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I'm Redford. You're Newman on the take. You're a 7.6 earthquake. ”

Lyrics from Don't Know Who We Are

The Donkeys go way back. Tim Denardo (guitar, bass, lead vocals), Anthony Lukens (keys, vocals), and Sam Sprague (drums, vocals) attended high school together in sunny San Diego. After graduation, Lukens and Sprague’s old band The Anchors shared a practice space with Jessie Gulati (guitar, bass, sitar). When a show for The Anchors fell through, the four decided to play a set as their joke band The Donkeys, and the name stuck. After releasing a self-title in 2006 on Antenna Farm Records, the band moved to the larger Texan label Dead Oceans. With 2008’s Living on the Other Side, the group began to build serious buzz. They were approached by a producer for Lost to be featured as the fictional band Geronimo Jackson. References to Geronimo Jackson were peppered throughout the Lost series, and The Donkeys re-recorded their song “Excelsior Lady" as "Dharma Lady,” specifically for the show. In 2011, The Donkeys released Born With Stripes on Dead Oceans.
The Donkeys
Loose California rock fit for the open road
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Don't Know Who We Are
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