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Jack and The Ripper

Identical twin brothers create a perplexingly beautiful and vicious electro-rock atmosphere
Wasted youth chasing some substantial lie, frozen to the couch, I've got the cold feet blues.
lyrics from Cold Feet Blues

Jack and The Ripper is an electronic rock dynamic duo from San Diego, California. The project is conformed by two multi instrumentalist producers (Daniel and David Barbedillo) who happen to be identical twin brothers. The duo released their first album "Jack and The Ripper" in June 18, 2013 and their second album "Jack and The Ripper Vol. 2" in April 14, 2014.

A very special connection between them can be wildly appreciated during their live performances, where cathartic and frenetic shows are delivered by a pair of clones bashing guitar glitch solos and lasers through perplexingly beautiful and vicious electronic atmospheres.