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A splash of endearing garage pop from a troupe of quarter-lifers from Brooklyn, NY
Nothing I said is quite enough, sitting on the wrong side feeling tough.
lyrics from Centuries Of Light

Date: October 30, 2014 at 7:39:14 AM EDT To: Darlings Subject: Re: Darlings bio

Well, I’ve been trying to write something all night, listening to all your records, and I've come to realize: loving a band doesn’t qualify you to write something interesting about them. (It took a while to realize; the sun's out.) I'm a simple fan. What you guys need is a publicist!

Darlings formed on Bleecker Street. This is their third album. They recorded it themselves. It's called Feel Better.

These are the facts. Several abortive attempts have convinced me that anything I say beyond the facts will limit how a listener hears the music. (I'm imagining an open panorama that narrows with every sentence.) And what if I say it poorly? What if I call Darlings "sincerely ironic," which I almost did? And God forbid I talk about some other band. Replacements? Pavement? Weezer? No, no, no. You guys are lucky that different people think you sound like different bands. Let them keep thinking for themselves. (Besides, Darlings sound like Camper van Beethoven, obviously.) I tried to come up with something about how you got together, but it felt so forced. Can’t you just be in a band?

If Darlings are anything, Darlings are cool, and cool is effortless. Plus, it's less effort.

Sorry to let you down. I'm still really flattered you guys asked me to do this. Maybe I'm just not the man for the job, but I really think the less said, the better.

Let me know what you decide. I'm around all week and not working if you want to get a drink.


PS - Man, Perfect Trip is such a great record.