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Secret Sun

Spellbinding synth pop to soundtrack life's most introspective moments
One eye on each other, one eye on passing cars. And we just want our warm wishes to go, and hear them hissing through the cold coast.
lyrics from Cold Coast

Montreal duo Secret Sun recently shared their music video for Passing Cars. Directed by Hervé Baillargeon, the black and white video was shot in a wave pool in Saint-Sauveur (QC) and also features a miniature fire tornado. Baillargeon was inspired by the beat of the song, which reminded him of the mechanism behind the waves of a wave pool. The result is both epic and sensitive, which accurately reflects the band's music.

Passing Cars opens Secret Sun's debut album, Cold Coast, due September 30th via Bonsound. The song captures the disorientation and nostalgia that can creep into a long-time couple's standstill life. Both rich and ethereal, Cold Coast was produced by Sébastien Blais-Montpetit (Radio Radio) and François Lafontaine (Karkwa), with whom the band sought to create a unique, vibrant mood. The result is ten melodious and interconnected songs; pop music that is comforting but not predictable.

On this first album, nocturnal vintage synths and spellbinding eighties arrangements rub shoulders with Simon’s electric guitar riffs, crafting a rich, hypnotizing sonic universe. Anne-Marie’s beguiling, siren-like voice (Brooklyn Vegan) brings contrast and light to the heavy, striking beats.

Secret Sun revisits soft rock by mixing genres with finesse and extravagance. Each song has its own universe where the differences between melancholy, introspection, dream and sensuality are no longer clear. It is the perfect life soundtrack as we bid adieu to hot summer days.