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Mont Oliver

Danish trip hop that will make your head nod and your heart beat
You are young, can't tell right from wrong. The words of a machine gun shaped with a black tongue.
lyrics from 19

Danish indie trip-hop trio Mont Oliver recently released their debut “19” EP, available to download for free on Soundcloud. The EP was released by Danish label Fake Diamond Records.

The debut EP features 4 tracks “19”, “White Sheets”, "Golden Glow” and “Nobody Knows”.

The band have gained some great support for their debut offering from the likes of Indie Shuffle, CLASH, The Line of Best Fit, Gold Flake Paint and many more.

Currently residing in Copenhagen, Mont Oliver aka. Jakob Hammershøj, Niels Christian Sommer and Mads Bernt Pedersen mix elements of trip-hop, raw percussion and melodic indie influences to create a truly unique sound. Lead singer Jacob Hammershøj’s distinctive vocals provide an energetic uplifting sound with soulful undertones.

Although this is the band's first offering, there’s a genuine feeling of coherence and direction from the three piece. Lead track ’19’ is an amazing debut, showcasing the band’s mature sound and potential to break through over the coming months.

This is the kind of music that will make your head nod and your heart beat!

The EP was recorded in the band’s own studio and mixed by the band and producer Rune Borup.