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Recently I've seen the reason days and nights are dark and bright. For every tale, if it shall end, must, too, begin. ”

Lyrics from The Reason

Yellowbirds is the creation of singer, songwriter and guitarist Sam Cohen. Cohen was born in Houston, Texas, where he spent his teenage years and attended Berkelee College of Music. It was at Berklee that he met Jesse Gallagher and Jeremy Black and formed the band Apollo Sunshine in 2001. They went on to release three albums, but by the time Apollo Sunshine went on an indefinite hiatus following the release of their last album, guitarist and vocalist Sam Cohen was ready to make some music of his own. Yellowbirds is his first solo project, and, in 2011, he released his first album under that name, The Color. The Color was released by Brooklyn label Royal Potato Family to favorable reviews, and Cohen has plans underway for further work.
Warm musical collages of timeless folk and psychedelic pop
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