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‘Cause everybody knows, when you hit the bottom you go, to the abyss all on your own. Well I hope you take it slow. ”

Lyrics from The Cliff

Emily Jane White’s melancholic take on folk rock has raised comparisons to other contemporary female singer-songwriters like Cat Power, Kate Bush, and PJ Harvey. Raised in the seaside town of Fort Bragg, California, it wasn’t until college that Emily began creating her musical style, fronting her own band Diamond Star Halos. After spending some time in France upon graduating college, Emily returned to California in 2006 and based herself out of San Francisco. She released her debut album, Dark Undercoat, in 2007 via Oakland, CA-based label Double Negative Records. Her sophomore effort, Victorian America, was released first on French label Talitres in 2009, then the US in 2010 on Milan Records. In recent years, Emily has regularly toured France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, among other European countries, due to her devoted European following. Emily’s third album, Ode to Sentence, was released on June 12, 2012.
Emily Jane White
A gifted songwriter creates delicate, gorgeous gothic folk
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