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Exploring the cycle of human heartbreak through Japanese-influenced electronica
How the sun, the sea that never knew your love come home again. My heart, it’s always bleeding.
lyrics from Honey

MEISHI SMILE is an electronic project that derives influence from genres both equally pop and experimental, taking note from the cathartic afterglow of harsh noise, mixed with the joyful idealism of Japanese Pop and hazed out by the meditative sentiment of shoegaze. Together these range of influences present a sense of musicality that is oddly warm in its static disconnection.

A “meishi" is a Japanese business card. A formality masquerading as emotion. Mixed with the word "smile," the two together form a meaning that aims to explore the very dual nature of the human experience as filtered through the digital divide.

MEISHI SMILE's first album LUST sets out to explore the cycle of human heartbreak. An existential question of what it means to feel guilt, love and loss. A sentimental, yet obsessively sad piece of work that struggles to find acceptance and redemption throughout its own realized chaos.