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Un Planeta

An Argentinian group creates danceable and tripped-out, introspective moments
Nuestra magia es volver a nacer, cuando quema y no te hace doler.
lyrics from Quema

Un Planeta formed towards the end of 2010 in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. They started out as a trio formed by Gastón Le (guitar & vocals), Nicolás Carlino (bass) and Germán Galarza (drums). The band began rehearsing for a couple of months to some of the songs Gastón had previously recorded on his computer, and then started gigging. In 2011 they threw themselves into composing and playing live shows, and towards the end of that year Agustín Volder joined the band on keys & synths. By January 2012, the band recorded their first album as an experiment, which they mixed and produced themselves. The album was released in mid-2012, which was followed by an extensive and critically-acclaimed tour across many cities around the world.

After two years of playing and writing new music Un Planeta released their most recent album "Refugio" on November 2014, once again produced by the band themselves. Unlike their previous album, however -- which was a year-long process when the band was a trio -- this new album was created by all four members of the band, including keyboardist Agustín. "Refugio" was built around the rhythm section and synths, leaving more room for the vocals to be shine without being buried under guitar layering, while also combining electronic music with more of an acoustic sound.

Un Planeta's songs come from a place of experimentation, later refined into indie/rock/pop songs with the use of synth layers, programming, clean guitars, as well as danceable and introspective trippy moments. The lyrics adjust to the melodies and climates proposed by the music, sometimes telling stories and some other times describing sensations or reflections.