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Wolf Colony

An enigmatic masked electropop artist who doesn't indulge in over-production
Someone once told me life's never easy. Everybody sins in their own way.
lyrics from Holy

The mysterious, masked singer-songwriter Wolf Colony is amping up to release his debut album Unmasked on March 3rd. Based out of New York City, Wolf Colony began collaborating with music producer Neal Sarin in 2012 with no initial intention of pursuing a career as a recording artist.

But when they dropped the track "Beauty" to immense and immediate buzz, Wolf Colony decided to release an EP entitled 'Welcome to the Wild Side.' Since, Wolf Colony has organically grown a global following and has performed at various music venues including Mercury Lounge, House of Blues and Brooklyn Bowl.

Wolf Colony delivers a new blend of electronic-pop, drawing influences from 80s synth-pop to indie rock, while slipping in subtle stylistic nuances inspired by various contemporary electronic artists. Rather than indulging in over-production, Wolf Colony adorns his songs with relatively bare arrangements, leaving ample room for his unique vocal presence and deeply personal lyricism.

On March 2rd, 2015, Wolf Colony debuted his full-length album entitled Unmasked, which is exclusively produced by Sarin. The LP will feature previously released favorites “Beauty,” “Youth” and “Holy” in addition to an array of unreleased material.