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Ghastly Menace

Ripples of orchestral indie pop with a crunchy bite of lo-fi
You let me do too many things alone, now I don't know how to do them with you.
lyrics from Living Together

Songs of Ghastly Menace, a new full-length record from Ghastly Menace, is set to be released via the Record Machine on January 27th, 2015. Ghastly Menace consists of Andy Schroeder, Chris Geick, Kody Nixon, Michael Heringhaus, Pat Lawler, and Clint Weber. Ghastly Menace is a lo-fi rock band with pop sensibilities based out of Chicago, Illinois. Songs of Ghastly Menace will mark the group’s first full-length release as well as the first release with all six members.

The eleven track album carries an overarching theme of coming to terms with the endings experienced in life. Ghastly Menace doesn't shy away from approaching sensitive subjects, and each song carries a heavy meaning seeded deep within the lyrics, from Closing, a song about making a decision regardless of the harm it may cause, to Shadow Song, a track about ignoring a promising opportunity.

Songs of Ghastly Menace showcases the band’s development from 2010’s self released EP, Pitcairn. This round, the band jumped from two friends working together (Geick & Schroeder) to a full six piece band. Incorporating a producer and collaborations with other artists like Matt Engers, Angelina Lucero, and Nigel Dennis places Songs of Ghastly Menace on a new tier. The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Nigel Dennis at The Steel Factory. Ghastly Menace experimented with non-instrumental sounds and techniques on the album, allowing them to write a wider range of genres and push toward more full compositions.