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What in the world is wrong with the world? What in the world is wrong with me? ”

Lyrics from What in the World

Based out of Cupertino, California, The Bins is the musical project of Clark “Fat Clark” Barclay. He chose the name The Bins to reflect his fixation with finding hidden treasures in the discount-vinyl bins at thrift stores, with a rule never to spend more than a dollar per record. His debut EP Every Minute of the Day (released in May 2011) can be seen as an homage to the many different genres of music that inspire him, blending sounds (including 60s funk and soul, Chilean protest music, nueva cancion, and Portuguese fado) from over 150 dollar-bin LP’s. This was followed by the release of the Every Second of the Night EP in 2012, which also is an audio collage across genres and time periods of music.
The Bins
A plundering vinyl enthusiast spins new, genre-spanning sounds from forgotten recordings
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