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I'm here to tell you, boy, I'm not like all the rest, ‘cause I'll treat you good. And you know I would never give you nothing less. ”

Lyrics from Right Kind of Woman

Out of the ashes of New York’s soul group the Dansettes comes the Nouvellas. The Nouvellas formed in 2007, and its five members are all former Dansette members, which may account for their musical chemistry. The Nouvellas, however, while sharing the Dansettes soul-background, have opted for a bit more grit. The entire band is involved in the writing and arrangement of their songs, and they record their music live in a band member’s basement. In 2008 they released singles “Satisfied” and “Right Kind of Woman,” and in the following year, released their self-titled album Nouvellas, both on the label Ernest Jenning Record Co. In July 2012, they released a single entitled "Never Go Home."
Raw, sassy and funky throwback soul
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