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A London duo embodying all that it means to be DIY, minimal and feminine
Think of me; I’ll never break your heart. Think of me; you’re always in the dark. I am your line. Think of me; you’re never in the dark.
lyrics from Think

KALEIDA is a synth pop duo from London and the combined talents of Christina Wood (vocals, lyrics) and Cicely Goulder (keys & production, lyrics). The embodiment of all that it means to be DIY, minimal and feminine, KALEIDA were first introduced by a mutual friend via email in 2013 whilst living and working in the highly contrasting landscapes of the film music industry (Cicely) and a forest deep in Borneo (Christina). The pair later found out that they had previously studied at university together, but their paths had never crossed. Despite the distance, the pair immediately bonded over their love of music and on Christina’s return to the UK, wasted no time in getting together to experiment until the stripped back synth sound of KALEIDA was born.

After the release of two online demos in late 2013, the buzz surrounding KALEIDA began to build as the effortlessly catchy THINK and TROPEA began to set the blog world alight. Taking this as the green light they needed, KALEIDA have spent the last 12 months further honing their self-produced style to great response.

KALEIDA explore a variety of themes in their material from doomed love through to world politics. One of the tracks in particular, ALIAA, a commentary on internet activist and women’s rights advocate Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and the rape threats she received after her protests against the Egyptian Islamic state, demonstrates the duos’ breadth of songwriting references and inspiration.

On citing the influences behind their music, both Cicely and Christina refer to their childhood where they found their inspiration at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum. Whilst Cicely was undoubtedly influenced by her late godfather, renowned electronic composer Jonathan Harvey and her early introduction to tape-looping and live electronics, Christina took her inspiration from her Kentucky roots and her experience of performing in church choirs. The comparative contrast between the two points of reference is what makes the KALEIDA sound unique.

Testament to their arresting style, their debut track, THINK has received global attention (reaching #2 Russian iTunes chart) after being selected for the soundtrack of Keanu Reeves’s latest blockbuster ‘John Wick’. KALEIDA are booked to play a series of festival dates throughout the summer and their debut EP is due out in early 2015 on Lex Records.