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It's a shock hearing your voice in a dark noiseless room. And it cuts, and it leaves a bruise. Yet it holds, and it soothes. ”

Lyrics from Vincent

The Recusants, a reference either to the band’s views on authority or to the Roman Catholic's defiance of the Church of England in the 16th century, is an indie rock band hailing from London, England. Their music takes influence from bands like Pavement and The Wedding Present, mixing pop melodies and punky bursts of noise. The band was formed in 2009 by Adrien McCusker, Sean Brook, Tom Rundell, and Ben Wheeler. The Recusants release music on their own label, Ragpicker Records, as well as doing their own promotion for shows, artwork, music videos, and club nights. In 2011 they released their EP Elliott Strange, and have toured extensively around the UK.
The Recusants
A London-based indie rock foursome proves that doing it yourself is the way to go
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