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O Conqueror

Elements of delta blues and psychedelic western folded into ambient folk
Tell me all of your secrets, they'll be my secrets too.
lyrics from Death Bed

Immediately after O Conqueror’s second year as an official South by Southwest artist in March of 2014 they began working on their much anticipated sophomore album. Expect to hear a similar sound to their highly received debut album, King Me, a melodic journey of catchy brooding hooks folded into ambient folk. Though, on the new album, fans may be pleasantly surprised to hear a sense of maturity in the songwriting and a little more edge with elements of delta blues and psychedelic western. This new material is also coupled with an engaging and inventive live performance.

O Conqueror was formed in early 2012 by songwriter Dustin Doering in Austin, Texas. It has since become a collective endeavor consisting of Justin Green on lead guitar, Tito Sopena, the low man and back up vocals, Pedro Corsetti on skins, and Alex Hartley on the ivories. Their musical expertise and influence all contribute to the aesthetic of the sound.

In the year of 2012, O Conqueror had many firsts. Their FM radio debut on Austin’s KGSR only months after forming. They were invited by The Toadies and Kirtland Records to play the fifth annual Dia De Los Toadies at Whitewater Amphitheater. O C’s debut album, King Me, was released in November of 2012. Produced by David Butler, SoCo Sound, it garnered praise by critics, bloggers, radio, artists and the public. This attention helped them rise up in the Austin music scene and awarded them a spot on the Austin Music Poll in the categories of Best New Artist and Best Indie Band. Their strides in 2012 also granted them an invitation to be an official SXSW artist in 2013.

O Conqueror grew in many ways after that. Opening for a slew of respected bands in the local and national eye, they honed their skills on stage both at home and on the road. After releasing a music video by French director, Christopher Thockler, their expanse even reached the ears of folks in Europe and South America

After their second release, O Conqueror plans to continue their ascent, tour the country, and break into the national charts. Simply put, O Conqueror is going places.