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Native Lights

Hollowed somberness painted by sounds of shimmery beats and a medley of lost voices
I can see the long procession falling over one another, trying to be anything over what is plain to see.
lyrics from White Elephant

Guitarist/Vocalist Bryce Chambers (Ester Drang) and Bassist Johnathon Ford (Unwed Sailor) form the core of Native Lights. The two musicians have contributed their fair share of captivating sounds in their various musical projects for 20+ years. Native Lights' array of lush, hearty, sincere songs are indebted to the pioneering sounds of the infamous Slowdive, the 4AD instrumental outfit Dif Juz, shoegaze heavyweights My Bloody Valentine, and the dark, angular sounds of 90s rockers Codeine and The Jesus Lizard. After releasing a 7'' single titled “Blackwater,” featuring the self titled single and an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark cover, the band recorded their debut album in the dark corridors of an abandoned cattle auction facility found somewhere in the outskirts of rural Hominy, Oklahoma. The facility's worn facade, crumbling walls and caving ceiling felt like the perfect place to track the group's vast, cinematic brand of shoegaze-bent discordant dream-pop. The guerrilla approach of going into a dilapidated building and recording an album brought about untold options for cavernous untamed sounds. The band brought along a minimal recording setup, rigged up some electricity and adapted the old facility into a makeshift tracking room. For a long week in the dead of winter the band recorded by day and slept in the freezing compound at night, taking solace in the warmth of a bonfire on the front steps. After the recording process was completed, the band travelled to Louisville, KY to mix the album with Kevin Ratterman (Young Widows, My Morning Jacket, Maserati) at his famed La La Land Studio. The end result is a hallowed somberness, painted by the sounds of Native Lights, expelled in the form of swooning leads, hollow resonance, shimmery beats, and a mournful medley of lost voices. Thus the first Native Lights full-length record was born. The album was released on Passive Recordings in March 2015 with nationwide touring to follow.