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A German sibling duo take a minimalist approach to electronic melodies and pop textures
You told me to hold this pose and my breath fills a new ego every time like a masquerade.
lyrics from Ten Headed Beast

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, sibling duo Hundreds released their sophomore LP Aftermath in May 2014. Eva and Phillip Milner have achieved new heights with this effort by adding extensive melodies and pop textures to their minimalist electronic approach.

Forming in 2010, the band recorded their debut, the self-titled Hundreds. Crafting a unique sound that drew comparisons to Massive Attack, Dido and Little Dragon. As one reviewer wrote: "The Milner siblings strike a beautiful blend of post rock, synth pop, folk and electronics." Immediately following the album's release, Hundreds began touring. Rapidly finding a stride on the European festival circuit, Eva and Philip delighted audiences in Paris, London, Milan, Brussels and at SXSW in the US.

Fresh from spending more than two years on the road and building the truest form of grassroots fan base, Hundreds entered the studio in 2012 with a wealth of new experiences, influences and ideas in their arsenal. They harnessed this inspiration into creating 12 entirely new songs that would become the aptly tilted Aftermath. Elated by the beyond unexpected reception and success of their debut, and their victorious touring, The Milner siblings were in a new mindset for the recording of Aftermath. Where as Hundreds was built on darker, more melancholy currents, Aftermath reflects the newfound optimism of both members professionally and personally. Determined to build a masterwork from the ground up that was informed by the previous four years, "but not forced or artificial" says Eva, Hundreds spent a year and a half in a state-of-the-art studio deep in the German countryside. Using a process birthed out of "many a night sitting at the piano writing", Phillip's exquisite electronic tinged production and Eva's lyrics and melodies began to take shape in wealth of new music. With a reverence to detail that evokes Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon or Radiohead's Kid A, Eva and Phillip brought in famed British producer/engineer David Pye (Wild Beasts, Fever Fever, Olympians) to help put the finishing touches on this powerful new collection of tracks. Ultimately, taking the finished product of Aftermath "exactly where we wanted it to be".