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A rollercoaster right to the deep end, but it knows that you can’t swim. Whenever life throws you lemons, it’s what you choose to do with them. ”

Lyrics from Lemonade

Fresh off the northwest hip hop block, Fly Moon Royalty is an upcoming soulful duo—one part vocalist Adra Boo and the other, DJ Action Jackson. Seattle native songstress Miss Boo is no newbie to the scene, also half of Luxury A.K., another dynamic duo from the northwest. Jackson, on the other hand, comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to deliver smooth groove beats to make this duo a match made in heaven. The team, formerly known as Sugar Water Purple, flew under the radar from their start in 2010, but took Seattle by storm upon independently releasing their 2011 self-titled debut with the new moniker. Fly Moon Royalty re-released their album after signing with Sportn’ Life Records in 2011 and performed at the 2012 Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington.
Fly Moon Royalty
Ultra smooth electro-soul with a retro flair from this Seattle duo
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