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Angel-choir vintage harmonies with a futuristic synth-pop edge
I see you're a kettle looking for a lid, caught cold in the middle of the summer like a little kid.
lyrics from Requiem

Recipients of the Village Voice's award for Best Pop Band in New York 2014, PARLOUR TRICKS (formerly Lily & The Parlour Tricks) has been hailed as "the perfect combo of pretty and gritty" (The Wild Magazine). The sextet's seemingly incongruous combination of powerhouse angel-choir harmonies, thundering bass, drums and synth, and impressionistic guitar work makes for an infectious kind of indie pop symmetry that somehow sounds "50's nostalgic, 90's familiar, and 2020 progressive all at once" (The Most Definitely). The band's home base is New York City but they've been steadily making their way across the country, with notable tour stops including performances at Bonnaroo (TN), Summerfest (WI), South By Southwest (TX), a Lollapalooza afterparty with Portugal. The Man (IL), and CBGB and CMJ Festivals (which conveniently take place in their own backyard). The band travels to Nashville frequently to record with their producer, Emery Dobyns, and have come to feel that the Music City is their home away from home. Two of these recordings, "Requiem" and "Lovesongs", were released as singles in 2014. A larger release in the works for early 2015. Through a series of fortuitous, right-place-right-time events, an unreleased PARLOUR TRICKS track entitled "Belle Gunness" was picked up for a BMW commercial in Summer 2013. With their "punchy, infectious, danceable rhythms, clean guitar, dirty synth, and heavenly voices" (Village Voice) it's not too hard to see why Spotify took a shine to them, calling their sound "Vintage pop for the futureā€.