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Silent Strike

A Romanian electronic/film music composer creates strikingly cinematic scores
I think it`s not just one type of sound, so I would say that sometimes it’s ambient, other times it’s aggressive, perhaps experimental and hip-hop-ish, but also quite cinematic.
quote from Silent Strike

Silent Strike is a Romanian electronic/film music composer born in 1982. He released 10 albums (5LPs & 5EPs) and opened the concerts of Faithless, Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Saul Williams, Venetian Snares, Recoil, Jazzanova, Kode9, Dj Food, Robot Koch and Mr. Meeble.

He collaborated with numerous musicians and producers (Lucian Ban, Mat Maneri, Alex Harding, Adrian Enescu, Ada Milea, Madam, Alexandrina, Monooka, Maria Radu, AiNA Roxx, Deliric, Kazi Ploae, Norzeatic, Makunouchi Bento, Yvat, brazda lui novac, C.T.C., Specii, Subcarpati, ∆Aimon, Vlaicu Golcea, Sorin Romanescu, Electric Brother, DJ Vasile, Matze, Alienpimp, Dj Undoo, Dj Limun and many more).

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