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Tiny Stills

An indie pop confection of sweet vocals sugar-coating some truly biting lyrics
I forgive myself for giving you the benefit of the doubt when you deserved much less.
lyrics from You're Gonna End Up Alone

Tiny Stills is an indie pop cocktail of heartfelt lyrics and catchy hooks. Born in 2013 as a passion project of LA songwriter/producer Kailynn West, Tiny Stills’ 2014 debut album “Falling Is Like Flying” is an up-and-coming indie rock/pop confection of feel-good sad anthems that will have you dancing and singing along. With the help of her trusted musical collaborators, this full band is using traditional instruments in an unique way- banjo and mandolin have found their way back into indie pop ala Hellogoodbye with a heavy dose of Rilo Kiley and Say Anything anger and angst. West explains, “I grew up listening to Motown and was forced into the bluegrass and country world as a young guitarist because my teacher, who played strictly delta blues and outlaw country, refused to teach me any kind of punk rock. I went to as many rock shows as I could because country wasn’t angry enough for me in that young-want-to-destroy-the-world kind of way. As a writer, I'm a bizarre mix of passionate lyrics, catchy melodies, and combat boots.” This project, named Tiny Stills for the ability each song has to be a concise snapshot into the West’s headspace at any given time and was written after West was robbed at gunpoint while working a minimum wage job at a bakery in Los Angeles. After the incident, she quit the job, moved into a new part of town, and started a new life. She says, “Sometimes unexpected things happen to you and your whole world changes- like putting on a pair of really tinted sunglasses, but instead of being rose colored, it's a dark grey cloudiness that covers everything. I had a hard time relating to the people and things that I loved and I felt disconnected after it happened. This album is about how every relationship I had changed. I was having a hard time dealing with life, but I wanted to make an album that would make me happy when I listened to it. I got a gun to my head, a whole new perspective, and I wrote an album that sounds happy and optimistic while still being really emotional.” “Falling is like Flying” is a blend of emotional and danceable songs that go as perfectly with the open road and windows down as they do late at night when your mind won’t stop racing. West’s voice draws you in with her sweet voice for some truly biting lyrics; leaving the listener with an exciting collision of emotions and vibrations.