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The Bots

A band of brothers bringing together the veracity of garage punk with American blues
No one’s like me so they’ll never understand completely. The lights in the house are off but I’m not sleeping.
lyrics from All I Really Want

Los Angeles brothers and bandmates Mikaiah Lei (Lead Vocal, Guitar, Bass), and Anaiah Lei (Drums & Percussions, Backing Vocal), recorded their first album together when they were just 15 and 12. Their distinctive sound brings together the veracity of garage/punk while paying homage to the American blues and ballad tradition. While The Bots are deeply intertwined in the American music narrative, they are simultaneously carving out a wholly new, powerful, uniquely personal storyline that is truly The Bots sound.

Although a young band, they have already self-released three albums and completed two Vans Warped Tours, two AFROPUNK Festival Tours, countless European Festivals, and support tours with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blur and Damon Albarn’s Africa Express, Refused, and Bad Brains, to name a few.

Fall 2013 saw their debut release with FADER Label, the four-song EP Sincerely Sorry with a full-length released in the summer of 2014. Spring 2014 saw them conquer the stages at Coachella, receiving features in Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter, Revolt, Spin, Rolling Stone and a full-length feature in the Los Angeles Times, where the brothers promise “to change perceptions with their new album.”

New York Times Magazine predicts, “They are on the cusp of stardom.”