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Unwed Teenage Mothers

Fast and loud punk rippers with relatable lyrics about being bored, frustrated, and anxious
My brain hurts from thinking about you, it's dangerous to fall in love with someone.
lyrics from Strangers

Unwed Teenage Mothers are: Johnny Valiant on bass, Shane Prewitt on drums, Landon Boyte on guitar, and Colin Sneed on guitar and vocals.

Following the lead of Oxford, Mississippi rock ‘n roll royalty such as The Neckbones and the Preacher's Kids, Unwed Teenage Mothers play fast and loud punk rippers with memorable hooks. Releases on Tic Tac Totally, Play Pinball Records, Speakertree Records, Hiss Lab, and the debut LP Goodnight Girls on Bleed101 Records are full of Ramones, Replacements, Marked Men-influenced power-pop rock ‘n roll songs with relatable lyrics about being bored, frustrated, and anxious. The band's influences include KISS, Ramones, Teenage Fanclub, and Big Star, among others.

Unwed Teenage Mothers started as a bedroom recording project of Colin Sneed, before turning into a full band with the addition of: Johnny of the Black & Whites and Lover!, Shane of the Dent May Band and Dead Gaze, and Landon of Game Control. Quick tours around the south followed and the band became tighter and faster. Songwriting became a full band process and Unwed Teenage Mothers booked time at Andrew Ratcliffe's Tweed Recording in Oxford, MS. Twelve songs recorded over two days under the influence of Busch beer and cheap champagne came out resembling an Unwed Teenage Mothers live show - fast, tough, barely held together but somehow still tight.

Unwed Teenage Mothers have had songs from Goodnight Girls featured on several TV shows such as NBC's About A Boy, MTV's Awkward, ABC Family's The Fosters, and more. 2015 will bring tour dates across the country and fast and loud new rock ‘n roll music from the band.