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Omega Swan

Causing chaos and melting faces with an arsenal of guitar wailin' party rock
Find me on Planet Rad, the best life you've ever had. It's where we come alive, your time flies by. You hold the galaxy in your eyes so find your mind in mine.
lyrics from Planet Rad

Coming off a year of reconstruction, Omega Swan is in full force. With the recent addition of the monstrous drummer Aaron Westine to founding members Marcus Garceau and Will Burgess, Omega has come to life with a fresh, fully realized sound reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll. Staying true to the party-rock, garage anthem vibe Omega became known for, the band has recently branched out into a cinematic, song centered realm focused on messages of love, hate, isolation, and the struggle of following impossible dreams. A true rock powerhouse, the trio has been causing chaos and melting faces through Nashville’s piping hot underground music scene, filling basements and warehouses with wailing guitar solos and upbeat, mosh inducing riffery. With an arsenal full of brand new, hard-hitting artillery alluding to classic sounds of David Bowie and AC/DC, Omega is now in the studio preparing to release a barrage of new music. “Hate Love”, the first single released by the band in 2015, is a prime example of where Omega Swan’s sound and style is heading. More Rock & Roll is just on the horizon. Until then, you can hear and witness the evolution of Omega Swan live and in concert, where it’s bound to be a full on rock and roll party.