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Self-produced folktronica crafted with homemade samples
And while you're out enjoying the summer's bloom. I'm still stuck ignoring inside my cocoon.
lyrics from Money Can't Buy

Self-produced and crafted with homemade samples, Brooklyn folktronic trio Howard’s have just released their debut LP, Religion.

Following the folding of their previous band, Orange Television, Howard Feibusch (producer, guitar, vocals) and Myles Heff (bass) teamed up with Chris Holdridge (drums) and Alex Chakour (synths, guitar) to establish a new identity.

Since then, Howard has been featured in Consequence of Sound, Indie Shuffle, and a litany of more press outlets all over the world. Single "Money Can't Buy" has also been featured in a number of influential Spotify playlists leading to over 2 million track plays and counting.