled, female-fronted rock that ranges from sweet to searing
A Canadian country trio collaborates with some of the genre's greatest female vocalists
2012.11.21 - Monica Lionheart
Ambient, electro-acoustic songs with mesmerizing vocals in English and Spanish
An enchanting blend of African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern sounds from an Israeli musician
2012.11.23 - Housse De Racket
Futuristic French electro-pop from a renowned Parisian duo
2012.11.24 - Living Legends
A collective of Californian hip hop artists who create raw, underground flows
2012.11.25 - Firehorse
Ethereal electronic flourishes combined with hypnotic vocals
2012.11.26 - Alberta Cross
Melodic, sprawling alt-rock from Brooklyn, NY (by way of London)
2012.11.27 - Les Sans Culottes
Francophile septet from Brooklyn with a certain je ne sais quoi
2012.11.28 - The Maccabees
Climactic, melodious alt-pop from a South London five-piece
2012.11.29 - Sean Hayes
Down-home, dirt-road melodies from a bluesy San Franciscan crooner
2012.11.30 - Poolside
Sunny disco infused electro-pop from a Los Angeles duo

12 - December

Listen to this month on Spotify
Atlanta, GA revivalists of classic 50s and 60s soul/R&B sounds
2012.12.02 - Jake Bugg
A teenage British guitar virtuoso creates stunning folk melodies
2012.12.03 - Tatiana Kochkareva
A Russian-American singer writes intense, jazz fueled rock
2012.12.04 - BoyPlusKite
Classic sounding indie rock elevated by darkly beautiful pop melodies
2012.12.05 - The Alchemist
Russian history inspires a Californian beat-maker's latest hip hop album
2012.12.06 - Birds and Batteries
Sleek, thoughtful electro-pop with a warm heart
2012.12.07 - Borka
Smooth, slinky electronic music steeped in hip hop from a Ljubljana, Slovenia DJ
2012.12.08 - Julien K
Dark, industrial electro-rock created by two members of Orgy
2012.12.09 - Lakecia Benjamin
Sexy and sassy saxophone-laden soul/jazz/funk from a charismatic bandleader
2012.12.10 - Angus Stone
Gruffly majestic country-folk from a superstar's solo debut
2012.12.11 - Big Boi
The Atlanta rap great, and OutKast's second half, breaks genre boundaries on his latest solo album
2012.12.12 - Michna
Futuristic house deftly mixed with eclectic beats by a Brooklyn-based producer
2012.12.13 - The Kicks
Pure energetic, classic American rock made for massive arenas
2012.12.14 - Harlan
Experimental electronic pop that started as a Master of Fine Arts thesis
2012.12.15 - Old 97's
Nearly two decades of rockin' alt-country with a Texan twang
2012.12.16 - Lauren O'Connell
Beautifully understated folk melodies from a burgeoning singer-songwriter
2012.12.17 - Cusses
A Savannah, GA trio bringing back speaker-blasting rock and roll
Funkalicious booty-shakin' rhythms from an Asheville, NC six-piece
2012.12.19 - Domenico
Breezy, cinematic Brazilian pop that's like a soundtrack to a lost film
2012.12.20 - The Drowning Men
Visceral, majestic indie rock from an Oceanside, CA quintet
2012.12.21 - DIIV
A frosty breeze of dreamy, psychedelic jangle rock
2012.12.22 - The Polish Ambassador
Glitchy, mind-altering intergalactic electronic beats
2012.12.23 - Swan Dive
Indulge in a cozy night in with the jazzy, vintage sounds of a Nashville duo
2012.12.24 - Acid Baby Jesus
Grecian garage punk erupting with psychedelic surf-rock distortion
2012.12.25 - The Giving Tree Band
Yuletide greetings from a down-home Americana collective
2012.12.26 - Way Yes
Whimsical indie pop soaked in balmy African and Brazilian rhythms
2012.12.27 - The Hood Internet
The Chicago DJ duo known for their infamous mashups release their first sample-free album
2012.12.28 - Slightly Stoopid
Catch a whiff of feel-good vibes from one of the defining bands of California's reggae/rock scene
2012.12.29 - Beast Patrol
Fierce female-fronted rock that captures the sound of New York's gritty underbelly
2012.12.30 - Kalen Nash
Ponderosa's frontman steps out for a compelling solo debut steeped in classic American influences
2012.12.31 - Youngblood Hawke
Uplifting, anthemic indie pop to soundtrack the ultimate end-of-2012 dance party