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The Lads

A Korean four-piece inspired in equal parts by gritty British rock and life in Seoul
Best thing of this night, we are the best thing of, best thing of this night, we're blowing dynamite!
lyrics from The Best Thing Of This Night

The Lads is an indie rock band based in Seoul, South Korea. The band was established by members Jo Ji-ung (guitar, vocals), Kim Hae-ma (drums), who were inspired by British music. The group started performing after Jo and Kim recruited Lee Seung-gyu (guitar, vocals) and O Min-hyeok (bass), whose music they had found on the internet. Since its inception in 2011, the Lads has performed at numerous club concerts in Hongdae – the Korean metropolis of indie rock scene - making tons of audiences dance to its tune.

The Lads is a garage rock band with a lot to offer from its cool and pleasant sound, bubbly lyrics on romance and youth, to their cheerful stage manners. Their largest musical inspiration has been their experience in Seoul. In Seoul, the Lads fell in love, formed close friendships, and started their career as a band. They have enjoyed almost everything they’ve experienced together in Seoul. If one member comes up with a good guitar riff inspired by the romance of Seoul life, the others can easily tap into that vibe to play along, thus completing the song. As soon as a melody starts to take form, they begin writing down lyrics.

When The Lads plays live on stage, clubs are crowded with fans. The Lads’ live performance, full of slam-dances and sing-alongs, has a power to make everyone on the floor move their feet.

The Lads has released one EP album and one full-length album. What is unique here is that these albums were financed by social funding and produced by the members of The Lads themselves. The Lads refused offers from various record labels following the release of these albums, and continues to stand alone as a real indie rock band.