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Gaspard Royant

A French crooner pays homage to a bygone era of instant classics
I'm in love with a girl, she's a beauty queen. She hates the movies I like and the music I sing.
lyrics from Marty McFly

The French mocker Gaspard Royant is back with his first full-length album, just a few short months after bringing out a trilogy of 45s. Gaspard's 45s trilogy which channels the spirits of Roy Orbison, Phil Spector, Otis Redding, Brill Building or Stax records, didn't go unnoticed. Produced in part at the legendary Toe-Rag Studios by Liam Wilson (White Stripes "7 Nation Army", the Kills, Supergrass...) these songs whetted the appetite and interest of vinyl-maniacs and old and new fans of 60s rock, as well as the media. And now, Gaspard is proud to present the main course, his first full-length album! Completely recorded in old-fashioned analogic, this album features the A and AA sides of the previously released 45s as well as some brand-new songs. No phony concept here, just a collection of singles like the good ol' days. A collection of three-minute instant classics one after another.... At times autobiographic, like with "The Woods," a song about a murder committed in his hometown in the Alps, or "Monkeytown" inspired by his American odyssey, and at times retro-futuristic/Geekpop obsessed ("Marty McFly") and also heart-breakingly ("Break-Up Bar), Gaspard's songs speak of lost loves, dreams of glory and of vanishing. Often ironic, always sincere. 10 Hits Wonder, like its name, is an homage to a by-gone era when the concept album didn't yet exist, when albums were in fact hit after hit, certified or fantasized. Gaspard will be touring Europe until the end of the year and will be playing Eurosonic Festival (Groningen-NL) on January 15.