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24HR Records

Jungle of Love: a band that, literally, only existed for one day
The heart is iridescent honestly, 'cuz it's got to be an ivory guard.
lyrics from One Light, One Night

24HR Records is a web series that hand picks a team of musicians, locks them in a studio, and asks them to write and record three complete songs in twenty-four hours. All the artists we select have never met until they walk in the door, sharing nothing but a desire to push their creative limits farther than they ever thought possible. We're looking to foster creative relationships that don't yet exist and likely never would. There is no room for egos, and less for revision. We capture whatever our artists have to give in twenty-four hours - no more, no less.

You could call it a human mashup, or maybe an impromptu band that exists only for a day. Each episode is a collision of talent, stress, and creative freedom without any rules or guidelines, save a time constraint. Any and all ideas are welcomed no matter how absurd. The best survive, creating music that is fresh and unique, combining the talents of each individual musician with the result of their fatigue. 24HR Records has set out to discover new avenues for artists to collaborate and captures their creative process on record, photograph, and film.

Jungle of Love: Every once in a while you come across a piece of music and ask “What the hell is this?” 99 times out of 100 it’s because what you just heard served a pretentious lack of melody and musical direction. Either way, we’re here to tell you that Jungle of Love is that 1 out of 100 real deal. No bull - we’ve got ourselves a wild unicorn here and it’s pretty awesome.

We could try and reference some bands that Jungle of Love sounds like (maybe Beck + Animal Collective + some post-core band?) but it's largely a waste of time. All we know is that Jungle of Love is the bizarre dream baby of indie rock veteran Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses), branding expert by day/composer by night Ken Byers, and the mysterious, needle-felting aficionado Caleb Groh with a voice of gold and songwriting skills to match.

You’re skeptical, we know. What if we said that the opening track “No Pic, No Reply” is a love song voiced by two robots matched together and reciting craigslist “missed encounters” queries? How about the expansive use of vocoders that Reynolds and Groh champion throughout the EP? Maybe Byers' six layers of drum takes mixed and matched together will strike your fancy? If none of that has peaked your interest, we don’t know what to tell you. Maybe this just isn’t your thing, but it’s definitely ours, and we’re pretty proud of it. Just do yourself a favor and take a listen - we promise this is something like you’ve never heard before.