Band of the Day

09 - September

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2011.09.11 - Craft Spells
Homemade indie pop with lovesick splashes of 80s nostalgia
2011.09.12 - Nick Waterhouse
A faithful student of the roots of good old-fashioned rock and roll
2011.09.13 - Handsome Furs
Punk rock energy clothed in booming club beats and dancy synthesizers
2011.09.14 - The Postelles
Retro, energetic indie rock spiked with a New York attitude
2011.09.15 - GIVERS
Louisiana's jubilant musical altruists combine indie pop with Afro-beats
2011.09.16 - Bag Raiders
Deliriously energetic disco-house anthems that induce spontaneous dance parties
Good old-fashioned, earnest Americana with plenty of sing-a-long fun
2011.09.18 - Hello Seahorse
Synthesized experimental rock...en español
2011.09.19 - Pete and the Pirates
Melodic, rollicking British rock and roll with a raw edge
2011.09.20 - Shabazz Palaces
Experimental hip hop with smooth flow and dubstep influence
2011.09.21 - Pepper Rabbit
Dreamy orchestral rock with a psychedelically skewed pop feel
2011.09.22 - Little Scream
Cinematic rock that swoops from hushed lullabies to punk intensity
Gloriously psychedelic lo-fi funk over warped hip hop beats
2011.09.24 - CSS
Sassy Brazilian dance-rock that will keep the party going
2011.09.25 - Okkervil River
Rowdy folk rock with a passionately poetic soul
2011.09.26 - Gaby Moreno
Sultry, timeless tunes that fuse vintage jazz with a Latin flair
2011.09.27 - Washed Out
Hypnotic electro built on euphoric waves of loops and reverb
2011.09.28 - Thao and Mirah
A rambunctious combination of lively indie pop and stirring folk
2011.09.29 - Vetiver
Light and breezy folk rock grooves for staring up at the clouds
2011.09.30 - STRFKR
An electro-pop foursome with sparkly synth hooks and a folk soul

10 - October

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2011.10.01 - Gardens and Villa
Sunny psychedelic pop on a spirit quest for 80s dance domination
2011.10.02 - Jonathan Boulet
Uplifting acoustic tribal pop with a starry electronic touch
2011.10.03 - Jenny O
A warm-yet-hushed voice that will sensually slink its way into your eardrums
2011.10.04 - Black Milk
Fiery hip-hop energized by live funk, rock and jazz grooves
2011.10.05 - The Antlers
Epic yet intimate soundscapes, bursting with earnest beauty
2011.10.06 - Aias
Vintage, lo-fi pop straight from the balmy beaches of Barcelona
2011.10.07 - Junior Boys
Beautifully frosty Canadian electro-pop for the after party
2011.10.08 - Generationals
A New Orleans-based duo with indie rock tunes that bounce merrily along
2011.10.09 - Marissa Nadler
Gorgeously forlorn folk music, anchored by an incredible voice
2011.10.10 - Colours
London-based indie rockers riding a riptide of reverberation
2011.10.11 - Shugo Tokumaru
Whimsical, experimental Japanese pop that breaks language barriers
2011.10.12 - Bon Iver
Introspective folk with rich orchestration and tender charm
2011.10.13 - Brass Bed
Louisiana rockers take 60s-inspired harmonies and beam them into the future
2011.10.14 - Cut Copy
Australian electro-pop spliced with rapturous French house and rock energy
2011.10.15 - Fitz and the Tantrums
Motown-inspired indie pop that will spark a dancing frenzy
2011.10.16 - Telekinesis
Indie pop trio with a heart on sleeve approach to songwriting
2011.10.17 - Lia Ices
Lush folk rock with beautifully bendable vocals
2011.10.18 - Jacuzzi Boys
Scuzzy garage rock seeping with Miami sunshine
2011.10.19 - Chad Valley
Tropical dream pop for the dance floor
2011.10.20 - Marques Toliver
A brilliantly unlikely combination of classical music and R&B
2011.10.21 - Das Racist
Brooklyn rappers on a mission to subversively mock pop culture
2011.10.22 - Dum Dum Girls
60s pop put through an ecstatically dirty rock n' roll filter
2011.10.23 - Jens Lekman
Witty Swedish troubadour with a deep, heartbreaking croon
2011.10.24 - Horse Feathers
Timeless and powerful roots music accompanied by haunting melodies
2011.10.25 - Spoek Mathambo
Futuristic and political South African electro-rap
2011.10.26 - Anomie Belle
Sultry trip hop with rich swathes of electronica and R&B
2011.10.27 - Fools Gold
An exuberant mash of North African guitar music and 80s dance
2011.10.28 - Beach Fossils
A nostalgic kaleidoscope of dreamy, atmospheric sounds
2011.10.29 - Tame Impala
Arena-ready rock steeped in 1960s psychedelia and tied together with a tight pop sensibility
2011.10.30 - Timber Timbre
Spooky, spine-tingling gothic folk that's not just for Halloween
2011.10.31 - Teeth
High energy bursts of fluorescent electro dance punk

