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Wannabe Jalva

Leaving aside traditional tropical rhythms from their native Brazil for addictive space grooved rock
Floated smoothly as rain, bloomed like a orchid field.
lyrics from The Way

With four years of existence and one EP released, Wannabe Jalva is one of the most acclaimed independent rock bands nowadays in Brazil. Formed by Rafael Rocha, Felipe Puperi, Tiago Abrahao and Fernando Paulista in 2010, the group plays a space grooved rock in which riffs and out-of-the-pattern rhythms turn their music into something electric and addictive.

Originally from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (the southernmost state in the country) - an extreme cold (and hot) region, which borders Argentina and Uruguay - Wannabe Jalva ended up being born apart from the rest of the country, leaving aside the traditional tropical rhythms, so common in Brazilian music.

Building themselves a name as good live support over the past three years, the Brazilian group has had the chance to play alongside or in support of Pearl Jam, Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, The Rapture, CSS, Mayer Hawthorne and Cut Copy.

The release of their first EP, the nationally acclaimed “Welcome to Jalva”, came in June/2011. Containing seven tracks, all produced by the band itself and mastered by Bryan Lucey - the one responsible for the mastering of “Brothers” (The Black Keys). One of its songs, “Follow It”, has been featured in CSI NY’s 9th season, in its 4th episode.

Receiving great feedback from critics and Brazilian music blogs, Wannabe Jalva kept pleasing audiences all over Brazil during an extensive touring since then. As a celebration of the end of the year 2012, Wannabe Jalva released a material called “So Long”, which featured two tracks: “On’n’On meets Kashmir”, a mashup of Justice + Led Zeppelin, and also a live version of “Full of Grace”, a track of the first EP. In 2013, the Brazilian rock group performed at Lollapalooza Sao Paulo - being complemented by Eddie Vedder himself during Pearl Jam’s show there as well.

Since mid-2013 until 2014, the band has been focused on creating and recording their upcoming work. In the same way that ‘Welcome to Jalva’ had half of its songs/lyrics sung/written by Felipe and the other half by Rafael, so it’s the way their new EP was created. Besides, the new EP was produced by the all the band members themselves, mixed by Tiago and mastered by Brian Lucey once again.

Wannabe Jalva sees 60’s/70’s rock grooviness, with doses of psychedelia, as a major horizon for their second work. The band has acquired a lot of organic heaviness, which plays an important part on the recording. It is a moment where the Brazilian group found itself going towards a more mature path, not only musically speaking but also to ideas and concepts.