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Kicking down doors and setting them ablaze with the spirit of early punk and new wave
I got lost in the city, I got lost in the crowd. I was a fly in the web while the spider was out.
lyrics from Electric

“This is new love knocking at your door” rings the chorus of the title track from Cafeine’s latest album, New Love. You could take this quite literally for Montrealer Xavier Cafeine, whose recent move to Los Angeles prompted the US release of New Love. Firmly entrenched in the Quebec underground punk scene, Cafeine permeated Quebec commercial radio with “Electric” and “New Love” singles blasting across the dial. Here in Los Angeles, Cafeine has arrived at the heart of punk’s nascent stomping grounds, soaking up the spirit of titans like X, The Gun Club, and The Germs. This is music that remains visceral and impactful today. While he wears his punk influences loudly on his sleeve, Cafeine refuses to stick to genre conventions, evolving the form with ragged riffs, tight keyboard melodies, and a message that is less nihilistic, and more optimistic. The spirit of New Love is a resounding affirmation that it’s possible to transcend profound loss of love, or whatever shitty situation life has dumped upon you, and live for today. As Xavier puts it: “I really want to push my musical boundaries, explore a wider spectrum, return to what I love about writing and recording. We often try to define music into styles and categories. My music has been described as garage, glam, punk, and pop. Whatever. I always find that a bit simplistic. I am a musician first and foremost.” So while we await the next album to come out of this Los Angeles sojourn, New Love is here at our door, kicking it down, chopping it into kindling and setting it ablaze with scrappy infectious tracks like “I Love You” or poking a little fun at himself with “Fucking Time” ("Wish my songs were a little more clever, at least they fucking rhyme"). The first single ahead of the release is “Electric,” already a bona-fide radio hit back home. New and exclusive to the US version of New Love is a cover of “Sex Beat” by The Gun Club, heralding in the stateside arrival of Cafeine with a proper twenty-one gun salute!