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I know of a place to go, a secret that you should know. You're never gonna find me. You're never gonna fucking find me! ”

Lyrics from Ghost in the Graveyard

Out of Brooklyn comes Secret Music, a band which, true to its name, reveals little about its antecedents. What is known is that bandmates Daniel Fry and Chase Nicholl met in 2009 through mutual friends. With nothing but a year-old raw Casio keyboard recording, Nicholl demoed an early version of “Top Drop” to Fry. One breakup and one move to New York later, and Secret Music was born. The duo later became roommates and wrote their self-titled debut album while living together. To complete their own unique sound Fry and Nicholl went rogue, stealing payphones off the street to use in their recording. Their LP was produced in part by Ayad Al Adhamy of Passion Pit and released on his label Black Bell Records. The album debuted in March 2012, and the band played SXSW the same month.
Secret Music
Boisterous synth-pop created with stolen pay phone receivers
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