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A group of Londoners serving up a platter of DIY indie rock
And so out drops a pithy line from a magazine - her eyes get sick of me...I must be sea toad.
lyrics from Sea Toad

Brunch the band not the meal. We are a 4-piece London DIY band formed in early 2014. Here is the story of Brunch: We are fans of the United States of America Do It Yourself indie scene and wanted something similar in London.. so we emailed a Boston band called Krill and scored their drummer Luke. We released the Brunch EP in August 2014, it was recorded at Fat Tank Studios by Simon who is great. Pretty much as soon as we released the EP Luke had to go back to America so we went with him on a short tour of the North East USA which was a cool cool time. Luke stayed in the US but we came back home... finding a drummer is tough but miraculously we got ourselves a bob who is good at the drums and slid right in. We are having a sweet time in London playing gigs and recording songs and focusing on building up a whole lot of twitter followers (almost two hundred now). Brunch is: Sean Brook (vocals & guitar), Adrian McCusker (guitar), Tom Rundell (bass) and Bobby MacPherson (drums).