11 - November

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2011.11.01 - Slow Club
Innocent and endearing English folk pop
2011.11.02 - JEFF the Brotherhood
Psychedelic-tinged garage rock from Nashville's brotherly duo
2011.11.03 - Soema Montenegro
Stunning and mysterious experimental folk music from Argentina
2011.11.04 - Brown Recluse
A sunny downpour of gorgeously psychedelic pop
2011.11.05 - Neon Indian
Arcade electropop that glows in the dark
2011.11.06 - Frank Fairfield
Frank Fairfield resurrects traditional American folk music with stunning accuracy and authenticity
2011.11.07 - Lali Puna
Beautifully warm and organic electropop lullabies
2011.11.08 - BLK JKS
An intense whirlwind of progressive rock and jazz from South Africa
2011.11.09 - Sondre Lerche
A Norwegian singer-songwriter with timeless and whimsical tunes
2011.11.10 - Hanni El Khatib
Rough and reckless garage rock inspired by 50s American culture
2011.11.11 - Body Language
Smooth and sexy electro slow jams with massive pop hooks
2011.11.12 - Smith Westerns
Delightfully catchy indie rock songs that will dance and shimmer into your eardrums
2011.11.13 - Pink Martini
This multilingual mini-orchestra creates timeless songs that will make you swoon
2011.11.14 - Wild Nothing
A nostalgic trip through 80s indie dream-pop perfection
2011.11.15 - Diego Garcia
Hopelessly romantic, Latin-influenced pop
2011.11.16 - The Pharmacy
A blend of lo-fi vintage sounds with a frenetic and spontaneous spirit
2011.11.17 - The Herd
Politically-charged Australian hip hop that isn't afraid to cross into other genres
2011.11.18 - Bing Ji Ling
A high-spirited world of vintage-inspired soul and R&B
2011.11.19 - Holy Ghost
Unabashedly fun disco house from a NYC production duo
2011.11.20 - Eleanor Friedberger
Quirky folk-rock with a restless fascination of 70s funk and pop
2011.11.21 - Phantogram
Decadent synth-pop that glows in a cinematic night's sky
2011.11.22 - The War On Drugs
Shimmering psychedelia inspired by rock greats like Bob Dylan
2011.11.23 - Hail Mary Mallon
Playful hip hop with rapid-fire lyric exchange and a wizardly DJ
2011.11.24 - Dent May
Dent May creates a kitschy and whimsical world that's pure musical escapism
2011.11.25 - Penguin Prison
Vivacious house filled with laser synths and sparkling pop hooks
2011.11.26 - Quadron
Stunningly cool and smooth electro refresh of classic soul and doo-wap
2011.11.27 - Phosphorescent
Reverb-doused rocking Americana with an experimental twist
2011.11.28 - Psalm One
A former chemist-turned-rapper trades molecules for microphones
2011.11.29 - Young Galaxy
Melodic synth pop infused with 80s fun and a sense of drama
2011.11.30 - Bass Drum Of Death
Blown-out garage rock straight from Mississippi

12 - December

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2011.12.01 - Release The Sunbird
Elegant folk music sewed together by good vibes
2011.12.02 - Sleeper Agent
Ecstatic, jet fueled garage rock from Bowling Green, Kentucky
2011.12.03 - DELS
Electrified, experimental hip hop flowing from the arteries of England
2011.12.04 - Kishi Bashi
A self-produced solo project with a dazzling array of orchestration
2011.12.05 - Goapele
A politically-minded songstress who fuses introspective soul with sensual R&B
2011.12.06 - Blitzen Trapper
Twangy rock n' roll that takes a skilfully skewed angle on 70s rock
2011.12.07 - Ford And Lopatin
80s electro jams for when nerds take over the world
2011.12.08 - Fruit Bats
Sunny rays of easy-going Americana fueled pop
2011.12.09 - Dead Ghosts
Unabashedly lo-fi bursts of rowdy garage rock
2011.12.10 - VHS Or Beta
Pulsating electronic grooves for after hours
2011.12.11 - The Crayon Fields
These Melbourne dreamers create airy orchestral pop with a hint of psychedelic haze
An eclectic fusion of worldly music that pulsates with a socially-conscious soul
2011.12.13 - Zeus
Sunny Canadian indie rock driven by three-part harmonies and classic pop values
2011.12.14 - Wye Oak
Earnest folk-tinged rock built on 90s indie and dream pop
2011.12.15 - Freestyle Fellowship
Legendary Los Angeles MCs mix witty wordplay with jazzy hip hop
2011.12.16 - The Whip
High energy synth-pop with a dance punk soul
2011.12.17 - Mister Heavenly
A three-piece, self-proclaimed “doom wop” supergroup
Fun and quirky rockabilly that serves as an antidote to mainstream music
A combination of delicate British indie pop with gentle flourishes of folk music
2011.12.20 - Blueprint
Underground Midwestern rap on a mission to fight the mainstream
2011.12.21 - Thieves Like Us
A multinational, globe-trotting electronic trio that creates pop music for outsiders
2011.12.22 - Chikita Violenta
These indie rockers from Mexico City make a sonic explosion of anthemic music
An electric mash of dub, disco, house and rhythms from around the world
2011.12.24 - The Futureheads
Modern British punk rock with a surprising harmonic twist
2011.12.25 - Sufjan Stevens
One of this generation's most gifted composers and songwriters tries his hand at holiday music!
2011.12.26 - BRAIDS
A whirlwind journey of gorgeously complex psychedelic rock
2011.12.27 - Title Tracks
Punky power-pop jams from Washington D.C perfect for rowdy house (or political) parties
2011.12.28 - Grieves
Stirring hip hop narratives backed by fluidly organic, sample-free production
2011.12.29 - Haley Bonar
Rock country hybrid driven by sweetly breathy vocals, and just enough twang
2011.12.30 - AM and Shawn Lee
Vintage soul grooves collide with electrified pop mastery
2011.12.31 - Class Actress
A minimalist update of world-conquering early 80s synthpop