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Go to sleep, nothing's changing. I'll be right here by your side. Tear the seams. We're not aging beneath these trembling starlit skies. ”

Lyrics from The Kids Were Wrong

Memoryhouse is a dreamy lo-fi indie duo consisting of Evan Abeele (composer) and Denise Nouvion (vocalist). Their first full-length The Slideshow Project was released in February 2012 via Sub Pop Records and took two full years to make. The two-piece spent time touring their songs with no rush to release a debut, in order to fully develop their sound. Memoryhouse previously released a four-track, home-recorded EP in 2010, titled The Years (Arcade Sound, 2010), which was later improved and re-released on Sub Pop in September 2011. The duo didn’t intentionally set out to create a band, but rather, a collaborative art project between Evan’s musical compositions and Denise’s photographs. They’ve seemingly kept the same inspiration as shown in their album’s title The Slideshow Project, which they say, “refers to the photographic/cinematic technique of zooming and panning to animate still images.”
Unassuming Canadians craft lush, delicious dream pop
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