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An organic backbone of rhythms, voices, and horns beneath a skin of self-collected samples
I drank all the potion, it blew my head open, life was in slow motion.
lyrics from KiND

On a buffalo preserve in Fremont, Indiana, five men set up their equipment in the middle of a lodge, surrounded by Native American artifacts, dreamcatchers, and ancient instruments.

Over the next five days they wrote, piecing together lyrics and fragments of melody. By night they danced around a roaring bonfire and beat drums while gusts of wind swept across the plains, teasing the flames into strange shapes.

“Eunoia” marks the debut of KiND, a five-piece electro-art-pop outfit from Nashville, Tennessee. It is a collection of musings upon the pursuit of health and happiness, and a study of what happens when the searcher comes up short. The self-produced album represents a combination of old and new, organic and electronic. Beneath the skin of self-collected samples and band-assembled synths, there remains an organic backbone of rhythms, voices, and horns.