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Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

Spitting sunny guitars and fuzzy garage pop by the hat-full
Why you wanna need someone? Why you wanna feed something that’s only trying to get away?
lyrics from Dark Rip

Bred and born on the windswept shores of Brooklyn, NY, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly jangle, stomp, and spark. Their obituary reads “extremely happy indie rock” and some say they still haunt this barn.

TGSM spit sunny guitars and fuzzy garage pop by the hat-full. In 2013 they released their debut Modern Dances - Buzzfeed called the record “excellent” and said TGSM was “the pop band you want and need.” In January 2014 they put out the We Run With Gangs mini-LP - 10 short, electric tunes written in anticipation of their second record, and were named one of L Magazine’s “8 Bands You Need to Hear.”

In June 2014, the group began recording what would become HYPER TROPHY - their second LP. They spent the summer in their ancestral home of Bed Stuy, recording drums and bass with Gary Atturio of Galuminumfoil Studio, and guitars, synths and vocals at home with their pal Nick DiMichele.

The result is a loud, bright punch of neon-laced garage pop and sun-burned post punk. The songs of HYPER TROPHY urge action, and salute the spinning, soaring brevity of joy that life brings. HYPER TROPHY is about seeing the end and knowing the limits so as to more recklessly, ferociously and completely upend yourself into living. (Also there’s one song about werewolves and one about ghosts.)

TGSM’s upbeat sound (a la Ra Ra Riot and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!) is Morgan Lynch’s yowl, Matt Berger’s antsy chicken wire guitar, and the pure low purr of Maester Eryck Tait’s bass, all made the more merry on the wings of Melissa Lusk and Pete Scalzitti’s synthetic suites and the pummel Daniel Muhlenberg’s skins and rims. They like drinking and they like dancing.