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Little things that never get filmed that never sit still that never stay, you and me we always thought this would be so perfect but it's just okay. ”

Lyrics from Little Things

James Brooks and Josh Clancy are the Minneapolis-based electronic duo Elite Gymnastics. The pair began making music together in 2008 and released their first EP, Real Friends, in 2010. In 2011, the band self-released more material including the EP Neu! ‘92, and two EPs entitled Ruin, all through their Psychedelic Surf Club label. However, the duo hadn’t received a lot of press until they released the mix titled All We Fucking Care About Is K-Pop, Whitehouse, and Our Cats, which not only displayed their fondness for K-Pop but also featured some of their favorite K-Pop songs. This led to the band being signed by Acephale Records, which re-released their two Ruin EPs as one album. May 2012 brought the release of Ruin 4, which features two previously unheard tracks from the Ruin Sessions, and all of the remixes from Ruin 3.
Elite Gymnastics
An endearingly sincere mash of dreampop, house and jungle among other subgenres
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