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Who gave me that 'Hi', baby? Who's that cat, got me jealous of you? ”

Lyrics from Who Walks IN When I Walk Out?

Hazmat Modine is a blues/world fusion band from New York. Their name is a combination of the portmanteau "hazmat" (from “hazardous material”) and the word "modine," a term that used to refer to commercial heaters. Like the diverse elements that form their name, Hazmat Modine features a rich medley of sound from jazz and folk to blues. The band uses rare instruments, such as the cimbalom, the sarrusaphone and the dulcimer and is fronted by two harmonica players, a rare claim in this age. The band also has an informal collaboration with the throat-singers Huun-Huur-Tu from the Mongolian-influenced area of Russia. Huun-Huur-Tu were featured on Hazmat Modine’s first album, Bahamut, which appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered. Their second album, Cicada, was released in 2011 by Barbès Records.
Hazmat Modine
An eclectic blues band draws influence from klezmer to bluegrass
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