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Glacial, dreamy electronic pop from an Icelandic trio
It's so wrong together, it's so wrong forever, it's so wrong!
lyrics from Tension

Vök is a young band, formed early 2013. Already within that short time they’ve managed to win the prestigious Icelandic battle of the bands,  Músíktilraunir, after which they recorded and released an EP, ’Tension' on Icelandic indie label Record Records.

More recently Vök signed to The Musebox Records and released the EP in America last october. Known for their melodic hooks and sensual vocalists.

Margrét Rán and Andri Enoksson formed their band just over a year ago, though they’ve been working together unofficially for some time. The  third member Ólafur Alexander joined their ranks shortly after and with that the the future line-up of Vök was completed.

Vök has been generating a lot of hype in the vibrant music scene of Reykjavík. Their sound is soft electronics with melodic vocals and distant saxophones. Guitar plays a prominent role in their sound, placing them a bit more in the realm of indie-electro. Vök have been compared to the likes of The XX and The Knife.