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I'm talking in my sleep and you're hearing every word. I'm talking in my sleep, please pretend you haven't heard. ”

Lyrics from Sleeptalking

La Sera is the solo side project of Vivian Girls’ bassist Katy “Kickball Katy” Goodman. After writing solo songs in 2009, Goodman’s demos were picked up and re-recorded with friend and producer Brady Hall, at his home studios in Seattle. A 7” of La Sera’s first single “Never Come Around” was released in 2010 after signing to Hardly Art Records earlier that year. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2011 featuring dreamy pop songs about love, heartbreak, and death. In addition to performing as La Sera, Goodman is also in a band called All Saints Day with Cat Powers' Gregg Forman. La Sera’s sophomore effort, Sees The Light, was released in 2012, debuting a more aggressive sound with lead single “Please Be My Third Eye”. While the Rob Barbato (of Darker My Love) produced Sees The Light showcases a slightly more forceful sound from Goodman, it still maintains the same dream pop sensibility as 2011’s debut.
La Sera
Californian dream pop fit for breezy summer nights
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