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Dear Criminals

Sensual, seductive and darkly colored electro-folk that's both haunting and moving
Let our bodies slip and drift until mine flows within yours.
lyrics from Crave

They're partners in crime : Dear Criminals is Charles Lavoie,Vincent Legault and Frannie Holder’s side-project. Having expressed their will to play together for years, they finally decided to unite efforts in this project where Charles’ intense and strong vocals and Frannie’s vulnerable and fragile voice complement each other in a very unique and touching way.

This vocal mixture is blended in a textured soundscape created by Vincent’s arrangements and wisely chosen instrumentation, creating a musical tone deeply inspired by James Blake, Timber Timbre and Elysian Fields.

On their second EP "Crave", the threesome offers a sensual, seductive and darkly coloured electro-folk that is both haunting and moving.