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First Year On Earth

An Austin, TX-based based indie roots/pop group formed from a bucket list item
I'm a poor man. Could you live for love instead?
lyrics from Poor Man

First Year On Earth, a collaboration between Ryan Murphy (acoustic guitar/vocals), Kris Afflerbaugh (upright bass/backing vocals), Jordan Birchill (lead guitar/backing vocals) and Jimmy Milner (drums), was born from one simple question: What would you do with your last year on earth?

Frontman Ryan Murphy knows what he’d do with his. After witnessing a friend tragically lose his life, Ryan Murphy sold what he had and hit the road with nothing but a backpack and a bucket list. His blog ( has since gained attention across the globe, landing him interviews on national morning television programs in his native Australia and a stack of online buzz. “I still can’t believe the impact the blog has had,” says Murphy. “It’s been great sharing my story.”

The top of Ryan’s bucket list was to become a recording artist in New York, but after moving there in mid-2012, he found the big city lifestyle didn’t suit his nature. He now calls Austin, TX home, and it’s there that Murphy met his fellow musicians who would together become First Year On Earth. The quartet’s sound spawns from Murphy’s love of organic songwriting and Aflerbaugh, Birchill, Milner’s backgrounds in Jazz and Country. The new EP also features longtime friend and acclaimed violinist Michael McClintock, who has worked with Gotye, Crowded House and Celtic Crossroads.

Although the self-titled EP is their first as a band, frontman Murphy is already looking to future, noting that there will be “many more to come.”