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Ethan Tucker

Layering electric guitars, acoustic roots, and a trademark bluesy croon
A look in her eyes and the clouds in the skies, said there’s gonna be a long, cold winter.
lyrics from High Time

Ethan Tucker’s trademark sound of eclectic acoustic roots, electric blend and his soulful, bluesy voice has recently led him to a life on the road with some of the biggest legends today. Born and raised from Olympia, Washington, Ethan has already criss-crossed around the country with Jimmy Cliff, Buddy Guy, and The Wailers as well as national support slots with musical peers Slightly Stoopid, G-Love, and Michael Franti. With Ethan’s newest release Misunderstood, now out on Stoopid Records (May 5, 2015) his enthusiasm for collaboration is seamlessly exemplified in his 10-song album produced by Michael Franti and Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, G Love) Jr., with special guests Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) and Thomas Pridgeon (Mars Volta). Ethan’s career took off revently after impressing Michael Franti with an impromptu backstage jam in Spearhead’s dressing room before ever playing a show together, Ethan was summoned by Franti to come to his studio in San Francisco, CA to record what would later become some of the more infectious tracks on the new album, Misunderstood. From there, a bond between the two artists was solidified. The first single “Crazy Tonight” was arranged, recorded, produced at Franti’s studio, also featuring him on guest vocals. This track, coupled with the reggae-pop hybrid “Cool Kids” (also produced by Franti) opens a new album that is a cohesive coming of age for an artist in Ethan’s shoes - except “ET” as some fans call him, doesn’t wear shoes!! “I think Ethan is going to be a perennial artist for a lifetime of music. He is not somebody who you think is going to be like three years on the map and then you never hear from them again. “He is going to be an artist to me like Ben Harper or Jack Johnson or even John Lee Hooker from the Rolling Stones who plays music until they can’t play anymore,” says Michael Franti. The rest of the compositions for Misunderstood were masterfully produced by Mario Caldato Jr. most known for his work with the Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson and G Love. With the master near completion, a “surprise” session evolved while Ethan visited downtown Los Angeles, and connected with the rhythm section of Norwood Fisher of Fishbone on bass, and Thomas Pridgeon of Mars Volta on skins. The power trio provides a surprisingly unique reggae dub rendition of Jimi Hendrix “Little Wing” recorded by Jimmy Sloan at Seahorse Studios in Downtown L.A., then mixed in New York by Michael Goldwasser of The Easy Star All Stars.