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And his mind game corners you, you thought it was a lie, but you made it the truth. ”

Lyrics from Hell, Heaven

Montreal, Canada is the home to indie rock band Parlovr (pronounced as “parlour”). The group initially formed in 2006 with Louis David Jackson (guitar, vocals) and Alex Cooper (keyboard, vocals). However, the band wasn’t complete until 2007 when drummer Jeremy MacCuish rounded out the lineup. Their self-titled, and independently released, debut album was delivered in late 2008. The album received a lot of indie press in Canada, and even Spin magazine named the band “one to watch” out of Montreal. Parlovr took their act to the road, and toured extensively throughout Canada, New York, France, and Europe, with acts like the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand. The trio bring more of their dubbed “sloppy pop” with sophomore release, Kook Soul, which came out on May 15, 2012 on Dine Alone Records.
Montreal trio melding chaos with excellent pop melodies
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