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In Letter Form

Darkwave that echoes the past, haunts the present and is constantly in the future
Wait another minute but you're diggin' the hole, and you're out of control, out of control.
lyrics from Wait Now

Theirs is the rare sound that not only makes you want to revisit these classic artists, but pushes you to want to know more of the story behind the intriguing new band inspired by them.

“Our name, In Letter Form, essentially refers to what we consider an antiquated method of communication,” says the band’s leader and vocalist, Eric Miranda. “We play all of our music live, on analogue gear. And, yes, we still write and mail letters.” The band’s point of view is made clear on its two new singles “Wait Now” (arriving March 31st) and “Reflecting The Rain” (out April 21st.) Both tracks are accompanied by striking music videos that further drive home a recognizable style that is backed up by relatable substance.

“We are sentimental about the way we go about writing songs and performing them,” says Miranda. “We want listeners to hear a close approximation of our truth.” Lyrically, the songs of In Letter Form deal with some of the harder truths: loss of control, loss of love, loss of innocence, loss of relationships, family members, and so on. Personal loss colors the band’s music, not only since inception, but even to the point of this writing, as Miranda’s best friend passed shortly after working on the band’s “Wait Now” video.

“There’s something intrinsically contradictory in the word combination ‘wait now’ and this duality was very much present in my friend,” Miranda explains. “The video is dedicated to him.”

In Letter Form’s follow-up single and video, “Reflecting The Rain” was written with another of Miranda’s relationships in mind.

“I sent my girlfriend a mix tape early in our relationship with the Velvet Underground song ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ on it,” he recalls. “It was basically a message from me encouraging her to become self-realized, confident, and aware of her beauty. In ‘Reflecting The Rain,’ when I sing ‘you were reflecting the rain,’ I mean that she was reflecting her sadness.”

“Reflecting The Rain,” which Miranda goes on to say was musically influenced by the Modern English classic “I Melt With You” (the “ah, ah, ah’s” in the tune’s breakdown are an obvious nod), is accompanied by a music video that stars a real tarantula.

“We named him Jamal,” Miranda says. “There were no wranglers on set, so despite my deathly fear, I took charge of him myself.”

Despite this, no one need be hesitant about diving into In Letter Form’s work. While the band is introducing itself to the world with a scant amount of new material, it’s enough to make you want to discover where they will go next.

In Letter Form is Eric Miranda (vocals, keyboards, guitars), James Levis (guitars), Peter Dosanjh (bass), and Andres Lopez (drums, percussion.)